December 26, 2011 by Bob
This is my first digital camera, which I bought primarily to use, via adapter ring, with all my OM-2 SLR lenses and filters. I read luke-warm reviews, but needed to get this specific model(E-PL2). I found that I also needed a viewfinder, for daytime shooting. The combination has been more than satisfactory for my uses, and the picture quality has been great.
December 17, 2011 by seltz
Seemingly limitless creative tool
I became interested in the Pen cameras when the E-PL! came out, being in the market for a more portable alternative to my DSLR. Additionally, I was compelled by the E-PL1 commercial that was running at the time which was filmed with an E-PL1. I reflected so much on this decision that Olympus soon came out with the E-PL2 and, at the time of my purchase, the E-PL3. The over analysis paid off as I couldn't be more thrilled with the EPL-2. It exactly fills the portable need I had and more. Of greatest importance, the image quality is great with color accuracy akin to earlier Olympus models I have had. The feature set is vast and exceeds that of my aging DSLR, face detection and JPEG+RAW shooting for example. The kit 14-42 lens is excellent, with fast autofocus, sharp images, and decent bokeh. Card writes are also fast, making this a fairly responsive camera overall. One nice aspect, which was also a factor in my consideration of the Pen cameras, is that lens adapters are readily available so I can still use my non-Olympus lens collection. Manual focus and exposure is required when using these lenses, but being able to use an array of lenses I already own outweighs the loss of automatic features to use them. The results I have gotten are very nice. The value of the E-PL2 is great; its a lot of camera in a small package. I'm still getting used to shooting with a mirror less camera, with an instinct to hold it up to my eye. Of course, an electronic viewfinder is available along with other cool accessories which may interest me at some point. Menu navigation makes the learning curve of this camera a bit steep, especially given the extensive feature set. Over the three months I have had this camera, that is becoming less of an impediment. With limited real estate on which to place buttons, a software interface is simply a necessity, but again, its a reasonable compromise to carrying a much smaller camera. Movie mode was also a welcome surprise. although not my ultimate motive for buying this camera. While not "full" HD, I would be hard pressed to tell the difference relative to the 720P HD this camera offers. Video quality is simply excellent, retaining the same artistic images quality of the still modes. Its great to see that Olympus is continuing to advance the micro form thirds format in mirrorless cameras. Yet, I have no regrets about picking up the E-PL2. The autofocus is fast enough for my needs and the JPEG engine is excellent (they rival the RAW images, even after software adjustment). Anyone looking for DSLR quality in a less cumbersome form factor will not be disappointed with the E-PL2.
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December 9, 2011 by hannu108
A great upgrade to E-PL1
I got a white Olympus E-PL2. Everybody loves this camera—especially how it looks like. It has so far inspired some of my friends to seriously consider buying one. Overall performance is quite/very good, thanks to the excellent 14-42mm MSC kit lens. The LCD is also very nice. It is larger, has higher resolution and performs clearly better in bright lighting conditions than the E-PL1 I owned before. Added feature to save information of the artist and copyright in exit data is a very nice feature—normally found in DSLRs. Battery life also seems a bit better than that of my old E-PL1. Previewing photos has some new features. The only thing I feel is a downgrade from E-PL1 is the way you can zoom into the images when previewing them. It is cumbersome and not as nearly easy as in E-PL1. Overall, a great camera that you fall in love with easily!
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October 28, 2011 by photognewbie
Pictures that look like I know what I'm doing!
My E-PL2 makes it possible for me to take great photos that capture priceless memories. It grows with me as my skill grows so that I can be as creative as I like. I love its stylish red case, I love that I have interchangeable lenses. I particularly like the new fast lenses that I just got for it (thank you Olympus!!) I do find aspects of the menu system to be slow to navigate sometimes when I'm taking pictures so I've switched to the SCP which makes things quicker for me. I have my E-PL2 tucked in my handbag all the time so it's ready to use no matter where I am when I want to take a shot. It's small enough and light enough to be able to do that effortlessly. What I love most about it is that it makes me look like a pretty decent "photographer" without knowing much of anything...just by taking the instruction book and trying out each section so I could learn the camera. I get pretty great photos now...gone are the ordinary snapshots of my film era days. And it's versatile...I can show my video on the tv, upload it to web or my pc, or print directly to my printer. My first digital camera was a Camedia. I fell in love with Olympus then for its ease of use, great, sharp images and rich color. I have not been disappointed since. The images are fabulous, the creativity is endless, the performance is dependable...and it's easy enough for you to be successful out of the box without being intimidated. It's serious fun! Now if it only had the touch screen and fast, fast, fast focus of the E-P3....
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October 3, 2011 by atmozap
Great balance of performance, features & price
The Olympus E-PL2 represent the sweet spot between point and shoot and full-size SLR cameras. The micro-Four-Thirds format is larger than most pocket cameras and provides 80% of the image area of APS-C, which means good low-light sensitivity and shallow depth of field. It also means smaller lenses than APS-C, and the E-PL2 kit lenses (14-42 MkII & 40-150) are far superior to the standard APS-C kit lenses such as the 18-55mm. So 80% of the area, 100% of the performance, in approx. 60% of the size, at about 60% of the price, of an APS-C SLR. The camera itself is well-constructed: solid and ergonomic. In includes full-auto or full-manual modes as well as many options for custom settings and preset scenes. Small enough to carry with you most of the time, with great pictures.
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