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October 19, 2012


Not a pro

Just wanted a camera to take on a cruise to the caribbean. play in the pool or the lake with the kids and not have to worry about ruining the camera. This camera takes great pictures. great video. is easy to use except for the small menu buttons. I love this camera

July 24, 2012


great outdoor camera

Great small camera. Has been perfect for our family. Love the underwater capabilities. Battery life isn't great.

July 13, 2012


Great camera, but.....

Love the camera, picture quality is excellent. But the scroll button when navigating throught the menu is too sensative and small. Hard to operate. Also there should be some sort of "lock" on the video record button so you do not accidently push it when holding camera. Overall excellent camera! Overall rating is 4 stars because of small and sensitve scroll button.

June 05, 2012


A true enigma

I reviewed earlier, before a bicycle trip to France. Took over 800 pics, printed 525. Images utterly superb, especially when viewed on iPad. Prints stellar, too. But I hate the camera despite its performance; 1) The tiny control button has raised ridges that actually control selections, not the surrounding bezel as in my two previous Olys 2) Tedious to delete, as tiny button can easily slip (go entirely the wrong direction) around the vertial axis of the button. 3) Menu selections, like simple flash selection, are highlighted in yellow but are not in the expected location in the vertical column. Again the silly button control can easily select the wrong choice as well 4) Auto-focus is incredibly slow 5) shutter pressure is far too high, requiring enough force to shake the camera 6) shutter delay is extreme, especially obvious when shooting flash. Beautiful build quality, worst physical handling I've ever seen. Great images, lousy camera!

May 13, 2012

barnacle bill

poor image clarity overshadows everything

I've had this camera about a year. I bought it so I could record video whilst on a small sailboat. I thought the gps info would be useful in that respect.
Although I have been satisfied with the video performance, the quality of still images is nothing short of deplorable. A close up view of the pixels has always shown uniform blurring across the whole picture.
Placing the lens on the top corner of the case defies common sense also. A rugged camera which one could reasonably expect to be held firmly, even maybe with gloves on should not have the lens in the corner where your fingers get in the way and invariably spoil the pictures.
What were they thinking?
As a ruggedized camera it fails miserably, as a video camera it is adequate.

May 03, 2012



I was overly excited to get this camera being waterproof and shock proof. Did it take pictures? yes some of the time but most of the time the images were not there or grayed out. This happend in the first use and no water involved. It sticks when turning on the camera does not turn off or shut down. I bought this camera in November from day one I have had problems. It freezes and nothing works and the the lense doesn't close and it won't even take a picture now. Really!!! I've only used it 3 or 4 times. Save your money....

April 18, 2012


blurry and broken

My camera never took clear pictures. Also, it had defects and messed up. Now I don't have a camera other than my phone.

April 05, 2012


Good Product

I like it, although you need to improve the panoramic photos, they don't coincide in the unions, specially when you are taking buildings

April 04, 2012


Performance compromised by lousy menus, dials

Photo features and capabilities are excellent, as are finished photos. I save digitally but also print shots from cycling vacations. Quality of materials, construction, and durability are impeccable. This is my third waterproof Oly and most disappointing by far in terms of physical handling and menus (simple flash changes are maddening). Also, on/off button is tiny and awkward to use. Worst of all is design of 4-way selection dial. Selection dial's raised edges are far too small, too close together, and difficult to activate. Legibility is miserable as well. This is an engineering tour de force with incredibly poor ergonomics and a very slow auto-focus.

March 13, 2012


Card Read Errors!

Reading other reviews, I don't see my complaint, so it might be isolated to my camera.

Generally, I do enjoy this camera, but what has been disappointing almost from day one is that, regardless of where one is, the camera unpredictably displays a Card Read Error message. This condition renders the camera unusable until one removes the flash disk from the compartment in the base of the camera, wipes it, blows on it, and then replaces it. And it's not as if the camera has been splashed or anything. To go through this process while in in a kayak on the ocean is seriously scary!

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