March 29, 2012 by ttsloman
It is good on design and size along with performance. I looooove this e-pm1. I recommend it
March 22, 2012 by Pic man
This product is not easy to use.
The good pictures I shoot are great. However I get alot of bad ones. Im sure I just need to get use to the camera. If you dont know about cameras, this is not the camera for you. Im afraid im going to have to buy a regular point and shoot camera. one a little more user friendly.
March 17, 2012 by PYS
Happy Photos
Very satisfied with purchase. Compact and lighter weight compared to DSLRs. Large back screen. Easy to use.
March 12, 2012 by KBsnaps
Great Value=performance+size
There are better cameras out there, but for the price & the sheer size-weight-performance package there's nothing that can beat this. Micro fourthirds has matured with great but small lenses. I got the Oly 45mm almost after and it has become my new standard lens! EMP1 gets more sharp pictures than one other m43 maker (my wife owns another brand m43 camera in pretty pink and almost as small in size) perhaps the EMP1's built-in stabilizer helps. For m43, you will have to compromise and put up with the noise when shooting in low light. With that in mind, I become a happy shooter! Otherwise, spend a few days set up the camera to your liking (has great SLR tweaks internally like the e series cameras I had used, I usually tweak the shadow contrast so it's flater) and for a camera this small, fast & fun, the pictures never fail to impress friends & relatives. For me now, this camera replaces a prosumer digi-compact and sometimes a full-frame DSLR especially when I want only jpegs out of the camera! Even without a grip, I actually prefer the feel/ button layouts of this very compact camera to another compact mirrorless APS-c camera. The fewer the buttons, the less chance to trigger something by mistake (I felt this after using my wife's m43 camera) I do not work for Olympus, or am I in any camera sales: FYI.
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March 12, 2012 by rnb2
Excellent take-anywhere camera
Great little camera - excellent as either a very high-quality walk around alternative to a DSLR, or as a step up from a point and shoot. Very impressed with the performance and feel of the camera.
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