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March 29, 2014


Good camera, BUT

Had this cameras for two years. Takes good to great pictures. Recently been using it for mostly indoor pictures. Unfortunately the battery compartment door fell off recently. Close examination shows that part of the hinge is broken off. I can still secure it OK if I'm carefull and door's locking mechanism will hold it in place. It's a hassle every time I need to change out the SD card and/or battery.

February 01, 2014


Overall a Great Camera

Pros: light weight, small (fits in purse), great crisp photos, nice looking camera, nice pop up flash, nice camera strap, easy to use and learn, and it's very quick to regenerate...

Cons: NO DATE STAMP (from camera) on photos (only through their software which is definitely a pain and very time consuming); also the case it came with is almost useless since it only fits the camera itself (with no lenses or flash attached)...

January 24, 2014


The one month old Camera shuts itself off after each shot

This was my jump from Leica V-Lux1 to mirrorless world with E-PM1.The experience is not so happy, The almost new camera with less that 200 actuations have come up with a very interesting problem, it shuts itself off after every shot, and this problem is intermittent, sometimes clicking the shutter for several times seems to cure the issue, but it again comes up.I am deeply disappointed by this issue.Imagine the camera getting shut down while taking a shot of a bird, the first one is not focused properly and then the bird flys away.Expected much better product from such a reputed company. Seems like i am back to my 7 yr old V-Lux1

January 20, 2014


Excellent Camera

I bought this camera to replace a small action video camera. I also purchased the Oly underwater housing to go with the camera.

Eveything is very simple and easy to use. The autofucus on the video mode is fast and the AVCHD recording mode gives me superior video - plays back as BluRay quality!

January 11, 2014


Great Value, a little small though.

This is my first non-point and shoot camera. I've always wanted to experiment and now I get to. I got a great deal on the E-PM1. So far I've had it for 4 months and am only now starting to try the different manual mode features. Pros: Great prices out there. Fantastic photos especially in 5f/sec mode for skaters and skate boarders. The flash is not as "bad" as I worried, with it had some adjustment, got some great shots of confetti and such with it. Light weight. Big screen. Nice choice of "Art" modes. Cons: Very small, I have small hands and still my hands are too big for this camera, they corrected this in subsequent models. No view finder, I miss that, especially in bright light. The "decorative ring" below the lens cover was lost in the 2nd week...useless. The case is also a waste, not sure why it is even offered.

Overall I really like my new camera, I've had good comments about my pictures and my camera from friends who HAD to purchase the latest, greatest and BIGGEST SLRs from N and C, after a full day, they envy my little package, and their pictures don't have much (if any) better resolution than mine.

November 10, 2013



I bought this camera as a complement to my Panasonic GX1. It is more pocketable and although it has only 12 mgpixels, with the proper lens (in this case the Lumix 14mm F2,5) it is the perfect size to have with me all the time. Good quality build (I added a grip which improves the handling) and I get great shots (RAW) processed with DXO lab 9 and further worked with Photoshop CS6.

September 16, 2013


Great value great capability

Find the quailty to be outstanding.The menu takes some effort but is fine after a bit of work.Would like to see the viewfinder added to a camera of this ability.lack of flash is ok...the factory lenses would be a little longer would be great,no one likes changing lenses .viewing pictures and getting around the photo ia awkward. Great camera ...thankyou.

August 13, 2013


Pen e pm1

I have had my pen e pm1 almost a week, love it , it is just the right size and light in weight, easy to handle, I have severe arthritis in my wrists, and this camera, allows me to continue with one of my favorite pass times, photography.

PS I have only ever owned Olympus Cameras

July 30, 2013


Learn it and you'll love it

I absolutely love this camera. The only issue I have with it is navigating all the menus. Make sure you download the manual from the disc to your hard drive (or print all 120 pages of it) and familiarize yourself with noise reduction, white balance controls, auto/manual focus settings and anything else that pertains to your picture taking situation. Once you do this, you'll be blown away by the difference between this camera and any point and shoot you've ever used.

July 02, 2013



I purchased this camera because of the stylish look. I really did not think it would be all that different from my other cameras until I took my first few photos and printed them out side by side with my other cameras...(keep in mind my "other" cameras are point and shoot cameras that I keep in my pocket) Anyway the difference was evident. The PEN was brighter and clearer. I only wish that the zoom was greater...I will have to update my lens soon. But overall cool camera, nice pictures, decent learning curve, room for expansion, compact, and great conversation piece...

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