March 30, 2013


Worst camera I've ever owned.

We bought this camera on our spring vacation last year to replace our other Olympus Tough Series camera that broke. The old one had a good run of almost 3 years and took amazing pictures both above and below water. We bought the TG-610 because it was the only Olympus waterproof we could find anywhere near our destination. From the moment we got it we weren't happy with the pictures it took. In the last year we've barely gotten any pictures worth keeping, and underwater it all just looks cloudy. Above the water things look hazy and washed out. I have had Cannon, Nikon and Olympus point and shoot and this camera hands down does the worst job of all of them. Normally I'd try to sell my old camera on craigslist before buying a new one, but I can't even in good conscience sell this to someone. Very displeased Olympus.

January 28, 2013


Not waterproof X2 experiences

We bought our first Tough camera for a holiday in Mexico, the second day of our trip, we were taking some pictures on the beach and ventured out into the (very calm) waves to take some more... once we were in the water, the camera shut off... not cool! After returning to the beach we realized that the screen had filled up with water. Guess who didn't get to take any pictures the rest of the vacation ?!? not impressed.
We were able to return the camera and it was covered under warranty after about a 3 month wait (they had to make sure that we weren't lying about how we used it).
The second camera - the exact same thing happened on our next vacation... it was fine until we tried to take our WATERPROOF camera into the shallow water.
This time they wouldn't replace it... as per the Future Shop Rep and customer service at Olympus.
I will never, ever purchase an Olympus camera again. Worst camera's ever. Save your money folks.

November 11, 2012


Very good camera!

I have had this camera for over a year and I am in love with it! It takes AMAZING pictures for it's price! And it does everything it says it will! I have taken this camera swimming with me, left it in the snow over night (wops) dropped it a TON of times... and my little brother has thrown it across the room and it still works great! I'm very impressed with this camera!

July 21, 2012


Don't buy it

I purchased this camera for my destination wedding and honeymoon. It took good pictures until it died on my honeymoon! I made sure the battery compartment was closed every time we brought it into water so it looks like this camera is not waterproof afterall. There was a little water in the battery compartment and now the camera is dead. No more pictures on my honeymoon... Thanks, Olympus. Never again will I buy anything from you and I will make sure everyone I know knows your cameras are of poor quality.

July 11, 2012



This is my second camera. Both died within months. I am careful with it and it both stopped working.

May 23, 2012


Good Features

I really like that this camera is waterproof/freezeproof/crushproof, etc., what I don't like about it is the time it takes to "wake-up" from being on but the screen being black, the time it takes between taking pictures, the time it takes for the image stabilization to work to take a picture (sometimes I have to half click the button to take a picture a couple of times before it focuses in on what I want it to), the low light/night scene image quality is quite bad and the fact that its rugged yet not scratch proof. Overall it is still a very good camera, but I would like it to be better in these aspects. The new Tough 1 camera seems to address all of these issues except the scratch resistant one, I don't think that will ever be resolved though.

May 21, 2012


good not great

It take excellent macro images but mediocre landscapes. They need a more secure locking mechanism for the h2o proof door. I've "killed" several cameras in the desert canyons of Utah but this one has, thus far, outlived the others. Not recomended for quality photos but it will survive many trips.

May 08, 2012


Very good compact camera

I wanted the water proof design and find its pictures in the water to be excellent. My only gripe is the shorter than expected battery life and the charger must be plugged into the camera to recharge the battery. I prefer to remove the battery and charge it that way.

April 14, 2012


Shock and waterproof

Purchased this camera for my childcare business and we are putting it to the test. We needed good quality and durable.

The first test was my family's cruise adventure and snorkling. What a great job this little camera did.

April 11, 2012




April 04, 2012

dlocks 008


I bought this camera because my wife and I wanted to get a camera that was durable so we didn't have to worry about it getting wet as we have kids. When were on vacation we decided to take it snorkeling. After one trip in the water, for about 10 minutes this camera has already had water penetration to the battery compartment that corroded the USB terminal. I HAD THE CAMERA LESS THAN ONE WEEK when that occured.

I thought no big deal I'll send it back and hopefully the company will make this right. So now I will send the product back and hopefully they will replace this camera. But now I HAVE TO PAY TO SHIP IT BACK which I think is ridiculous as it is covered under warranty. Why should I have to pay to ship a defective product?

I will re-review this product after this issue is resolved and I actually get to use the camera.

March 29, 2012

Bill B

Nice Camera

the camera takes good pictures but I took this on vacation and took many movies only to find that I can't find a program to play them back on the PC. I did find that when you first put it underwater a few bubbles come from around the latch but no water gets into the camera

March 20, 2012


The olympus tg-610 is thebest camera I've ever had! Everything you need for every situation in one camera for an outstanding price!! I love it and would recommend to anyone!

March 13, 2012

surf fisherman

Best Camera For the Price

I have owned several waterproof cameras over the years. And this camera is excellent in all fields. I have dropped it on a jetty, in the sand and the ocean. Bring it home soak it in fresh water and good to go. Takes some amazing pics.

March 11, 2012


The best camera i have ever purchased.

This is probably the 6th digital camera that i have purchased. . . we receintly went on vacation to a place with a water park. . . I took the camera with me, and got some great shots of my family while being in the water with them. also this camera is safe to give a three year old. the durability and versitile uses of the camera and video that this camera has out performs all the others that i have purchased. i am still learning all the features of the camera, but if they perform as well as the few features that i have used so far, i will be very pleased.

March 10, 2012


Love this camera!!! Love it.

really great camera.. easy to use.. good features. Was a gift so value for money was great to me!
No problems with recommending!

March 10, 2012


Great Quality

Fit and finish of the camera is high quality. Any camera I ever owned seems flimsy compared to this one.

March 08, 2012

Amazing ivan

This tough tg 610 is grat

like the waterproof because you can take picture and hd video,i suoer love the olympus camera tough tg 610

February 19, 2012


quality camera

I have an old model of this and it just broke on me after having it for 6 years. Not waterproof any more and a little disappointed but all things considered I would definitely recommend this camera to anyone interested in a camera they can take anywhere. Going to buy another for sure.

February 15, 2012


Highly Disappointed

This is our second Olympus camera and we actually dislike it. When you zoom the photos are always fuzzy, the subject in any setting indoors is always whited out. The flash always goes off in the auto setting. There is no setting that takes several frames in a row for a hard to capture shoot like our old one. Outside photos turn out well except of course in zoom. Also the camera is slow for shot-to-shots. Now after about 7 months we are loosing photos to a "picture Error" so we have to buy a new one.
We loved the last one we had that was also a tough series and when we lost the first bought the same to replace it, when we lost that we wanted another but it was no longer in production so we selected this one.

February 13, 2012


Not bad, However...

I had one of the old versions that performed much better picture quality wise. This camera is good and I love the durability of it. However, the older version had better Autofocus and much bettter white balance and ISO performance. Dim pictures get VERY grainy even on a relatively low ISO. I know there's a flash however, the flash basically is a spot flash and only brightens the middle area. If I ever find my old one, I will stop using this one. Granted this has a higher megapixel rating, but in reality anything over 4 megapixels prints a great 8x10 unless you plan on doing some extreme cropping anything more is not needed. I feel more focus on image quality and less focus on junk in-camera add-ons would make for a better product. Also, having to go through multiple menus to turn on and off the flash is a pain.

February 12, 2012



i like this camera a lot it is very durable and is waterproof .i was a little hesitant to put in water at first, its a digital camera after all so i you tubed it for a little i took it to the little pond in the hotel we were staying in and dunked it about two sec. while it was recording i took out and dried off immediately and played back i saw all the gold fish swimming away and i was happy to see it was still working.the next day we went to great wolf lodge water park and hotel i took so many pictures and video my in laws all past it around so they could take picture of their family too.great camera good pictures but im returning it to get the tg-810 which has gps built in.

January 30, 2012


waste of money

second review (first was not posted for some reason)

ill keep it short

1. none

1.not waterproof
2. not surable
3.very slow
4. bad pic quality

we purchased for a trip to the turks & caicos and the thing stopped working on the 3rd day after being in 4" of water for 15 seconds.

buy something else!

January 25, 2012


Nice Camera

I have only had this camera a week, but so far I like it. It does have a problem of turning on too easily. I carry it in my purse all had to get a camera case for it. Because it would turn on when ever I would set my purse down or bump it.
I would like it if the shutter speed was faster. I have two very fast grand kids and miss alot of faces.

January 22, 2012


Very good Camera

I have had this camera for a couple weeks and have used it quite abit and it seams to be a very good camera. good quality pictures and it is fairly fast. I purchased a fast memory card and that seams to help.

January 15, 2012


Huge disappointment

This camera is a big disappointment. The name of the product is TOUGH, and yet, I' have to exchange it twice for the same reason. (thank God for extended warranty, which I shouldn't need due to the quality Olympus claimed). For both times, I only use it once and it just stop working: doesn't turn on, doesn't charge what so ever... I used to trust and love the Olympus name, but after this experience, I don't think I want to continue purchase their products.

January 11, 2012



This unit while sturdy in construction is not what it appears. It uses a swing open door that could esily be dmaged and while it boosts hD video PCs do not recognise the format.

The worst part of this camera is the power button is easily activated while in your pocket running the unit down when not in use.

Shope for something else folks!

December 27, 2011


TG-610. This sounds like a good camera but when use it(which has been 3 times) every time i am not satisfied with my purchase. Before I bought the camera I read all the reviews and only seems anything but good reviews. I wish i would have read the bad ones.
I bought this camera for being "tough". However I have not been able to put it to the tough test yet.
The pictures that are on the website do not look nothing like what I see on my camera/computer. (don't let them fool you).
This camera does not work in low light conditions, although it says 14 mega pixels the picture seems like it had a low resolution(my 8mp phone camera takes better pictures).
I feel very disappointed in this camera that is supposed to be a great camera.
As you can see in the couch it looks choppy. I think a 14 mp camera should not look like this.

December 26, 2011


Good So far

I was worried at first getting this camera because of all the negative comments. It isn't bad for the price and I needed something for my girlfriend who seems to break every other camera I've gotten her. But to my suprise it takes decent pictures. It doesn't zoom far but when it is fully zommed the pictures look great! It also has very many cool functions. I'm going to the Bahamas in a couple weeks so i'm hoping it works underwater. If not i will be very dissapointed. Otherwise it's a great camera. takes amazing cameras and it's beautiful

December 18, 2011



Bought this before a trip to a Hawaii so I could use it underwater and take videos an pictures. It broke after the first use underwater. It took the pictures then stopped working when I got out.

December 13, 2011


Very clear pictures

Well I haven't put this camera through it's paces yet as far as the "tough" part goes but for shooting HD videos and crystal clear photos this is a great choice. The software that comes with the camera is great. It allows you to organize all of your photos in all different kinds of ways. The price was a little higher than the competitors but it was worth it.

December 08, 2011


Great for a non-photographer to get great pics

I have owned many (affordable) point and shoot cameras and this was the first time in my life I was actually proud of my photos. I grabbed the TG-610 for my honeymoon, mainly just because it was available and could go under water. I was very happy with the panoramics, scenery, macro, as well as the under-water shots. The low-light ones were not as amazing but I'm still learning the best camera settings. It was very intuitive to use immediately. I first blew it off as a silly feature but was actually pretty impressed with the art filters. Make sure to rinse this camera off in tap water soon after using it in the ocean. One piece of sand/debris can block the lens cover from moving and make you think the camera is broken, it happened to me a few times.

December 05, 2011


I assumed wrong

I am not a photographer nor pretend to be, I just like to take pictures of what i see to remember and enjoy. I buy camera's that seem good and aren't cheap, They break, get lost or stolen, so i got this one because i thought it could handle me, and would most likely be a point and shoot because if you are in the rapids you don't have time to adjust you just take the picture.Terrible, had to go to Paris for the weekend (from NY) and it ruined every shot ( ok, while editing this, after adding the photos not every picture; but i stopped trying after 27, i take hundreds normally) in every light and condition. Why risk taking it on a real vacation if it ruins a weekend, I wish I could upload the pictures to show, The paris opera house a bit before dusk on the lit street with christmas lights came out dark and unrecognizable. I thought perhaps i should play with the control because automatic was terrible, it just was worse. Sooo dissappointed, it was my first opera and it could not take a decent picture of the inside of the opera house with the house lights on. Not to mention its the second one in 2 days the first with gps, came with a bad battery, and by the time i found that out it was already traded and i was stuck with this one.

November 24, 2011



I owned an older tough series model before buying this one and loved it. But this one makes me feel like I am taking a step into the dark ages. It is half as fast in every aspect. It's slow to start up so you miss the action, it's slow to save so you again miss the action, and the auto focus never works correctly. I have it set on face detection and it focuses on everything but the persons face. If the scene is in low light most of the time it will not focus at all. I wish I had returned it while I had the chance.

November 23, 2011


This product is wonderful

This is my 7th Olympus camera. I still have 5 other olympus cameras that work very well but I decided to buy a tough camera series after a child in a local daycare where my daughter was working (who decided to take my olumpus compact to take pictures) stomped my camera that I had for seven years. This camera is tough and has great features (especially child proof). I like the light weight, the style, the toughness and the fact that is is water proof. I have used it in the rain, heat and lots of harsh condtions. It takes breath taking pictures and I don't worry about dropping. I especially like the large screen and the resoultion. This camera goes with me everywhere. I have owned several of the other competitors cameras and this camera by far has the best features. I was able to record a local concert in HD and it turned out better than the "professional" who used equipement worth thousands of dollars. I rely on this camera as my job requires me to take lots of pictures. It hasn't failed me yet. Great camera for the price and great value.

November 11, 2011



I love the camera, it takes great pics but....when I try to upload the disc to my pc, I get the blue screen of death!!What is up with that?? I have lost all my pics. :(

October 21, 2011



good for hunting/fishing! just keep it strapped on, and you can go anywhere!

September 29, 2011


A must travel companion

Bought this camera shortly before our trip to the Great Barrier Reef a few weeks ago. As a very basic snorkeler and professional photographer I thought why travel thousands of miles to the most beautiful spot on the planet without an underwater camera? I stuck it in my pocket and used it during the entire trip above as well as underwater. I set it at JPEG fine (14mpx), auto ISO, slapped in an 8gb SD card, packed the recharging cable and was set for the whole trip. Snap to edit and relatively easy to handle underwater along with a trustworthy autofocus. Only complaint is the funky little selector..takes a good finger dexterity to master it.

September 26, 2011


Over all a good product

The camera was great for the first month or so, then the view screen started turning solid green, then shutting off, or the picture taken would stay on screen for long periods of time. It would not respond to power off, etc. I was told to wash it yesterday and after 10 days of lots of waiting on the camera or answers, it is working fine for now. Hope that's all it takes when it happens again. We have 14 others being used and can't afford for this to slow us down.

September 22, 2011


Love At First Sight!

Love, love, love my camera so much I named her Audrey... after the amazingly stunning actress ; )

September 11, 2011


broke in 3 months.... cant believe it

I had it for 3 months. took it with me all over the eastern sierra. Swam in lakes, floated in rivers, trotted through the desert. When i got back from my trip, i was playing with it in the swimming pool. It just shut off and stopped working. I have NEVER dropped it nor got water in the battery compartment. I have no idea what happened to it... I sent it in to get it fixed. Hopefully they dont charge me saying that I was the cause of the problem. ughhhh frustrated..

August 15, 2011


camera light and easy to use

Camera light and easy to use. Menu's somewhat difficult to understand and use. have printed no pictures yet and will know more when I have done that.

August 13, 2011


We decided to get a waterproof camera for out trip to Hawaii(June 2011). On one of our adventures, we were tube floating down the old aqua duct that used to supply water for the sugar plantation when the camera got caught on something and the strap snapped and we lost the camera. We informed the tour guide and they said they would try to find it for us. Unfortunately time pass and we came home without out camera. It was not about the camera or the cost of the camera, it was the pictures we have taken.
August 2011. We got a call from the tour company informing us that they found our camera. It was in rough shape but they were able to look at the pictures and did some investigating and matched our reservation (3 people) for the time frame stamped on the pictures taken.
Aug 13 2010. Received the camera and it was looking rough and moldy. We reviewed the pictures and every one of them looked good as if it was just taken. The inside of the camera was clean and had no water. Battery and sim card was all intact. Thank you for making this great product. It was worth it. VACATION MEMORY SAVED !!!!!!

August 13, 2011


Great Camera for Snorkeling

Great camera for snorkeling; however, I can't stress just how much one should practice before going snorkeling. Practice using all the underwater features so that you can quickly toggle back and forth when snaping closeups of slow moving fish to those fast moving larger fish, so you don't miss a great photo opportunity.

After snorkeling, make sure you take both the battery and the memory card out to completley dry out internally, before charging the battery again.

August 11, 2011


well worth the money

I read countless reviews and compared other cameras with this one. Having previously owned an older version of the tough series (710), I wanted an upgrade. I even contacted Olympus to ask about their warranty policy because I was concerned about what other people had been saying about there being a leak. They were very helpful. I would recommend this camera if you are active and want great quality pictures, both above water and below. The video is crisp and clear as well in both environments.

August 11, 2011


Great clear shots

Have had great time using the t610, when I show it to friends they are very impressed with the quality of the veido. and pictures. I wanted a smaller camera to take on a trip, the T610 works great, and I do not have to worry about dropping, or gettin wet.

August 11, 2011


This is my first digital camera. It's easy, fun and certainly lightweight compared to my film camera......but I still prefer film. Print quality from film is superior. Have been disappointed in how difficult it is to see through the viewfinder in a low light room. Was at a wedding recently and the person beside me had another brand digital with a much brighter viewfinder. I was literally aiming in the dark.

August 11, 2011


Great Camera

I use my camera all the time. I had the TG-6020 but lost it. I purchased the TG-610 to replace it. I love not having to put a case around it when using in or around water. It takes great pictures. Love being able to adjust the setting/effects when taking pictures. I would recommend to anyone & have.

August 10, 2011


great buy for a small camera w/ great features

My new TG 610 by OLYMPUS is just great. I took mine to the Caribbean this summer and it did all I asked of it. Underwater, above water, poor light, very bright light, video and auto-focus were all above expectations. Its tough as advertised and always did the job. My only concern is that the multifunction button is so small that it is often hard to use if you have large fingers. This however, does not curb my enthusiasm for the camera. 14 MP resolution is supper.

August 09, 2011


great product under water, on trips especially in ocean water

August 09, 2011


Exceeded Expectations

I just returned from a 4-week trip to Alaska which included glacier viewing and paddling in the cold rain among and through icebergs. I hate to think how many other folks damaged their cameras by having them exposed to that weather while I could just keep this camera out on the deck of my kayak. It takes crystal clear pictures, I used it for great panoramic pictures of wide glaciers and it takes great movies with sound. I may still occasionally carry my bulkier longer telephoto camera for animal shots. But this became my everyday go-to camera for all kinds of shots and weather. I took 2000 pictures with it on the one trip and couldn't be happier with the quality and versatility. Lens cover is also a plus in rough circumstances. The buttons are kind of small - wouldn't work for someone with arthritis. But perhaps this protects the waterproof feature.

July 13, 2011


Leaked on 2nd day of use

I was quite pleased with the multiple features and quality of pictures (both in water and out of water). That satisfaction lasted one day snorkeling on the Cayman Islands. Even after following the cleaning and soaking instructions, the next day I detected tiny bubbles coming from the latched cavity (where the battery and memory card are stored). The pictures were blurry around the edges and there was salt water in the camera. Even blow drying on cool did not get rid of the condensation you could see on the screen. The camera no longer works. It's certainly not worth the price for a one-day usage. Buy a disposable film camera instead or from a company who specializes in real underwater cameras.

July 09, 2011


Recommended - with Reservations

I'll be very short since I haven't had a chance to use this camera under EVERY condition it's designed for, so will list the Pros and Cons:


The TG-610 seems to live up to it's name regarding the tough claim. In the time I've had this, It has been dropped, and has been used in extremely humid "post-rain storm" conditions here in the South USA, as well as during a downpour, and none of those have phased it. I have not used it underwater, however. The cameras just feels solid and well made. The Panoramic mode is much simpler to line up now than older versions, and produces pretty good panos. There are plenty of manually-adjustable settings so you can use it on full automatic or adjust as you need to (minus any real shutter/aperture settings). The 5X zoom (optical) comes in handy.


Image quality is "so-so" at best, with images having more of a watercolor painting effect at full size than good detail. You can still get good standard sized prints from it, but enlargements show the flaws. Movie quality is also mediocre at best and not super detailed. The 3D mode sounds good, but requires you to view the pics on dedicated 3D TV sets or monitors - it dos not give you the option to create the older-style "red/cyan" 3D images that require glasses to view, but would still be convenient as an option so you could email them to family who do own the glasses and could view them on a standard monitor this way. Battery life is low (expected due to the small battery), so buy a spare, and make note you must charge the battery in-camera (con).

So while my 3 star rating might seem harsh, I have to weigh the pros and cons when judging it. On one hand it is very tough and rugged and handy to have as an outoorsy camera. On the other hand, image quality is sub-par compared to other cameras, and the in-camera battery charging is extremely inconvenient. So averaged out - 3 stars.

June 14, 2011


Great Camera poor batt performance

This is one great camera. I bought it fir a vacation trip with my kids. Shock resistant, tested and passed; waterproof, tested and passed. But then comes battery performance. I followed all instructions provided on installation and first charge but when we used it for the first time battery lasted only 65 photos of less than half were with flash. 3 sequences of about 30 secs. That was 4 hours on the first trip. Disapointed by this. Charge time is about 3 hours so there is no chance of stop charge and continue. So great camera but very bad battery.

June 05, 2011



Bought this camera on a cruise ship and took it underwater the first day. I was amazed at the quality of underwater video. I love it.

May 21, 2011



i love this camera, but i havent tried it underwater yet im too scared, the pictures are great and so are all the features! GET THIS CAMERA!

May 09, 2011

h.s. doyle

It is the best water camera I have

I just got this camera and it works great. It is very well made and takes awesome pictures.

May 05, 2011


product is wonderful!!!

love the features. beautiful pictures under and above water! im not afraid to give it to my son since its shockproof and the pictures are amazing. wonderful product