April 4, 2012 by dlocks 008
I bought this camera because my wife and I wanted to get a camera that was durable so we didn't have to worry about it getting wet as we have kids. When were on vacation we decided to take it snorkeling. After one trip in the water, for about 10 minutes this camera has already had water penetration to the battery compartment that corroded the USB terminal. I HAD THE CAMERA LESS THAN ONE WEEK when that occured. I thought no big deal I'll send it back and hopefully the company will make this right. So now I will send the product back and hopefully they will replace this camera. But now I HAVE TO PAY TO SHIP IT BACK which I think is ridiculous as it is covered under warranty. Why should I have to pay to ship a defective product? I will re-review this product after this issue is resolved and I actually get to use the camera.
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March 29, 2012 by Bill B
Nice Camera
the camera takes good pictures but I took this on vacation and took many movies only to find that I can't find a program to play them back on the PC. I did find that when you first put it underwater a few bubbles come from around the latch but no water gets into the camera
March 20, 2012 by Drums
The olympus tg-610 is thebest camera I've ever had! Everything you need for every situation in one camera for an outstanding price!! I love it and would recommend to anyone!
March 13, 2012 by surf fisherman
Best Camera For the Price
I have owned several waterproof cameras over the years. And this camera is excellent in all fields. I have dropped it on a jetty, in the sand and the ocean. Bring it home soak it in fresh water and good to go. Takes some amazing pics.
March 11, 2012 by SignatureDJ
The best camera i have ever purchased.
This is probably the 6th digital camera that i have purchased. . . we receintly went on vacation to a place with a water park. . . I took the camera with me, and got some great shots of my family while being in the water with them. also this camera is safe to give a three year old. the durability and versitile uses of the camera and video that this camera has out performs all the others that i have purchased. i am still learning all the features of the camera, but if they perform as well as the few features that i have used so far, i will be very pleased.
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