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August 09, 2011


Exceeded Expectations

I just returned from a 4-week trip to Alaska which included glacier viewing and paddling in the cold rain among and through icebergs. I hate to think how many other folks damaged their cameras by having them exposed to that weather while I could just keep this camera out on the deck of my kayak. It takes crystal clear pictures, I used it for great panoramic pictures of wide glaciers and it takes great movies with sound. I may still occasionally carry my bulkier longer telephoto camera for animal shots. But this became my everyday go-to camera for all kinds of shots and weather. I took 2000 pictures with it on the one trip and couldn't be happier with the quality and versatility. Lens cover is also a plus in rough circumstances. The buttons are kind of small - wouldn't work for someone with arthritis. But perhaps this protects the waterproof feature.

July 13, 2011


Leaked on 2nd day of use

I was quite pleased with the multiple features and quality of pictures (both in water and out of water). That satisfaction lasted one day snorkeling on the Cayman Islands. Even after following the cleaning and soaking instructions, the next day I detected tiny bubbles coming from the latched cavity (where the battery and memory card are stored). The pictures were blurry around the edges and there was salt water in the camera. Even blow drying on cool did not get rid of the condensation you could see on the screen. The camera no longer works. It's certainly not worth the price for a one-day usage. Buy a disposable film camera instead or from a company who specializes in real underwater cameras.

July 09, 2011


Recommended - with Reservations

I'll be very short since I haven't had a chance to use this camera under EVERY condition it's designed for, so will list the Pros and Cons:


The TG-610 seems to live up to it's name regarding the tough claim. In the time I've had this, It has been dropped, and has been used in extremely humid "post-rain storm" conditions here in the South USA, as well as during a downpour, and none of those have phased it. I have not used it underwater, however. The cameras just feels solid and well made. The Panoramic mode is much simpler to line up now than older versions, and produces pretty good panos. There are plenty of manually-adjustable settings so you can use it on full automatic or adjust as you need to (minus any real shutter/aperture settings). The 5X zoom (optical) comes in handy.


Image quality is "so-so" at best, with images having more of a watercolor painting effect at full size than good detail. You can still get good standard sized prints from it, but enlargements show the flaws. Movie quality is also mediocre at best and not super detailed. The 3D mode sounds good, but requires you to view the pics on dedicated 3D TV sets or monitors - it dos not give you the option to create the older-style "red/cyan" 3D images that require glasses to view, but would still be convenient as an option so you could email them to family who do own the glasses and could view them on a standard monitor this way. Battery life is low (expected due to the small battery), so buy a spare, and make note you must charge the battery in-camera (con).

So while my 3 star rating might seem harsh, I have to weigh the pros and cons when judging it. On one hand it is very tough and rugged and handy to have as an outoorsy camera. On the other hand, image quality is sub-par compared to other cameras, and the in-camera battery charging is extremely inconvenient. So averaged out - 3 stars.

June 14, 2011


Great Camera poor batt performance

This is one great camera. I bought it fir a vacation trip with my kids. Shock resistant, tested and passed; waterproof, tested and passed. But then comes battery performance. I followed all instructions provided on installation and first charge but when we used it for the first time battery lasted only 65 photos of less than half were with flash. 3 sequences of about 30 secs. That was 4 hours on the first trip. Disapointed by this. Charge time is about 3 hours so there is no chance of stop charge and continue. So great camera but very bad battery.

June 05, 2011



Bought this camera on a cruise ship and took it underwater the first day. I was amazed at the quality of underwater video. I love it.

May 21, 2011



i love this camera, but i havent tried it underwater yet im too scared, the pictures are great and so are all the features! GET THIS CAMERA!

May 09, 2011

h.s. doyle

It is the best water camera I have

I just got this camera and it works great. It is very well made and takes awesome pictures.

May 05, 2011


product is wonderful!!!

love the features. beautiful pictures under and above water! im not afraid to give it to my son since its shockproof and the pictures are amazing. wonderful product

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