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November 01, 2011


Great for Scenery

In the over 500 pictures that I have taken with this camera, the scenic ones come out virtually AWESOME. About 75% of the ones of PEOPLE, are blurry and I have tried numerous different settings on the camera. Another SILLY feature, I thnk is the one that AUTO recognizes a cat's face and takes the picture FOR YOU. And even then the animals ome out blurred no matter what setting I have tried. If you want a camera JUST for scenery, this is definitely the camera for you. If you do people, Forget it. I do both and I have to spend money on a different camera JUST to take pics of people. NOT a satisfied customer.

October 25, 2011


Almost 5 Stars

I researched a LOT of digital cameras before deciding on the SZ-10. It meets every expectation I had. If I could give it 4.5 stars or 4.75 I would for two reasons, both of which are minor. First is the cheap way the electronics access door is made - it's a plastic "snap on/off" that swings away still attached. It is the way of the TV and USB ports at times. Second is the small size - I was expecting a little more beefy body, but the small size is not too small to work the controls. Again, these are minor. The picture quality and resolution and many available shooting modes are awesome. It's a lot more camera than my previous one - also an Olympus (C-750). I have come to respect the quality and toughness of Olympus products. I've not had to call customer support so I cannot rate their service people or policies. I'm just very happy with this purchase which I expect to have for the long-term.

October 25, 2011


easy to use the great features

love the one touch video.
the picture mode is easy to use and great results
very light
good physical size

October 20, 2011


nice size

only had this camera less than a month took it on a Vac to see Hot air Balloon's in Albuquerque then the W side of Colo . it took very good pictrures. & fits in your pocket. outstanding pictyres

October 14, 2011


nice camera

Nice value for a nicely thought out camera/by far the nicest digital camera I have owned

October 05, 2011


it a very good camera

it a good camera but a little difercuty to used, but still a very good price.

September 13, 2011


Love the panarama

This camera is very nice. I like how it is so much faster than others I have owned. Seems like I can snap twice as many photos. The zoom is spectacular for such a small camera.

August 25, 2011


Great Camera!

Previous to purchasing the Olympus SZ-10 I have only owned full size 35mm SLR camera's. I was looking for something more compact which would have long range telephoto capabilities. I have this and also stabilization assurance with the SZ-10. There are many other great features to numerous to mention and some very useful software included with the camera. Overall I am very impressed with this Olympus product!

August 18, 2011


Very attractive camera.

The picture of this camera doesn't do it justice. It's a super attractive camera, I fell in love with it's looks right away. The different effects it has are amazing. I especially like the 'sparkle' effect, and it has the beautify effect which comes in handy. If you're looking for a lightweight, multifunctional camera I would recommend this one.

August 09, 2011


Like it!

I've only had this camera for about a week. I have 'played' with it to get familiar with it's features. I haven't taken any 'serious' pic's with it yet, but I do like the results so far. The features I like the most are (1) 14 MP resolution, (2) 18X optical zoom and the option to de-activate the digital zoom and (3) the fact that it does not use AA batteries. Those are the three primary reasons why I considered (and bought) the SZ-10.

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