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January 30, 2012


hard to beat for the price

bought as a replacement for our point and shoot camera, small so it fits in pocket, and quality is very good. I felt the value was good.

January 25, 2012


Great product

My pictures are the best I have ever shot! I love this camara

December 06, 2011


Great Value

Light and easy to use camera. I accidently dropped the camera lens first on concrete from 3 feet. After realigning the lens barrel, it opened and closed correctly and subsequent pictures were just as sharp as before. I carry this with a horizontal holster belt clip to catch pictures I would not take if the camera was bigger.

October 09, 2011


Good, basic camera

Fairly easy to use & very portable, but pics are inconsistent. Some come out very well and others are grainy/blurry, even at different settings.

September 10, 2011


Good camera for the SNAP and LOVE the Super Macro

Good camera for the price .
Worth the price and photos are good...

I've used another Olympus camera around 5 years ago and that still works fine(except i don't shoot with it, that good old camera you put film rolls in )

I'm looking for a Olympus SLR next time.

August 16, 2011


This camera is very user friendly!

I am very happy with my new VG120 camera! I like the red color option also.

I have taken some beautiful pictures with it, and the quality of the picture is excellent!

I am really impressed with the "one-button" record feature. This camera is such an improvement over the one that I had.

Thank you!

August 14, 2011


This product takes good pictures.

While the camera and menu are easy to use, and the camera takes great pictures, I have one major complaint.

Either the VG-120 or the Olympus Viewer 2; ver. 1.2; has a problem of uploading pictures into the computer with Windows XP.
If I wait 24 to 48 hours then I get the "N" w/arrows on the ends, and the battery icon at the same time, and bingo it will upload.

This has been very frustrating.

August 11, 2011


What a great camera!

I bought this unit to help me take better pictures of moving objects. So far, it has passed every test with flying colors. I have not tried it on an overhead aquarium yet, but will when the road to the acuarium is not flooded and I can drive to Omaha, Nebraska. That will be its ultimate test; but every item has proven to be far superior to any of my expectations. I love Olympus!

August 10, 2011


I have 2 VG-120 they are so compact and will fit right in any pocket. They take great pictures and HD movies with sound. So many features I have not played with all as of yet. Everything you need to get started in box. I take my camera with me everyday so I am always ready for a great shot.

August 09, 2011


Camera freezes up. I have only had the camera for 2 months.

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