March 14, 2014


Love this camera

I have had this camera for almost 2 years now and it is by far my favorite that I have ever owned. I originally got it for the beach and pool. Having two young boys I didn't want to risk my more expensive SLR getting damaged trying to chase after them. Took wonderful clear pictures both under and out of water. I also took pictures in the snow and it was great. This little camera is my go to even over my more pricey camera. It has withstood both my clumsiness while hiking and my toddler finding and playing with it several times. I have recommended this camera to everyone I know and will continue to do so.

December 04, 2013



I am 70 yrs old and have had a lot of cameras in my life, let me tell you this is the best most efficient camera I have ever owned. It is the only camera I feel comfortable in letting my grand children use, it is a real value in today's market place, you won;t go wrong with Olympus.

July 08, 2013


Great camera

A great camera at a great price. I've had and have several small pocket cameras so I've got something to compare to. My Leica was my favorite, but this Olumpus now gets the nod. The picture quality on this camera is terriffic. Used it in the mountains at the beach at motorcycle rallies and it's worked for 98% of the conditions.
Highly reccommended. My SLR just stays in the camera case!

June 03, 2013

Shark Girl

Best waterproof like this I've seen!

I got this camera as a Christmas gift for my trips to Belize and the Galapagos this year.

Compared to other "tough" and waterproof cameras I've seen and had others on my trips use, this one never gets condensation in the lens, and I've never had issues with water drops in the screen like, which I've seen happen to friends as well.
Also, I lost this camera on a rough wet landing in a Zodiac and one of my friends found it two hours later. I ran some fresh water over it and soaked it to get some of the sand out of cracks and the camera worked 5 minutes later after being rolled around in the tidal zone and getting covered in sand. There were multiple people on these trips with different brands of waterproof cameras that failed to work and left them hanging, because their camera broke.
I drop and break everything, but this camera holds up great and takes beautiful pictures and video. I especially love that I don't have to change to the video function but just need to hit the record button at the top right of the screen.

Everyone was super jealous and impressed with my camera on both trips, and I always get compliments on the great pictures it takes underwater.

May 29, 2013


Excellent Camera at great price


I bought this Camera on Ebay for $165. My primary reason to buy this camera was to shoot under water.

I tried in our swimming pool on a sunny day with very clear water. The photo quality was awesomely good. i even shot video's under water and all of them were with an excellent quality. I was more than happy to see the quality. Surprisingly the lens were not keeping the water droplets on it, which could have disturbed the photo quality.

The normal day photography is also very good, i tried almost all the modes with different light shades and the camera always pleased me with great results.

I tried taking snap in pitch dark room and when i see the picture i couldn't believe that the room was pitch dark. the flash does the right job although its complete dark. All the objects in that 15 X 15 feet room was clearly visible.

Zoom option works very well in video mode too. Panorama mode does a descent job, it does have a 3D picture mode, but not yet tried it. The multiple shot works well. I tried clicking the shoot button in picture mode repeatedly and i got all the shots clicked.

Super resolution zoom which is 10X. At this zoom level the colors gets distorted, also it needs great control on your hand while taking a picture at this zoom level. Although this a is common problem in all entry level digital camera's but a little shake while clicking button blurs the entire pic.

Another major problem i found is related to autofocus, at time i felt that if i am already in zoomed in mode, the camera doesn't automatically focus if i change the angle. I had to zoom out and zoom in again to get focus set correctly.

I have yet not understood the tap feature, although i tried to set is through menu, but couldn't use is. Although this feature is not commonly used, but sill feels bad not to know about it.

Overall, I am extremely happy about the underwater and normal quality of this camera. I definitely recommend this product.


May 28, 2013

Yachta Yachta

So far it is a Great Little Camera

I got this to take with me out on the boat and perhaps the kayak so that I would not be freaking out or ruining the very expensive camera I usually "lug" around. I have already cracked one of my expensive camera's by it flopping around in a bouncing boat (and had to replace same) and believe that my new one is not really liking the humidity that comes along with our Southern Florida summer heat. I used this my TG-820 for the first time this memorial weekend on the boat and felt the camera was perfect for the job!! I want to take it in the water someday soon, and may review again at that time. I bit scared tho...... I have had a waterproof camera (Milnolta) about 25 years ago that did not last too long after I tried it. That was back in the film days....

December 25, 2012


olympus tough

I had this camara bought for me on a ship to alaska I love it the pic's are awesome and my friends used it snorking in alaska they love it also..two thumbs up from me ..

July 26, 2012


Really great camera!!!!!!

I took a long time researching a waterproof camera.
After reading many reviews the Olympus TG-820 seemed like a good buy. I used it on a small island vacation and was very happy with my purchase.

I would definately recommend it to anyone.

July 25, 2012


A Fine All-Weather Camera with One Caveat

This camera is a replacement for the TG-610, which was pickpocketed on a trip. I liked that camera. But the TG-820 is even better. HD video and much better performance in low light and indoor situations, even without flash. I waited until I had put it through the ringer before writing this review. I have now used it while kayaking in the rain around icebergs and glaciers in Alaska and snorkeling in Hawaii. The picture quality has generally been excellent. The camera performed flawlessly under water during extended snorkeling trips. My caveat is that the lens fogged up on the inside one day while kayaking in Alaska, resulting in some missed shots of humpback whales. The snorkeling came after that. As there were no issues during snorkeling, I'm thinking it had something to do with the temperature in Alaska and not a failure of the water proof feature. Assuming the fogged lens does not become a recurring issue, I would highly recommend this camera for a very wide range of picture-taking situations. There is really very little sacrifice in image quality for the waterproof and other "tough" features.

July 24, 2012


Better than expected

Our last cam. was ruined by dust that worked its way into the lenz that had to come out and in every time you used it! I just got back from a mission trip, was not only able to take GREAT pictures(some underwater!) and vidio but the battery lasts a long time! There is truly not enough room for me say how pleased I am with this camera! Great Job & Thanks!!! B.H.

July 22, 2012

Beach Grandma

I got the camera 2 days before taking my grandchildren to the beach for a week. Eventhough we used the wrong settings some of the time, we got great pictures. The grandkids loved taking pictures underwater and having the freedom to use the camera where ever they wanted! It took a lot of abuse its first week and came through great.

July 20, 2012


F2.0 lens

bought this for river rafting. it is waterproof. love the speed. flash on i-auto is confusing.

July 18, 2012


Great camera

This is a great camera the only problem is for people with large hands, you sometimes hit 2 or more buttons when trying to operate. Otherwise
it is easy to use and takes a great picture.

July 12, 2012


Great pictures for a waterproof camera!

I went to Belize and i bought this camera just for this and everyone wanted to borrow it --instead of using their own--because it had such great quality!
I would definintly recomend this camera!

July 10, 2012


Love My Olympus Tough

I love this camera, not only because of the incredibly great pictures it takes underwater, but also the pictures it takes for all occasions. I used it on the Fourth of July for the fireworks on the firework setting and the pictures were incredible. You will not be disappointed if you purchase this camera. I don't know why I waited so long.

July 08, 2012


Love it!

This is my second Olympus tough camera. First one was several years old and had gotten quite a bit slower. I loved it too. The only complaint about this one is the OK button that you use to select options and delete pics and such is a bit difficult to use. Sometimes I have to press it twice, other times it gets ahead of me. So far that is the only problem I've had. It takes really great pics and I love the magic settings. I've only had it about 2 weeks and I've used it in the pool several times. Great camera!

July 07, 2012



We took the camera whitewater rafting and hiking. It came through unscathed

July 06, 2012

Rich A

Great Camera

This camera has some realy cool features like 3-D and panorama. It also has a beauty setting that takes out wrinkles and gives your subject an over-all younger look. The underwater setting results in some of the clearest pictures I've ever taken.
The only down side is the lock that keeps the side panel (memory card, plug-ins area) lock secure, keeps sliding to the unlock position. To be clear, there is a lock for another lock that holds the side compartment closed. I hate to think what would happen if the second lock opened. Something that needs to be addressed.
Other than that, great camera. Crystal clear images in or out of the water.

July 05, 2012


Great camera!

This camera has far exceeded my expectations! I bought it because I kayak and the waterproof camera I was using on the water was a big disappointment. The picture quality of this camera is unbelievable. It has numerous features that I did not expect. All in all, a great little camera!

July 04, 2012


Easy to use and great quality pictures.

This camera was purchased for an ocean resort vacation and lived up to my every expectation. It was extremely easy to figure out how to use all of its features. If there was any question I simply used the cameras own help menu. It was absolutely awsome being able to turn the camera on and scroll down through the options to choose from for the type of pictures I was planning to take at that moment.
Every picture I took appeared on the screen with clear, vivid quality. I truly can't count the number of times I said to my wife "I'm so glad we chose this camera.

July 02, 2012

PHD photographer (push here dummy)

Easy to use

*I am just learnign to use my camera but I has been easy so far. I still have all the special features to learn.

July 02, 2012

Proud Dad

So far so good...

Wanting to always capture the actions of our 4 year old son, I bought a close to professional camera. Unfortunately, it's just too bulky to always carry around. Living in florida we will most likely be at the beach quite often so taking care to not get the camera wet was paramount. We needed something small and resisitant and came across the Olympus. At first I was skeptical so made sure to get the extended warranties. Took it to the pool, took pics and videos underwater...absolutely beautiful results! SO far so good! The only drawback I have seen so far is that twice I had to reset to get it going again. Other than that, no hitches whatesoever! Great purchase!

June 29, 2012


Great Camera for Active Folks!

I have had this camera for several weeks now and taken many photos with it. I've tried out most of its image possibilities (e.g. "magic" setting) and found it to be amazingly good. I have a habit of wearing out zoom lenses within 2 years--probably because I do a lot of close-up photos and our dusty climate. This camera only has 5X zoom (compared to my last camera with 18X zoom), but the photos are very clear so I can use my photo editing software to enlarge any area of any photo I want. I am especially pleased with the water-dust-shockproof feature. I kayak and hike a lot--all things that can lead to problems with regular cameras, especially in Arizona. So far, no problems. It is great to be able to take the camera out on the kayak and not have to encase it in a special case (which also degrades the photos). I also like the weight of the camera--easy to hold in my hand and know that I am holding something--the camera feels solid. I can't tell if the camera will outlast my others yet, but with the smaller, sealed zoom and the macro settings on this camera it should do well. The camera also fits nicely into a pocket or belt pouch so that it is immediately handy for that once-in-a-lifetime photo! In short--I love the camera and would recommend it to anyone.

June 27, 2012


Great flexibility and quality

For years I've only owned OLYMPUS products. I have an E-5 and my wife uses an E-30. We also own the smaller cameras as a means to capture shots outside of a formal photo session. Very handy. In terms of functionality the 820 as well as other OLYMPUS products is seamless. To this day neither one of us has had a single problem with their products.

June 26, 2012


Works well for what it is

I got this to use on the water, boat and snorkel. So far, no problems. It is not a DSLR, so not all the manual options are available, but by playing with the settings, you can get most of the flexibility you want. Haven't used it under water yet, so we will see.
Pictures so far are pretty good.

June 23, 2012

snorkel HI

Perfect underwater lighting, ease of operation.

The TG-820 iHS is exactly what I wanted in a underwater camera. No worries about it being too dark, the Tough compensates underwater. It's so easy to operate between pictures and video and that was a major concern. Pictures AND video is clear and sharp. I would highly recommend this camera to anyone. Snorkel Hawaii!

June 23, 2012


I like because it so tuff

I wish for more zoom !I really Like it I drop three others in the water kayaking drop up inthe Mt. hiking Iam kind of Hard on them!

June 17, 2012


Great camera

This is my second "tough" camera! The first is still performing great. It has been tossed in the incoming tide along the Hudson River, it has been on numerous kayak trips, survived a Warrior Dash attached to me and a week out in the rain when I dropped it accidently while geocaching! The camera is incredible. I upgraded to this current model... the features are incredible and easy to access and use on the go.Love the "magic" effects option! Pictures are clear, clean and sharp.

June 17, 2012



I just took this cammera to africa and have had no problems with it! I've tested it with being shock proof, and waterproof! Its an amazing piece of equiptment!!! :-) very happy!

June 14, 2012


I was in the ocean with my new camera. it was propably a week old. i droped in in the water about 5 feet deep and the screen now has multiple cracks in it. not the most tough camera.

June 11, 2012


This is a great camera!

I am very impressed so far. I have been able to use my camera in pouring rain and not worry about it. Although I didn't get to use it underwater as my vacation was noting but rain. It took great photos. Even when zoomed in as far as it could go the photos were clear and didn't pixcelate. I would recommend this camera to everyone!

June 06, 2012


Easy to use

Has lots of features for a small camera. Water and shock prof.

June 05, 2012

Thirdtime around

Great under water camera

I wanted a camera that I could take under water photos with. I got some beautiful shoots with this camera. I tried to upload a few with this review but the website gets hung up. So just take me word you will not be disappointment. The knob is difficult to use but you will get use to it.

June 03, 2012


This is a great camera. I love it!!!

I wold recommen it to any one looking for a small camera.. I went to Tim McGraw and Kenny Chesney concert last night and the camera did a great job...".

June 03, 2012


great purchase, even for military use

I recently purchased my camera and i love it. Been taking it to the field, as a Marine and its held up to a rigorous beating. I love the speed that it turns on and snaps pictures as well as the unbeatable clarity of the photos. I would recommend this to anyone looking for an outdoor camera, its a fantastic buy.

June 01, 2012



I've had my camera for about 3 weeks now and have used it 4 times. I like the quality of photos. However, I have looked down at my camera twice and found it unlocked or completely open. This will cause me issues when I'm trying to use it underwater if the lock comes open so easily.

May 31, 2012


Love the features!

This camera has amazing features and quality! love it!

May 26, 2012


Great camera for a very reasonable price!

Oustanding camera for the price with many great features and easy to use. I would highly reccomend this camera to both novice users and more advanced photographers who want a simple, compact, and tough camera for daily use.

May 20, 2012


Super simple to use

You can just pick it up and use it. The controls are very easy to use. You don't need a long winded manual to figure it out. This camera takes great pictures. I finally found a camera fast enough to keep up with my 2 and 3 year old grandchildren.
I LOVE IT!!!! A great camera for non-camera people to use. I am very impressed.

April 20, 2012


Great Pictures / Love It

For a point-n-shoot and especially for a tough camera, I think the pictures are great. I had read that they were only so, so, especially in low light, but I haven't had any trouble.

I just got the about 2 weeks ago now and totally love it. So far I have taken photos in the evening, in bright sunlight and underwater (shallow shore dive). I also took some underwater video that turned out pretty well, sound and all.

Couple things I don't like include that there is no separate charger included and the wrist strap is wimpy / doesn't tighten around your wrist. I bought a floating wrist strap that tightens. Also, the menu dial is a little bit tricky / finicky, but not a huge issue for me.

April 12, 2012


Fabulous Camera

I owned the 810 one year ago, it was very very good, and i've just got 820 2 days ago, i think it will be fabulous , i adore this camera and that brand, i just have one comment , am realy afraid of the toggle switch which is very sensative despites the old 810 was very tough and secured, am afraid during my snorkling it opens by accedent and destroyed, the previos swich was very very good , don't know why this one is very sensative ??

April 04, 2012


Love the improvements from my Tough 8010

This is my third Stylus Tough camera. The first was an SW1030, which I replaced after three years (when it leaked on a snorkeling trip), with an Tough 8010. I've used these cameras for all my photography - vacations snorkeling, hiking, biking, skiing; plus (since my wife is a big gardener) lots of flower photos (many macro shots), copying documents when doing genology research, and, everything else. I've been favorably impressed with the image quality and so taken with the convience of being able to have these cameras along all the time under any conditions, that I've quit using my SLR almost entirely. But, I've not been impressed with the slow power on and focusing of the prior models.

The claim that the 820 was much faster convinced me to buy it and I'm happy I did. Power on is almost instant (certianly compared to the 8010) and focusing is definately much faster. This combined with the fast (5 fps at 12mp) sequential shooting definately helps capturing good action shots. The new view screen is also a huge improvement - slight larger, brighter, much more detailed, and much better color rendition than the 8010.

I'm still adjusting to the change in position/style of the controls, I suppose they will be fine once I do. The "super-res zoom" is a feature I'll probably use sparingly as I don't think it really maintains the quality level of pure optical zoom, but, there are times when having a little extra zoom easily available is worthwhile, so, I'll probably leave it turned on.

Overall, I feel this is a really nice upgrade from the 8010.

March 28, 2012


So far so good.

I've been excited and waiting for this camera to come out and finally ordered it on line from Olympus. Couldn't wait till it got to the stores. I have had several Olympus cameras and this camera has quite a few new features I like. First of all it is solid and well made. I like the fact that you can use standard SD cards in this camera which are available most anywhere. I bought this camera for outdoor hunting and fishing use mostly and selected it due to it's toughness and the fact that it works in relitively low temperatures. I use a lot of trail cameras and I like the fact that you can take an SD card out of your trail cameras and put them in this Olympus camera and it works great. You can't do this with the Olympus cameras that use the XD cards. This camera has a lot of features, many of which I won't use, but they are there if I want to. If there is a down side to the camera it would be that you do not get a very good instruction manual with the camera. Just a quick start guide, but you do get a nice manual on the software provided with the camera, but there is a lot of jumping from page to page to learn all functions so I just printed out the manual on my computer. Not a big issue, but I like hands on manuals. The only other issue I have found is that the toggle switch is very sensative and if you don't pay attention and be careful, if you want to move up or down, left or right, you may end up going the oppisite direction from what you want. But again this is not a big issue and can be expected on a compact camera with small controls. Also with more practice I will overcome this problem. When you get out in bright sun with many cameras, you can't see the viewing screen. This is never a problem with Olympus cameras. They are easy to see in bright sun light. The bottom line is so far I love this camera and it does what it is designed to do...Take great photos and video's. I look forward to many years of quality use with this camera.