March 12, 2012 by LoveMyNewCamera
Just what I was hoping for...I love it!
I wanted a camera that would put some of the pleasure back into photography for just wasn't worth bothering with my little point-and-shoot model anymore. I wanted something new that was capable of taking high-quality photos...but also that wasn't too huge to travel with. This is perfect...I love this camera! I have been really happy with the photos I've taken...and I haven't invested any time in learning the finer points of what the camera can do yet. It has been easy to use right out of the box...the art filters are fun to play with...the size is perfect. I have small hands, and it is very comfortable for me to handle, and is very unobtrusive to use. Super-portable!
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February 29, 2012 by Hipshot
Really fine camera
I looked, read reviews and spent hours at my local camera shop before selecting the E-PL2. I was looking for something more than just a high end point and shoot camera. My criteria was for a small, light weight interchangeable lens camera that would take excellent pictures. I wanted a light weight grab and go system for when carrying my heavy SLR was not appropriate. The specific features I wanted, in addition to excellent pictures and interchangeable lenses were the following: Shoot in RAW as well as JPEG Hot Shoe Internal Flash Manual Mode (as well as P, A and S) Custom White Balance Image stabilization in the camera Reasonable speed autofocus Internal or available electronic view finder The Olympus E-PL2 has them all plus some other features I am still finding. I have been extremely pleased with this camera.
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February 28, 2012 by freshwater_drum
A new world of possibilities
I upgraded from the point and shoot world. I have never been so satisfied of a decision. I have a new interest/hobby/obsession. For my purposes this is the perfect camera. I love this camera so much, my wife is jealous. I am considering naming this camera Christine.
February 28, 2012 by Bruce R
Great all around camera
I've been using film and digital SLRs for 35 years. There are many times I thought it would be nice to have a "decent" camera with out carrying around all the gear. Tried a high quality P&S. Nice, but not really good enough for 12" x 16" prints. First time I went out shooting with the E-PL2 and kit lens I went home, found a picture I liked, printed it at 12" x 16" and the image quality was just as good as my DSLR. Things I Like: - The out of camera JPGs with the "neutral" setting are excellent. - The metering is better than any of my DSLRs. - A vast number of camera settings are configurable in the menus. - The lenses are small, light and have very optics. - The AF is very accurate - often better than a DSLR. It makes for a small, light high quality camera kit. Not so hot: - The rear control dial has a very, very light touch. It's much too easy to depress it by mistake when trying to rotate it. In the Super Control Panel one can inadvertently change more settings per second than one would think possible. - There are some menu items that are in places you'd never think they'd be. For me, m4/3 has become my primary camera system.
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February 27, 2012 by avobob
Mine is E-P2, not the Lite
My partner has an E-PL2 but I don't. He loves it. I have the E-P2 and am not enthusiastic - the camera is fine but the electronic viewer lets it down. First it is not as clear as an optical viewfinder. Other cameras are getting optical and electronic...why not Olympus? Secondly, the way of attaching the viewer makes it liable to damage. Third, it does not allow you to clamp your camera to your face and so make it steadier. Fourth, I cannot find a lens hood to fit.
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