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June 27, 2012


The camera broke after the first use

The pics where great, until we dropped the camera 3 feet and the screen cracked. The Tough is not so tough, I just hope they repair our camera under warranty.

June 20, 2012


I liked the fact that the camera is waterproff but it takes to long between time in pressing the button for the photo and the photo actually being taken. The subject has moved by the time the shuttler actually clicks pic. Also when using the zoom the pics are fuzzy. Would not recomend.

June 17, 2012


A Camera Built for Tough Use

I am a Marine Surveyor in New Orleans. Most pocket cameras digital or film literally will not last a day in the super high humidity of the Mississippi River environment. I have owned 6 of these cameras, taking several thousand pictures per month. Most last about 2 years, after which the controls become unwoarkable. They still operate, but with some difficulty. The cameras put up with jumps, bumps, sweat and extreme humidity. I do not baby these cameras, because they are a daily working tool- like a carpenters hammer. They do well in darkness. The digital zoom feature provides awsome close up shots even in low light conditions. Simple and easy to operate.

June 13, 2012


Camera is surprisingly surprising!

After I broke another camera on the second day of a cruise I went to the camera shop on board and checked out this T-320. It was amazingly easy to use. As I became familiar with it I found it also takes 3-D photos to show on a 3-D TV. Even the sales man didn't promote that because he said not many people have a 3-D TV. But I do. Great surprise feature. The battery life is a bit short , especially if you review every shot. Other than that it is an exceptional value.

June 12, 2012

my olympus

nice product

very nice and useful product a little bit hard to use the keyboard,but in general is a good value,just for fun

April 18, 2012

Larry O

I use it everyday in my work. Outstanding.

I am a prepurchase home inspector and I'm frequently in dirty, dusty areas during an inspection. This is my second Tough camera. I wear them out taking about 100 photos everyday. Lifespan about 2 years. With this camera water and dirt are not even a consideration. Rain or bathtub water are not a threat. If they can take this type work abuse, they should last the average photographer many years.

April 18, 2012


Solid camera

The camera lives up to its "tough" name. I took the camera on spring break with the kids at the beach and it handled the sand, wind and being dropped a couple times without issue.

The pictures are good quality, not great. When using the flash on low light shots, the subject has a tendency to be whited out a bit.

The HD Video is fantastic. Much better quality than I anticipated.

For the cost, a great value.

April 18, 2012




April 15, 2012


C'mon. Who wont love this?

I'm a Photographer myself, and I love it because it allows me to capture clear images underwater and on different extreme conditions. It's handy, weights less than other DSLRs and digital cameras. For a professional Photographer, I give it an A.

March 13, 2012


I would like a how to use book supplied so you don't have to go to the computor all the time to fing out how to use your cameras

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