March 15, 2014 by linda
Love this camera
I have had this camera for almost 2 years now and it is by far my favorite that I have ever owned. I originally got it for the beach and pool. Having two young boys I didn't want to risk my more expensive SLR getting damaged trying to chase after them. Took wonderful clear pictures both under and out of water. I also took pictures in the snow and it was great. This little camera is my go to even over my more pricey camera. It has withstood both my clumsiness while hiking and my toddler finding and playing with it several times. I have recommended this camera to everyone I know and will continue to do so.
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December 4, 2013 by Andrew
I am 70 yrs old and have had a lot of cameras in my life, let me tell you this is the best most efficient camera I have ever owned. It is the only camera I feel comfortable in letting my grand children use, it is a real value in today's market place, you won;t go wrong with Olympus.
July 9, 2013 by Gordon
Great camera
A great camera at a great price. I've had and have several small pocket cameras so I've got something to compare to. My Leica was my favorite, but this Olumpus now gets the nod. The picture quality on this camera is terriffic. Used it in the mountains at the beach at motorcycle rallies and it's worked for 98% of the conditions. Highly reccommended. My SLR just stays in the camera case!
June 3, 2013 by Shark Girl
Best waterproof like this I've seen!
I got this camera as a Christmas gift for my trips to Belize and the Galapagos this year. Compared to other "tough" and waterproof cameras I've seen and had others on my trips use, this one never gets condensation in the lens, and I've never had issues with water drops in the screen like, which I've seen happen to friends as well. Also, I lost this camera on a rough wet landing in a Zodiac and one of my friends found it two hours later. I ran some fresh water over it and soaked it to get some of the sand out of cracks and the camera worked 5 minutes later after being rolled around in the tidal zone and getting covered in sand. There were multiple people on these trips with different brands of waterproof cameras that failed to work and left them hanging, because their camera broke. I drop and break everything, but this camera holds up great and takes beautiful pictures and video. I especially love that I don't have to change to the video function but just need to hit the record button at the top right of the screen. Everyone was super jealous and impressed with my camera on both trips, and I always get compliments on the great pictures it takes underwater.
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May 30, 2013 by Pravin
Excellent Camera at great price
Hello, I bought this Camera on Ebay for $165. My primary reason to buy this camera was to shoot under water. I tried in our swimming pool on a sunny day with very clear water. The photo quality was awesomely good. i even shot video's under water and all of them were with an excellent quality. I was more than happy to see the quality. Surprisingly the lens were not keeping the water droplets on it, which could have disturbed the photo quality. The normal day photography is also very good, i tried almost all the modes with different light shades and the camera always pleased me with great results. I tried taking snap in pitch dark room and when i see the picture i couldn't believe that the room was pitch dark. the flash does the right job although its complete dark. All the objects in that 15 X 15 feet room was clearly visible. Zoom option works very well in video mode too. Panorama mode does a descent job, it does have a 3D picture mode, but not yet tried it. The multiple shot works well. I tried clicking the shoot button in picture mode repeatedly and i got all the shots clicked. Problems --------------- Super resolution zoom which is 10X. At this zoom level the colors gets distorted, also it needs great control on your hand while taking a picture at this zoom level. Although this a is common problem in all entry level digital camera's but a little shake while clicking button blurs the entire pic. Another major problem i found is related to autofocus, at time i felt that if i am already in zoomed in mode, the camera doesn't automatically focus if i change the angle. I had to zoom out and zoom in again to get focus set correctly. I have yet not understood the tap feature, although i tried to set is through menu, but couldn't use is. Although this feature is not commonly used, but sill feels bad not to know about it. Overall, I am extremely happy about the underwater and normal quality of this camera. I definitely recommend this product. Pravin
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