April 10, 2015 by James
Expensive, which is why only 4/5 stars, but pleased with my purchase.
The LH-61F looks like it was made for the 75mm F1.8 and it was. The hood is perfectly color-matched to the 75mm lens. That may also be true of some cheaper Chinese lookalike hoods, which are also made of metal, but despite knowledge of those I nevertheless decided to buy this official LH-61F hood. It weighs more than a plastic hood would and the price take is higher as a result of it being metal. But it is made very well and looks incredible on the lens. You can reverse the hood and clamp it on the lens for storage. I have some concerns about the metal-on-metal sound when you slide the hood on and off, but so far I've not scratched my lens at all, probably because I am slow and careful. The hood comes with a plastic lens cap that is center-pinch and you can affix it to the 75mm lens with the hood on the lens. The silver colored lens and hood look great on any u4/3 camera that also is silver toned. Note that you cannot screw filters or attachments to the end of the hood. A black felt-like substance lines the outer part of the inside of the hood to further minimize reflections. The screw clamp is easy to use and locks the hood very firmly to the 75mm lens. All said, I have no regrets about my purchase of the LH-61F silver lens hood and would recommend it to all purchasers of the silver 75mm F1.8.
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