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December 12, 2013


Very, very pleased with the camera.

Delighted with the camera. I am getting exceptional results for an amateur photographer. I re-interpreted the manual into multiple work flow sheets that make more sense as I have now the information that I need right at hand. The capabilities of the camera and various lenses now make sense to me. With this great camera and lenses, I intend to enter competitions in 2014. It was totally good purchase for me.

February 20, 2013


Great camera, excellent value!

I owned a PEN E-PL1 for two years, and enjoyed using it very much. Recently, I felt I was ready for a camera upgrade, and saw a special price for the PEN E-PL2 on the Olympus website. I purchased the E-PL2, and so far have not regretted it. The new version of the 14-42 kit lens is quite an improvement over the original. It is smaller in size, which enhances the appearance of the camera; and it is far smoother in operation, and takes a lighter touch to zoom in or out. The camera is better too. All of the controls seem smoother, and the menus are more responsive. The autofocus is a bit faster as well. I also appreciate the larger and clearer LCD screen. I like the appearance and feel of the E-PL2 over my older E-PL1. In general, I think I'm going to really like using this camera, and look forward to getting some great shots.

December 31, 2012


Everything is right to me.

E-PL2 is the most handsome looking camera. It produces entry level DSLR quality picture but with much smaller size. I had purchased 42-150mm lens which extends the range of the camera,
wcon-p01 which gives me a 22mm wide angle lens , VF-2 the best electronic view finder which turns pen into a true SLR. For my application I will buy a full frame SLR eventually, but I will also stick on PEN! I am glad my decision, don't have to end up two SLRs.

I am now a big PEN fun.

July 23, 2012


So beautiful camera, I love the retro design.
Good image quality

July 15, 2012


Overall quality overwhelms the cost

We love E-PL2 for the following reasons :
- excellent JPG quality than its competitors
- very light with bundle or pancakes lenses
- lovely In-Body Image Stabilizer

June 20, 2012


No reason to cary big camera with big lenses

The main reason I looked into PEN series, is for the compact size of camera and the lenses. I went to the shop trying to decide between NEX and E-PL2. Though NEX was attractive in camera size and lcd quality, decided to go with E-PL2 mainly for the lens size, the size of lens looks very disproportional in NEX.

After buying it I really enjoyed shooting with it, the good thing is everyone in family likes taking pictures with it, just turn to iAuto, then works like point shoot.

May 30, 2012


Its a great camara w/a world of features to discover and use, to bring your surroundings and memories alive

May 28, 2012


Great Micro 4/3!

This is a nice walk-around alternative to a DSLR. Easy to use in all modes, sharp looking with a grip, so on-handed shooting is possible. The accessory shoe is great and I already have the VF-3 and that is great too!

May 23, 2012

Old Tinner 41

This is a fun camera to use

I upgraded from an Olympus FE-310 point and shoot. We are artists and I photograph our work for our website and brochures. This is a much better camera for that purpose. I also like to take photos of landscapes.

May 01, 2012


Love the 4/3 and the PL2 is awesome

The PL2 has been my introduction to the 4/3 system and I'm hooked. Wanted a smaller high quality camera to travel with and the Olympus does it well. The PL2 is a beautiful piece of equipment and it is a lot of fun to use!

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