May 07, 2014



I love my VG-160. It can do almost everything my now retired Pentax SP-500 could do.

Even thought it looks lonely on a tripod I often use it with a tripod.

And I think the LCD screen makes it like a view camera.

December 17, 2013


No Sound is Coming from the Camera

I am a photographer, and I bought this camera about 2 years ago and till this day when I record a video, it doesn't have no sound. A video is supposed to have sound not silence. I would tell the consumer don't buy this camera, very poor quality with the video sound. And for those who do have this camera your best option is to sell it in spanish harlem, 116th street and get maybe 100 bucks or less for it, depending on where you go.

October 21, 2013


Shirt pocket camera

Great little shirt pocket camera, especially for $80. Does a good job shooting although a bit complex.

September 13, 2013


Does what I want.

Forgot my camera and had to buy another on vacation. The one that I wanted was not available. Clerk suggested this one and it has worked great. Slim, light-weight, easy to use. Pictures are sharp. Have not down-loaded them to computer yet; expect it to be easy to do. Pictures have been taken outdoors, indoors, with kids moving, in the problems. Love using camera.

July 22, 2013


good value for price

This is a very nice little camera.Easy to use,compact,and like the bright orange color.Excellent quality and clarity of pictures.Would recommend to my friends.

June 23, 2013


the VG-160

Recently I received this camera as a birthday present from my daughter. I am amazed at how easy it is to use. And the pictures are fantastic. It is definitely user friendly and it is really a cute little camera. It is a small package that gives you big quality. I plan on taking many pictures with it.

July 25, 2012

big daddy

Excellent camera. Enjoy using it.

I fell in love with my camera when I saw it at the store. I already knew the Olympus name from 2 small tape recorders I bought years ago. Excellent products back then and an excellent product now. My first digital camera. I had used digital cameras before with my family. I love the features, quality and ease of use with this one as opposed to the others I have used. Picture quality is great. I look forward to using it the next time. I love the size. A little guy with the heart of a higher priced camera.

July 17, 2012


Understanding manual

Although I have some difficulty understanding the manual mI have taken a few test shots that all turned out well.
But I feel, that I could do even better if I were to fully understand all the instructions.
My current experience with the new camera is too limited to commet fully on all features.

July 08, 2012


I purchase my camara on a trip to Saint Maarten, the value was ok, the color and quality are grate, the only negatived comment is the low focus went use the zoom range, will like a better focus images

July 05, 2012


Olympus is going to Shanghai

Love the size and the easiness that this camera offers. I am a novice picture taker and needed a camera that will capture what I am taking. Going to Shanghai, China this September and don't want to lug around a lot of equipment so this is the perfect camera for this trip!

July 05, 2012


The compact and sleek design

Very easy to operate. Quality of pictures and replay of movie are awesome.

July 04, 2012


focus and settings are terrible.

I can not get the settings and the lighting correct on this camera. I set the settings for the situation and it is still terrible. I think this is the worst camera I have ever had.

June 21, 2012


Overall good camera for someone on the go.

Camera performs well for what it is. Meaning price of the camera places it well ahead of the competition. My main issues with the camera are, you really have to hold it steady to get the clearest of picture and the clarity diminishes greatly the more zoom you use. But for an on the go everyday user, great camera!

June 19, 2012


Best camera ever.

I love the fact that it fits anywhere. Not bulky like my old camera was. Plus the pictures are so clear. Love it.

May 25, 2012


easy to use

very dependable camera. Life of battery is very good. Pictures are clear, and the colors are amazing.

May 05, 2012

hppy foto

east to use

Easy to use but in auto mode it is to dark in dim lighting. Shutter speed is to slow. I wish I had bought a faster one. Nice with still Fotos.

April 18, 2012


Wonderful product and as always of utmost quality

Since the first time I've purchased an Olympus digital camera, I have fell in love with their products. This camera is very lightweight but has all of the features I needed in a camera. The picture is awesome. I love being able to take multiple shots at the same time. I personally haven't been able to utilize all of the features because there are so many of them. Absolutely L.O.V.E. the product.

April 10, 2012