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December 13, 2011


Very clear pictures

Well I haven't put this camera through it's paces yet as far as the "tough" part goes but for shooting HD videos and crystal clear photos this is a great choice. The software that comes with the camera is great. It allows you to organize all of your photos in all different kinds of ways. The price was a little higher than the competitors but it was worth it.

December 08, 2011


Great for a non-photographer to get great pics

I have owned many (affordable) point and shoot cameras and this was the first time in my life I was actually proud of my photos. I grabbed the TG-610 for my honeymoon, mainly just because it was available and could go under water. I was very happy with the panoramics, scenery, macro, as well as the under-water shots. The low-light ones were not as amazing but I'm still learning the best camera settings. It was very intuitive to use immediately. I first blew it off as a silly feature but was actually pretty impressed with the art filters. Make sure to rinse this camera off in tap water soon after using it in the ocean. One piece of sand/debris can block the lens cover from moving and make you think the camera is broken, it happened to me a few times.

December 05, 2011


I assumed wrong

I am not a photographer nor pretend to be, I just like to take pictures of what i see to remember and enjoy. I buy camera's that seem good and aren't cheap, They break, get lost or stolen, so i got this one because i thought it could handle me, and would most likely be a point and shoot because if you are in the rapids you don't have time to adjust you just take the picture.Terrible, had to go to Paris for the weekend (from NY) and it ruined every shot ( ok, while editing this, after adding the photos not every picture; but i stopped trying after 27, i take hundreds normally) in every light and condition. Why risk taking it on a real vacation if it ruins a weekend, I wish I could upload the pictures to show, The paris opera house a bit before dusk on the lit street with christmas lights came out dark and unrecognizable. I thought perhaps i should play with the control because automatic was terrible, it just was worse. Sooo dissappointed, it was my first opera and it could not take a decent picture of the inside of the opera house with the house lights on. Not to mention its the second one in 2 days the first with gps, came with a bad battery, and by the time i found that out it was already traded and i was stuck with this one.

November 24, 2011



I owned an older tough series model before buying this one and loved it. But this one makes me feel like I am taking a step into the dark ages. It is half as fast in every aspect. It's slow to start up so you miss the action, it's slow to save so you again miss the action, and the auto focus never works correctly. I have it set on face detection and it focuses on everything but the persons face. If the scene is in low light most of the time it will not focus at all. I wish I had returned it while I had the chance.

November 23, 2011


This product is wonderful

This is my 7th Olympus camera. I still have 5 other olympus cameras that work very well but I decided to buy a tough camera series after a child in a local daycare where my daughter was working (who decided to take my olumpus compact to take pictures) stomped my camera that I had for seven years. This camera is tough and has great features (especially child proof). I like the light weight, the style, the toughness and the fact that is is water proof. I have used it in the rain, heat and lots of harsh condtions. It takes breath taking pictures and I don't worry about dropping. I especially like the large screen and the resoultion. This camera goes with me everywhere. I have owned several of the other competitors cameras and this camera by far has the best features. I was able to record a local concert in HD and it turned out better than the "professional" who used equipement worth thousands of dollars. I rely on this camera as my job requires me to take lots of pictures. It hasn't failed me yet. Great camera for the price and great value.

November 11, 2011



I love the camera, it takes great pics but....when I try to upload the disc to my pc, I get the blue screen of death!!What is up with that?? I have lost all my pics. :(

October 21, 2011



good for hunting/fishing! just keep it strapped on, and you can go anywhere!

September 29, 2011


A must travel companion

Bought this camera shortly before our trip to the Great Barrier Reef a few weeks ago. As a very basic snorkeler and professional photographer I thought why travel thousands of miles to the most beautiful spot on the planet without an underwater camera? I stuck it in my pocket and used it during the entire trip above as well as underwater. I set it at JPEG fine (14mpx), auto ISO, slapped in an 8gb SD card, packed the recharging cable and was set for the whole trip. Snap to edit and relatively easy to handle underwater along with a trustworthy autofocus. Only complaint is the funky little selector..takes a good finger dexterity to master it.

September 26, 2011


Over all a good product

The camera was great for the first month or so, then the view screen started turning solid green, then shutting off, or the picture taken would stay on screen for long periods of time. It would not respond to power off, etc. I was told to wash it yesterday and after 10 days of lots of waiting on the camera or answers, it is working fine for now. Hope that's all it takes when it happens again. We have 14 others being used and can't afford for this to slow us down.

September 22, 2011


Love At First Sight!

Love, love, love my camera so much I named her Audrey... after the amazingly stunning actress ; )

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