July 31, 2014 by Barry
Bought one and it stopped working the first time I went snorkeling! Bought a new model and the same thing happened. Got it repaired and for the third time it stopped working while snorkeling. As an old OM1 user I may now have to change vendors!!! What happened Olympus?????????????
July 24, 2013 by Fishin' in the rain
TG-320 does what I expected
Purchased to replace a similar camera that got dunked while fishing. Have used around water and rain but not underwater with no problem. Good photo quality and digital movies. Sound on movies is muffled and must turn it up to hear. Short battery life so carry the charger or buy a spare battery. Overall performance and features are very good.
July 15, 2013 by Todd
Happy- so far
I was able to get this camera and a pair of olympus binoculars for only $99 (Great bundle deal from olympus). It is a decent camera that takes very nice pictures above and below water. The video is fine for this type of camera. The battery is not good- bought an extra battery and charger (from amazon). I look forward to taking this to Disney for the water parks and water rides. This camera will not replace my everyday camera (panasonic), but for pictures near or in water this is not bad- I am happy with the bundle price... (the olympus binoculars are not bad either Roamer 8x21 RC II WP) If you want more features look at olympus's other tough cameras... I was close to getting the TG 630 before I saw the bundle deal.
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July 6, 2013 by William
Very, very good
This camera is my third from Olympus. I have another of their point and shoot cameras and one of their digital SLR's I also have an Olympus digital recorder. The products are all well-designed and live up to their advertising. The TG-320 does everything it's supposed to, and very well. It has a ton of features, excellent specs, and all at a very reasonable price.
June 21, 2013 by Olympus
This Camera is amazing I made the decision to buy this camera for a summer camp in which I would have many underwater activities and it did AWESOME! One day I took a pretty nasty fall and fell into a puddle on cement it was pretty banged up so I thought i had just lost all my camp pictures thankfully I was wrong and it lasted great!!! Also recently I left it in a floaty in my personal pool and forgot it there 2 days the first day it must have fallen out of the float and sank to the deep side worried that that fall at camp a while a go would have changed the durablility a little I jumped in to my camera got out of the water and found that it worked perfectly well no damage whatesoever to the inside!! It saved my pictures and it was great! I have one bad thing to say about this camera and that is it has a slow reaction speed other than that it's magnificent it has gorgeous fun effects for swimming!
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