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August 25, 2011


Short battery life spoils a great camera.

I have read reviews stating the Tuff line is a poor performing camera series in relation to taking pictures. I disagree. We have two and are both great if you know how to set them up. Read the instructions and it's easy to get very good pics. The 810 is the current big daddy. It has more features than I typically use in most of my photography efforts, but it's nice to have them available. The down side to this camera is the battery usages. On a recent float trp I got about 125 shots out of the fully charged battery. I didn't use the zoom often, and I usually set up a shot and know what I want before I autofocus the camera. I will confess to not having the power save on, but the GPS and other fuctions were off (remote flash, date stamp, eye-fi, manometer, tap control, LED Illum, digi zoom, etc). I will now carry back up batteries (at least two) with me.
In summary this is a great camera made average by its battery life. As heavy and bulky as it already is what would it have hurt to house a larger battery?

August 15, 2011


TG-810 - one tough little camera

The TG-810 is the perfect camera for anyone who is super active, wants to take great photos and doesn't want to worry about damaging their camera. You can't beat the bang for the buck.

August 15, 2011


Camera Upgrade for vacation

We are getting ready to go on an extended vacation out to Yellowstone in September and I wanted to upgrade my existing,,, used but not abused Olympus Stylus 1000..... The Tough 850 seemed the logical choice....

So far the TG 810 greatly exceeds the older Stylus 1000 in every function!!!

August 10, 2011


Great little camera packed with power. Great underwater and just in wet enviroment. Just like a "Timex watch, takes a licking and keeps on ticking." I highy recommend buying this camera.

August 10, 2011

Steph from Cayman

This Camera is the BOMB!!!!!!!!

My husband showed me this camera on line and I was "ok it looks good." We were getting ready to go on a months vacation to Jamaica. So, we then went to the local camera store and I fell in love. I bought the silver one and a case.
We left on our vacation 4 days later and the camera has not stopped taking pictures. My 8 year old son just loves it as well. I love the fact that even climbing the rocks of Dunn"s River Falls my son was an expert. The whole family loves the easy to understand settings and the pictures look as though a professional took them.
I would whole heatedly recommend this camera to all from the novice to the professional.

August 09, 2011


Strong camera but low-quality photos

It is a really strong camera, but if the subject is more than 40 yards away the picture quality is bad.

August 09, 2011


This camera is fantastic.

I love this camera. During a three-week trip to Belize, my husband and I took this camera everywhere - from dinner to snorkeling to Mayan ruins, and it preformed like a charm.

I was most impressed during an underground, extremely wet excursion into a Mayan burial cave. In order to get to the sacred burial site, you have to swim through pools, climb over boulders and squeeze through cracks. I tied this camera to my wrist and crossed my fingers for the 3 hours we were underground. I knocked the camera around A LOT on hard rocks as I climbed over things I needed 2 hands for and the camera preformed just fine. On a couple occasions I thought the impact would have caused damage, but this camera only had a couple scratches and still worked as it should. Even took an amazing video of swimming/climbing out of the cave opening that was half underwater and turned out great.

The flash did seem to lessen in brightness and distance about an hour into the dark, but still produced good photos, and I do have issues with the GPS (can't find a location in Belize at all), but that wasn't the reason I bought the camera.

August 07, 2011


Olympus has to do its homework

This is a very rugged camera designed to survive the elements lethal to most other point-and-shoot's. As to the qualities related to its primary purpose, taking pictures and video clips, they are about average for this class of photo equipment. Some things I liked are the image stabilization and macro mode. Daylight landscape photos are excellent, whereas the low-light performance is mediocre. Auto-focusing and face detection are not very good, the camera tends to focus on the wrong things. Action photos are difficult to take because of the significant shutter lag.

My major complaint is the much-advertised (and potentially very useful for the target customer base) GPS function, which adds significant extra cost to the retail price (compared to the GPS-less TG-610) but almost never works. It takes the built-in GPS up to 20 minutes to get a position fix even under most favorable conditions where my wrist watch with a built-in GPS would do it almost instantly. Under less favorable conditions (around tall buildings or under tree cover), the camera GPS gets totally lost. Also, when the GPS function is enabled, expect a fully charged battery to be completely depleted in less than a day in the field. You will definitely need an extra battery. Note: a separate charger is not included with the camera, so you can only charge a battery in the camera connected via a USB cable to a computer or included adapter.

July 24, 2011



It may have taken forever for me to finally hold it in my hands but since that day it hasn't left my side!!! From rainstorms to butterflies the image quality constantly keeps up with and often surpasses the fancy-schmancy SLR cameras with 10 different lenses that everyone I know has! 30ft off the ground I could zoom (as far as it could possibly go) in on a butterfly on the bush below and get perfect picture detail and quality! AND I don't have to run for cover every time it rains!!

I'm previously owner an Olympus camera and when trying to find a camera that could handle me lead me straight back to them. I will NEVER buy another camera brand! I was able to compare with my Olympus 810 with a different brand's attempt to duplicate and there is NO comparison! I used the other camera waiting for my Olympus and the 810 surpasses it in EVERY aspect! All of my friends are planning to get this camera to have an easy point and shoot to carry around now that I've out shot them time and time again!

This camera is like having an SLR in a pocket size that's strong enough for me to sit on and tough enough to stand up to me and my clumsy life! It's been in water, the lens has been clogged with sand (One squirt from a bottle of water flushed it and fixed it), it's been dropped, sat on, nibbled by a cat, drug through thru dirt. You name it, I've put it through it in every setting and am constantly blown away time and time again about how AWESOME this camera is!

June 02, 2011


Best yet in the Stylus Tough family

This is my fourth Stylus Tough camera, and by far the best so far. The 8010 was my last and, at the time, I felt the quality and durability made up for the sluggishness. The TG-810 is the most responsive of the four I've owned without sacrificing quality, speed, or features. It is worth every penny!

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