December 29, 2014 by Charles
SZ-12 Smarter than me
The SZ-12 has become my go-to camera, particularly when out walking. It has produced some really great pics for me in various modes. I find it easy to use, though I admit I am still learning the device. It is, for me a really good compromise between the typical point and shoot and the more sophisticated DSLR. I think it is a great camera, particularly for the shots I take and attempt. Very happy with this camera.
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March 11, 2014 by Tracey
Overall nice camera.
Very nice and just the right form factor. Nice zoom length and even clear crisp pictures zoomed all the way out, even with digital zoom. Nice pictures even in low light. High enough for the type of camera ISO. The only drawback with the camera is with the autofocus, it is very noisy and seems to never stop even right up to when the image is in focus and the shutter is ready to be snapped! The only thing I can think of even after reading all the specs and other reviews on the camera is that the excessive noise is a combination of the autofocus and the image stabilization. Overall for what I paid for the camera used, but in excellent shape, it is a perfect all around camera in both form and function! Even after all I covered, I forgot to say that this camera takes beautiful pictures, from macro to full zoom, to low light without the flash and even better in extreme low light with the flash! I dare to even say that this camera is perfect for anywhere from the beginner to the expert! So besides the noisy focus and/or image stabilization, I give it 4 stars. If it would be a little quieter and smoother on the focus and zoom, I would have given it 5 stars! A must have camera for every day use and like I said from amateur to expert, it is a great camera!!
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October 15, 2013 by M. Cristina
Great Camera
This camera is very easy to use, I love it. The pictures are great and also the videos come out good. It is small in size and you can carry it in your purse although I have a special case for it. Olympus is the best.
October 7, 2013 by Nicholas
great camera
it has so much of what a professional camera has but smaller. its one of the greatest point and shoot cameras that I've used in all time. everyone that wants a camera that they can use for anything to selfies to great professional pictures this is your best choice when you want a point and shoot camera
October 4, 2013 by Muzik
This is a decent camera for the price. However, after using other cameras that are a little more high end, I find this camera to be just above average. It's somewhat slow regarding shutter speed. Don't be inclined to take rapid pictures. I'm not speaking of continuous firing, just quicker picture taking. By the time you take the shoot and ready for your next shoot you have to wait that extra second or so. If this doesn't bother you then this the camera for you. I'm also using a class 10 16GB card as well. If you're just a sub novice picture taker this camera is for you. However, if you used a higher end camera you will be frustrated through the process. Don't get me wrong the outcome is decent but oh so slow. It takes forever to delete pictures, sooooooo slow to say the least. Again, if these problematic issues don't bother you enjoy. Hope this helps. Good luck...
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