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February 13, 2012


Not bad, However...

I had one of the old versions that performed much better picture quality wise. This camera is good and I love the durability of it. However, the older version had better Autofocus and much bettter white balance and ISO performance. Dim pictures get VERY grainy even on a relatively low ISO. I know there's a flash however, the flash basically is a spot flash and only brightens the middle area. If I ever find my old one, I will stop using this one. Granted this has a higher megapixel rating, but in reality anything over 4 megapixels prints a great 8x10 unless you plan on doing some extreme cropping anything more is not needed. I feel more focus on image quality and less focus on junk in-camera add-ons would make for a better product. Also, having to go through multiple menus to turn on and off the flash is a pain.

February 12, 2012



i like this camera a lot it is very durable and is waterproof .i was a little hesitant to put in water at first, its a digital camera after all so i you tubed it for a little i took it to the little pond in the hotel we were staying in and dunked it about two sec. while it was recording i took out and dried off immediately and played back i saw all the gold fish swimming away and i was happy to see it was still working.the next day we went to great wolf lodge water park and hotel i took so many pictures and video my in laws all past it around so they could take picture of their family too.great camera good pictures but im returning it to get the tg-810 which has gps built in.

January 30, 2012


waste of money

second review (first was not posted for some reason)

ill keep it short

1. none

1.not waterproof
2. not surable
3.very slow
4. bad pic quality

we purchased for a trip to the turks & caicos and the thing stopped working on the 3rd day after being in 4" of water for 15 seconds.

buy something else!

January 25, 2012


Nice Camera

I have only had this camera a week, but so far I like it. It does have a problem of turning on too easily. I carry it in my purse all had to get a camera case for it. Because it would turn on when ever I would set my purse down or bump it.
I would like it if the shutter speed was faster. I have two very fast grand kids and miss alot of faces.

January 22, 2012


Very good Camera

I have had this camera for a couple weeks and have used it quite abit and it seams to be a very good camera. good quality pictures and it is fairly fast. I purchased a fast memory card and that seams to help.

January 15, 2012


Huge disappointment

This camera is a big disappointment. The name of the product is TOUGH, and yet, I' have to exchange it twice for the same reason. (thank God for extended warranty, which I shouldn't need due to the quality Olympus claimed). For both times, I only use it once and it just stop working: doesn't turn on, doesn't charge what so ever... I used to trust and love the Olympus name, but after this experience, I don't think I want to continue purchase their products.

January 11, 2012



This unit while sturdy in construction is not what it appears. It uses a swing open door that could esily be dmaged and while it boosts hD video PCs do not recognise the format.

The worst part of this camera is the power button is easily activated while in your pocket running the unit down when not in use.

Shope for something else folks!

December 27, 2011


TG-610. This sounds like a good camera but when use it(which has been 3 times) every time i am not satisfied with my purchase. Before I bought the camera I read all the reviews and only seems anything but good reviews. I wish i would have read the bad ones.
I bought this camera for being "tough". However I have not been able to put it to the tough test yet.
The pictures that are on the website do not look nothing like what I see on my camera/computer. (don't let them fool you).
This camera does not work in low light conditions, although it says 14 mega pixels the picture seems like it had a low resolution(my 8mp phone camera takes better pictures).
I feel very disappointed in this camera that is supposed to be a great camera.
As you can see in the couch it looks choppy. I think a 14 mp camera should not look like this.

December 26, 2011


Good So far

I was worried at first getting this camera because of all the negative comments. It isn't bad for the price and I needed something for my girlfriend who seems to break every other camera I've gotten her. But to my suprise it takes decent pictures. It doesn't zoom far but when it is fully zommed the pictures look great! It also has very many cool functions. I'm going to the Bahamas in a couple weeks so i'm hoping it works underwater. If not i will be very dissapointed. Otherwise it's a great camera. takes amazing cameras and it's beautiful

December 18, 2011



Bought this before a trip to a Hawaii so I could use it underwater and take videos an pictures. It broke after the first use underwater. It took the pictures then stopped working when I got out.

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