October 19, 2012


Not a pro

Just wanted a camera to take on a cruise to the caribbean. play in the pool or the lake with the kids and not have to worry about ruining the camera. This camera takes great pictures. great video. is easy to use except for the small menu buttons. I love this camera

July 24, 2012


great outdoor camera

Great small camera. Has been perfect for our family. Love the underwater capabilities. Battery life isn't great.

July 13, 2012


Great camera, but.....

Love the camera, picture quality is excellent. But the scroll button when navigating throught the menu is too sensative and small. Hard to operate. Also there should be some sort of "lock" on the video record button so you do not accidently push it when holding camera. Overall excellent camera! Overall rating is 4 stars because of small and sensitve scroll button.

June 05, 2012


A true enigma

I reviewed earlier, before a bicycle trip to France. Took over 800 pics, printed 525. Images utterly superb, especially when viewed on iPad. Prints stellar, too. But I hate the camera despite its performance; 1) The tiny control button has raised ridges that actually control selections, not the surrounding bezel as in my two previous Olys 2) Tedious to delete, as tiny button can easily slip (go entirely the wrong direction) around the vertial axis of the button. 3) Menu selections, like simple flash selection, are highlighted in yellow but are not in the expected location in the vertical column. Again the silly button control can easily select the wrong choice as well 4) Auto-focus is incredibly slow 5) shutter pressure is far too high, requiring enough force to shake the camera 6) shutter delay is extreme, especially obvious when shooting flash. Beautiful build quality, worst physical handling I've ever seen. Great images, lousy camera!

May 13, 2012

barnacle bill

poor image clarity overshadows everything

I've had this camera about a year. I bought it so I could record video whilst on a small sailboat. I thought the gps info would be useful in that respect.
Although I have been satisfied with the video performance, the quality of still images is nothing short of deplorable. A close up view of the pixels has always shown uniform blurring across the whole picture.
Placing the lens on the top corner of the case defies common sense also. A rugged camera which one could reasonably expect to be held firmly, even maybe with gloves on should not have the lens in the corner where your fingers get in the way and invariably spoil the pictures.
What were they thinking?
As a ruggedized camera it fails miserably, as a video camera it is adequate.

May 03, 2012



I was overly excited to get this camera being waterproof and shock proof. Did it take pictures? yes some of the time but most of the time the images were not there or grayed out. This happend in the first use and no water involved. It sticks when turning on the camera does not turn off or shut down. I bought this camera in November from day one I have had problems. It freezes and nothing works and the the lense doesn't close and it won't even take a picture now. Really!!! I've only used it 3 or 4 times. Save your money....

April 18, 2012


blurry and broken

My camera never took clear pictures. Also, it had defects and messed up. Now I don't have a camera other than my phone.

April 05, 2012


Good Product

I like it, although you need to improve the panoramic photos, they don't coincide in the unions, specially when you are taking buildings

April 04, 2012


Performance compromised by lousy menus, dials

Photo features and capabilities are excellent, as are finished photos. I save digitally but also print shots from cycling vacations. Quality of materials, construction, and durability are impeccable. This is my third waterproof Oly and most disappointing by far in terms of physical handling and menus (simple flash changes are maddening). Also, on/off button is tiny and awkward to use. Worst of all is design of 4-way selection dial. Selection dial's raised edges are far too small, too close together, and difficult to activate. Legibility is miserable as well. This is an engineering tour de force with incredibly poor ergonomics and a very slow auto-focus.

March 13, 2012


Card Read Errors!

Reading other reviews, I don't see my complaint, so it might be isolated to my camera.

Generally, I do enjoy this camera, but what has been disappointing almost from day one is that, regardless of where one is, the camera unpredictably displays a Card Read Error message. This condition renders the camera unusable until one removes the flash disk from the compartment in the base of the camera, wipes it, blows on it, and then replaces it. And it's not as if the camera has been splashed or anything. To go through this process while in in a kayak on the ocean is seriously scary!

February 17, 2012

red gzz

Is good that this camera has an option shooting in black and white also with preferences in colors, what this, example if I want take a photos and has has only in color example red or green. And the rest of the picture in black &white, other thing that has rubber around of camera, for more body, other thing like accessory is a floating when the customer use at water.(in orange or yellow color)

February 10, 2012


This product es good,

This product has failed in closing the battery and memory sector. Join moisture at a depth less than 2 meters. producing the display get wet inside. In Aregntina not get to buy laptop battery and charger original. The original battery has very little active duration. Recharge the battery for connection to PC takes a long time. The colors of the captured images are not of good quality

January 05, 2012


Great water camera, but lacks some performance

This is my seconded Olympus water camera and I love them, but they all lack some performance compared to a non-tough version for the same price. My only complaint is that the camera is slow when taking a picture or trying to catch that shot. Tried different settings and the only way to speed things up is without flash and lower quality picture. I don't like the joystick, it is clumsy and i find myself trying to select the wrong item over and over. I wish they stayed with the flat buttons. Overall I think these are the best water camera's on the market.

January 03, 2012



I strongly recommend anyone looking for an underwater camera to use whist snorkeling to give this shoddy piece of work a wide berth. I am on my 3rd warranty replacement for failure to hold a watertight seal past 20mm let alone the advertised 10m. 15 of these cameras have come on to our remote island since the camera was launched in Australia and 100% have failed at very shallow depths (less than 200mm). Olympus warranty takes ages to replace, nor does it cover extras like memory cards or postage.

If all you are after is something that can take photos in the rain then this is a fantastic basic camera that takes amazing pictures and I would recommend it, otherwise don't touch it with a 100ft barge pole.

December 29, 2011


good camera, but has some flaws

This camera takes good pictures both above water and below. I found it fairly easy to use underwater. I do like the date stamp on the pictures.

The flaws or problems I have with this camera is that several buttons turn it on. If it is put in a pocket or camera case it can come on. It either takes video of your pocket or camera case or else just stays on and drains the battery. I can't find a way to lock the camera. This is pretty frustrating.

There needs to be a way to charge an extra battery without having to stop using the camera. It would be nice to be able to charge a second battery while using the camera, so the batteries can be swaped out or charge both to be ready for a day of shooting.

December 20, 2011


Great Camera, Some Flaws

This is my third Olympus, and second Stylus/Tough model. My reason for purchase was for use on an ocean kayaking trip in June 2011. The camera survived 180 miles of a salt water beating. I never have to worry about it in the rain. The 720p HD video was also a strong selling point - and looks great (however, see below). And I love the shutter that closes over the lens. I have used that many times to wipe away stubborn water droplets.

Minor annoyances: 1) I'm not a fan of the digital zoom, unless you like fuzzy close-ups. 2) Their idea for charging the battery in-camera was poor. Avid users will have a second battery and you can't charge your primary if you're still shooting. 3) As for the GPS, it works great for me, but is a major power drain. 4) I've drained the battery many times by accidentally turning it on in my pocket by hitting the 'play' button, and I have more than one 30-minute 'pocket movies'. 5) and it is likely my own fault, but the anti-glare coating didn't survive long (possibly due to sunscreen?)

Extreme dislikes: autofocus in HD movies... When recording any sort of action, the video will periodically refocus itself, thus ruining what you are doing. Additionally, I wish there could be better video stabilization.

So, yes, there are a lot of poor comments here, but I assure you, I love this camera. For the average user or someone planning on getting wet a lot, this is a must! At least now you know what you're getting into.

December 18, 2011


Tough camera

I got this as a gift and was very impressed. We were headed on vacation and I wanted something that would take underwater pictures. I was very pleased. It worked like a charm and the GPS function was an added plus.

On waterproof and rugedness I give it 5 stars.

The only things I can say I wasn't impressed with and the failing of all point and shoot cameras. They are a little slow and the battery never lasts as long as you wanted it to, but again this is all the point and shoots so it was expected.

December 11, 2011


3-d funtion is poor and dif to use, poor photos

poor in door auto focus photos, 3-d to difficult to use, not as high quality photos as I expected from an Olympus. not very happy, Opinion may change later we'll see.

December 09, 2011


Love the pics just hate the small buttons

This is our second Tough Camera. Our first was the Tough 8000, no complaints at all. Loved it! So got the newer version 8010. The quality is still there but HATE the tiny button that is not user friendy. This camera is not nearly as easy to use. Wish I would have returned it when I still could have.

November 29, 2011


A tough camera with a few minor flaws

The camera takes great pictures in normal conditions. Once dark or super bright lighting conditions come into play, this camera falls a bit short. This is not a big deal though because the camera is not designed to take the worlds greatest pictures but instead be durable enough to withstand the elements. We have dropped this camera many of times without any problems or physical damage to the camera. I would like to find someone who can say the same about any other point and shoot.

GPS drains the battery and does not acquire signal quickly which is quite surprising when it has a clear view of an open sky.

The flash can be a bit overwhelming sometimes and over expose some pictures in dark lighting conditions.

The camera also takes a few seconds to turn on which is not a huge deal but can make you miss some of those spur of the moment shots.

We use the camera under water, snowboarding, and hiking. We would not feel comfortable carrying around any other camera but our tg810. We dont leave home without it, we just throw it in our bag and go.

November 16, 2011


Needs a brighter screen

Needs a brighter screen, hard to see underwater. Please make the screen brighter and larger.

Thank you!

November 14, 2011


A very good product of all weather. I bought it for take pictures during long time running.

November 05, 2011


I love this camera...so cool!

I haven't had this camera to long but I love it so far. I am in Orlando for a conference so played around with the underwater at the hotel pool. So much fun!

October 30, 2011


I love everything about this camera.

The camera works really fast and it is waterproof. What is there not to love about that!

October 26, 2011


Great underwater camera

I bought this camera strictly for underwater use, and to be honest I was in a hurry and didn't have much time to shop and compare.

I am so pleased with the image quality both above and underwater. Went to Hawaii, filmed scuba diving at 35 feet, got a great video of swimming with a sea turtle, amazing image quality and sound. I had absolutely no battery issues. I used the camera quite a bit during the day, recharged each night and never had an issue.

Out of the water, I was equally as pleased with image quality. The various pre-built macros allow you to choose from different lighting, action and scene settings.

I'm no pro, but am an IT geek and have had about 8-10 digital cameras in my life (counting the ones I purchased for my kids), and dollar for dollar, this is my new favorite!

October 21, 2011


Water leakage the first time used in water

1. Shutter lag
2. Battery must be charged in camera through USB cable. Sadly you must access the (water resistant) battery/card connector cover for charging, playback and all downloading functions which may cause water proof packing to fail. USB cable very short, stiff, must be inserted into a fragil multi connector for all the above funtions. Will wear quickly or be damaged with in short period of time.

October 19, 2011


Tough is TOUGH

I rode my motorcycle from Reno, NV to Deadhorse, AK and back to Reno this summer. When I got home I tossed my riding hear in the washing machine and selected the 90 minute cycle. Discovered the camera in my jacket pocket when I hung it up to dry.

The camera works fine.

I"m now riding from Reno to Ushuaia, Argentina and have the Tough with me. It's a great camera and is truly TOUGH.

September 13, 2011


The TG-810 is and excellent underwater camera

The TG-810 is small and excellent camera I also owned since last year the TOUGHT 8010 and when i received from Olympus the e-mail with the news about the TG-810 I did not waste any time and purchase the new UW camera.
Is the best, also purchase the UW case PT-051 since I am a diver and my hobby is underwater photography. This new camera has a GPS and again it is the best camera also is shock resistance.
I personally recommend this camera to every one is not only for diving also for taking picture when is raining with the family or friends in the beach or river or lake it is excellent.
Miami, FL.

August 27, 2011


love all the features

the menu is very easy to use, the quality of the pictures are excellent. Can't wait to take it underwater and see how the pictures turn out.

August 26, 2011


GPS quickly discharged battery

I would like to remote control. Length of movie 30 minutes is short.

August 25, 2011


Short battery life spoils a great camera.

I have read reviews stating the Tuff line is a poor performing camera series in relation to taking pictures. I disagree. We have two and are both great if you know how to set them up. Read the instructions and it's easy to get very good pics. The 810 is the current big daddy. It has more features than I typically use in most of my photography efforts, but it's nice to have them available. The down side to this camera is the battery usages. On a recent float trp I got about 125 shots out of the fully charged battery. I didn't use the zoom often, and I usually set up a shot and know what I want before I autofocus the camera. I will confess to not having the power save on, but the GPS and other fuctions were off (remote flash, date stamp, eye-fi, manometer, tap control, LED Illum, digi zoom, etc). I will now carry back up batteries (at least two) with me.
In summary this is a great camera made average by its battery life. As heavy and bulky as it already is what would it have hurt to house a larger battery?

August 15, 2011


TG-810 - one tough little camera

The TG-810 is the perfect camera for anyone who is super active, wants to take great photos and doesn't want to worry about damaging their camera. You can't beat the bang for the buck.

August 15, 2011


Camera Upgrade for vacation

We are getting ready to go on an extended vacation out to Yellowstone in September and I wanted to upgrade my existing,,, used but not abused Olympus Stylus 1000..... The Tough 850 seemed the logical choice....

So far the TG 810 greatly exceeds the older Stylus 1000 in every function!!!

August 10, 2011


Great little camera packed with power. Great underwater and just in wet enviroment. Just like a "Timex watch, takes a licking and keeps on ticking." I highy recommend buying this camera.

August 10, 2011

Steph from Cayman

This Camera is the BOMB!!!!!!!!

My husband showed me this camera on line and I was "ok it looks good." We were getting ready to go on a months vacation to Jamaica. So, we then went to the local camera store and I fell in love. I bought the silver one and a case.
We left on our vacation 4 days later and the camera has not stopped taking pictures. My 8 year old son just loves it as well. I love the fact that even climbing the rocks of Dunn"s River Falls my son was an expert. The whole family loves the easy to understand settings and the pictures look as though a professional took them.
I would whole heatedly recommend this camera to all from the novice to the professional.

August 09, 2011


Strong camera but low-quality photos

It is a really strong camera, but if the subject is more than 40 yards away the picture quality is bad.

August 09, 2011


This camera is fantastic.

I love this camera. During a three-week trip to Belize, my husband and I took this camera everywhere - from dinner to snorkeling to Mayan ruins, and it preformed like a charm.

I was most impressed during an underground, extremely wet excursion into a Mayan burial cave. In order to get to the sacred burial site, you have to swim through pools, climb over boulders and squeeze through cracks. I tied this camera to my wrist and crossed my fingers for the 3 hours we were underground. I knocked the camera around A LOT on hard rocks as I climbed over things I needed 2 hands for and the camera preformed just fine. On a couple occasions I thought the impact would have caused damage, but this camera only had a couple scratches and still worked as it should. Even took an amazing video of swimming/climbing out of the cave opening that was half underwater and turned out great.

The flash did seem to lessen in brightness and distance about an hour into the dark, but still produced good photos, and I do have issues with the GPS (can't find a location in Belize at all), but that wasn't the reason I bought the camera.

August 07, 2011


Olympus has to do its homework

This is a very rugged camera designed to survive the elements lethal to most other point-and-shoot's. As to the qualities related to its primary purpose, taking pictures and video clips, they are about average for this class of photo equipment. Some things I liked are the image stabilization and macro mode. Daylight landscape photos are excellent, whereas the low-light performance is mediocre. Auto-focusing and face detection are not very good, the camera tends to focus on the wrong things. Action photos are difficult to take because of the significant shutter lag.

My major complaint is the much-advertised (and potentially very useful for the target customer base) GPS function, which adds significant extra cost to the retail price (compared to the GPS-less TG-610) but almost never works. It takes the built-in GPS up to 20 minutes to get a position fix even under most favorable conditions where my wrist watch with a built-in GPS would do it almost instantly. Under less favorable conditions (around tall buildings or under tree cover), the camera GPS gets totally lost. Also, when the GPS function is enabled, expect a fully charged battery to be completely depleted in less than a day in the field. You will definitely need an extra battery. Note: a separate charger is not included with the camera, so you can only charge a battery in the camera connected via a USB cable to a computer or included adapter.

July 24, 2011



It may have taken forever for me to finally hold it in my hands but since that day it hasn't left my side!!! From rainstorms to butterflies the image quality constantly keeps up with and often surpasses the fancy-schmancy SLR cameras with 10 different lenses that everyone I know has! 30ft off the ground I could zoom (as far as it could possibly go) in on a butterfly on the bush below and get perfect picture detail and quality! AND I don't have to run for cover every time it rains!!

I'm previously owner an Olympus camera and when trying to find a camera that could handle me lead me straight back to them. I will NEVER buy another camera brand! I was able to compare with my Olympus 810 with a different brand's attempt to duplicate and there is NO comparison! I used the other camera waiting for my Olympus and the 810 surpasses it in EVERY aspect! All of my friends are planning to get this camera to have an easy point and shoot to carry around now that I've out shot them time and time again!

This camera is like having an SLR in a pocket size that's strong enough for me to sit on and tough enough to stand up to me and my clumsy life! It's been in water, the lens has been clogged with sand (One squirt from a bottle of water flushed it and fixed it), it's been dropped, sat on, nibbled by a cat, drug through thru dirt. You name it, I've put it through it in every setting and am constantly blown away time and time again about how AWESOME this camera is!

June 02, 2011


Best yet in the Stylus Tough family

This is my fourth Stylus Tough camera, and by far the best so far. The 8010 was my last and, at the time, I felt the quality and durability made up for the sluggishness. The TG-810 is the most responsive of the four I've owned without sacrificing quality, speed, or features. It is worth every penny!

May 15, 2011


i'm happy so far

i bought this for a moutaineering trip so we'll see how it does on Rainier. well made and takes great pics. i find it rather slick and would be easy to drop if you're not careful. also it's easy to get your fingers in the shot when using two hands to steady the camera, since the lens is in that area. other than that so far so good.

May 11, 2011


Image quality ok
HD Movie Recording ok
Menu navigation good
Rugged/Waterproof/Freezeproof ok
gps too slow

April 22, 2011


nice lcd

this camera is awesome i love it im so happy thnks a lot olympus for making this amazing camera.. more power gudluck ;-)