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July 07, 2012


It is everything I was hoping for!

I was looking for a small camera good picture quality and video for taking pictures of my son and team at the Little League All Star district play offs. This camera is perfect for shooting through the chain link fence. Mounted on a mono-pod it is a winning combination! I bought this camera for the video and size, and for a back up for my Olympus e-410. It worked so will for candid shots I never took my 410 out of my camera bag. I haven't had a chance to check out any of the other features. I look forward to exploring the other features of this camera and it's potential.

June 13, 2012



This camera is really amazing, its really compact and it got a lot of stuff,i really enjoy using this wont let you down.this camera's simply amazing!!! Thankyou olympus!!!

May 24, 2012


Very Disappointed in the Olympus SZ10

I have been trying to get a clear, sharp picture for 3 months and have been unsuccessful. I've read the manual, tried all the recommendations in settings, however still cannot get a sharp clear picture. I am seriously thinking about returning the product and trying another camera.

April 27, 2012

popcorn man

So far, I am very pleased

I have had the camera for about a month. I wanted a camera with high resolution, good zoom and 3D. This camera gives me all of that.

Want to find other ways to view 3D other than my 3D TV. If any is known please let me know.

April 08, 2012


LONG Battery Life

I would recommend this camera to anyone. The pictures are fantastic and the battery lasts forever.

As a former photographer (when you had to use film) this camera did wonders at my grand nieces wedding. Stills, my nephew doing the Twist, you name it. Price and quality are synonymous with this camera.

March 12, 2012


I Love it

This camera is a great camera! It is great if you have a little one to take pictures of! even animals and really anything you need to take pictures of it great for it! I am very satisfied with this product! Good job Olympus

February 19, 2012


Very Good

This camera takes great looking pictures and although at first you have to learn all its capabilities once you learn them you can make the most of it!!

February 12, 2012


Great camera

This camera is so amazing. I picked this camera for 2 reasons the price tag and how fast it processes the image. With the right settings this camera is almost fast enough to point and shoot.
The 720p HD video is also very good. I finally got put it to good use a concert, a very loud one. I wasn't expecting much from the sound since I was 10 rows from the stage but both sound and image quality is amazing on the videos I got.
As far as the features it has they are pretty decent. I haven't gotten the panoramic picture to work quite right
One last thing I noticed is the low light picture quality. At the same concert I had mentioned earlier, very low lighting at this band. With no flash required I was still was able to get some amazing clear shots with it. Even of people in the crowd which looked like a sea of black behind me, the autofocus takes in all the light and focuses it.
Over all, great camera at a great price. If you are thinking about buying it because of the price range it is in, Do it.

February 06, 2012


Not for me maybe

This camera has a good shape and great grip but it was not what I expected. The mechanic image stabilization didn't work well for me. I tried other brands with 18x & 21x zoom that did better job. The menu navigation wheel placed on the back is very sensitive and easly changes the set mode. Finally, the flash is open "on request" only.

February 06, 2012


Love the compact size

I admired this camera for close to 4 months before purchasing. The reviews that I read really touted the performance and all capabilities of the SZ-10. The Olympus reputation and the compact size of a camera offering this much zoom were what initially drew me to to the SZ-10. This is my first Olympus camera and I love it. Also, the software ib is great. I've had no trouble at all transferring photos to my computer or uploading to my photo processor. The only issue I have with it is the USB cable is a too wide at the base. It and the HDMI cover rub. Although that has nothing to do with the performance, I've had to push it in further a couple times because the cover had kept the USB from going all the way in.

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