February 17, 2012 by red gzz
Is good that this camera has an option shooting in black and white also with preferences in colors, what this, example if I want take a photos and has has only in color example red or green. And the rest of the picture in black &white, other thing that has rubber around of camera, for more body, other thing like accessory is a floating when the customer use at water.(in orange or yellow color)
February 10, 2012 by Carlos
This product es good,
This product has failed in closing the battery and memory sector. Join moisture at a depth less than 2 meters. producing the display get wet inside. In Aregntina not get to buy laptop battery and charger original. The original battery has very little active duration. Recharge the battery for connection to PC takes a long time. The colors of the captured images are not of good quality
January 5, 2012 by Anonymous
Great water camera, but lacks some performance
This is my seconded Olympus water camera and I love them, but they all lack some performance compared to a non-tough version for the same price. My only complaint is that the camera is slow when taking a picture or trying to catch that shot. Tried different settings and the only way to speed things up is without flash and lower quality picture. I don't like the joystick, it is clumsy and i find myself trying to select the wrong item over and over. I wish they stayed with the flat buttons. Overall I think these are the best water camera's on the market.
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January 4, 2012 by NHJ
I strongly recommend anyone looking for an underwater camera to use whist snorkeling to give this shoddy piece of work a wide berth. I am on my 3rd warranty replacement for failure to hold a watertight seal past 20mm let alone the advertised 10m. 15 of these cameras have come on to our remote island since the camera was launched in Australia and 100% have failed at very shallow depths (less than 200mm). Olympus warranty takes ages to replace, nor does it cover extras like memory cards or postage. If all you are after is something that can take photos in the rain then this is a fantastic basic camera that takes amazing pictures and I would recommend it, otherwise don't touch it with a 100ft barge pole.
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December 29, 2011 by Bruce
good camera, but has some flaws
This camera takes good pictures both above water and below. I found it fairly easy to use underwater. I do like the date stamp on the pictures. The flaws or problems I have with this camera is that several buttons turn it on. If it is put in a pocket or camera case it can come on. It either takes video of your pocket or camera case or else just stays on and drains the battery. I can't find a way to lock the camera. This is pretty frustrating. There needs to be a way to charge an extra battery without having to stop using the camera. It would be nice to be able to charge a second battery while using the camera, so the batteries can be swaped out or charge both to be ready for a day of shooting.
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