December 12, 2013


Very, very pleased with the camera.

Delighted with the camera. I am getting exceptional results for an amateur photographer. I re-interpreted the manual into multiple work flow sheets that make more sense as I have now the information that I need right at hand. The capabilities of the camera and various lenses now make sense to me. With this great camera and lenses, I intend to enter competitions in 2014. It was totally good purchase for me.

February 20, 2013


Great camera, excellent value!

I owned a PEN E-PL1 for two years, and enjoyed using it very much. Recently, I felt I was ready for a camera upgrade, and saw a special price for the PEN E-PL2 on the Olympus website. I purchased the E-PL2, and so far have not regretted it. The new version of the 14-42 kit lens is quite an improvement over the original. It is smaller in size, which enhances the appearance of the camera; and it is far smoother in operation, and takes a lighter touch to zoom in or out. The camera is better too. All of the controls seem smoother, and the menus are more responsive. The autofocus is a bit faster as well. I also appreciate the larger and clearer LCD screen. I like the appearance and feel of the E-PL2 over my older E-PL1. In general, I think I'm going to really like using this camera, and look forward to getting some great shots.

December 31, 2012


Everything is right to me.

E-PL2 is the most handsome looking camera. It produces entry level DSLR quality picture but with much smaller size. I had purchased 42-150mm lens which extends the range of the camera,
wcon-p01 which gives me a 22mm wide angle lens , VF-2 the best electronic view finder which turns pen into a true SLR. For my application I will buy a full frame SLR eventually, but I will also stick on PEN! I am glad my decision, don't have to end up two SLRs.

I am now a big PEN fun.

July 23, 2012


So beautiful camera, I love the retro design.
Good image quality

July 15, 2012


Overall quality overwhelms the cost

We love E-PL2 for the following reasons :
- excellent JPG quality than its competitors
- very light with bundle or pancakes lenses
- lovely In-Body Image Stabilizer

June 20, 2012


No reason to cary big camera with big lenses

The main reason I looked into PEN series, is for the compact size of camera and the lenses. I went to the shop trying to decide between NEX and E-PL2. Though NEX was attractive in camera size and lcd quality, decided to go with E-PL2 mainly for the lens size, the size of lens looks very disproportional in NEX.

After buying it I really enjoyed shooting with it, the good thing is everyone in family likes taking pictures with it, just turn to iAuto, then works like point shoot.

May 30, 2012


Its a great camara w/a world of features to discover and use, to bring your surroundings and memories alive

May 28, 2012


Great Micro 4/3!

This is a nice walk-around alternative to a DSLR. Easy to use in all modes, sharp looking with a grip, so on-handed shooting is possible. The accessory shoe is great and I already have the VF-3 and that is great too!

May 23, 2012

Old Tinner 41

This is a fun camera to use

I upgraded from an Olympus FE-310 point and shoot. We are artists and I photograph our work for our website and brochures. This is a much better camera for that purpose. I also like to take photos of landscapes.

May 01, 2012


Love the 4/3 and the PL2 is awesome

The PL2 has been my introduction to the 4/3 system and I'm hooked. Wanted a smaller high quality camera to travel with and the Olympus does it well. The PL2 is a beautiful piece of equipment and it is a lot of fun to use!

April 27, 2012


Amazing little SLR Camera

It is quick, easy to use, lot of function for dummy!
The Best smallest SLR Camera for dummy!

April 19, 2012


Love this camera - best bang for buck

Wouldn't change a thing. The stock lens is quick with focusing and the background blurs look great. Art filters are fun if you don't want to spend too much time in Photoshop. I did notice that it loves orange at night, so I'm going to try a few things to mute that.

April 08, 2012


I am a long time Olypus fan. I have had an OM-10, OM-2N and an OM-4. Over the years I have aquired many lenses for these old cameras. I wanted to purchase a new Digital Olympus that would let me take advantage of all these old great lenses. I also wanted a great price point and a small feateure rich camera. That led me to the E-PL2. I bought an adapter that allows me to use my old lenses as well. I like it's weight, size and simplicity.

April 07, 2012


Great style, good performance

The E-PL2 is a solid value with good imaging and almost too many features. Once you decide on a feature set, however, use becomes intuitive. Focus is quick with the kit 14-42 lens in good light, and a bit slower in poor. The styling is impeccable.

March 13, 2012


Fun Art Effects

I recently brought this camera with me on a trip to Southern California - it took some great pictures and had an unexpectedly great battery life. The art effects are really fun and interesting - especially to spruce up plain portraits, but this camera is definitely great for everyday shooting. I love the small size, it fits great in my purse and has a lot of power despite its size. The auto focus in lowlight is a little off and takes some patience, but it's definitely possible to still achieve great pictures.

March 12, 2012


Just what I was hoping for...I love it!

I wanted a camera that would put some of the pleasure back into photography for just wasn't worth bothering with my little point-and-shoot model anymore. I wanted something new that was capable of taking high-quality photos...but also that wasn't too huge to travel with. This is perfect...I love this camera!

I have been really happy with the photos I've taken...and I haven't invested any time in learning the finer points of what the camera can do yet. It has been easy to use right out of the box...the art filters are fun to play with...the size is perfect. I have small hands, and it is very comfortable for me to handle, and is very unobtrusive to use. Super-portable!

February 29, 2012


Really fine camera

I looked, read reviews and spent hours at my local camera shop before selecting the E-PL2. I was looking for something more than just a high end point and shoot camera. My criteria was for a small, light weight interchangeable lens camera that would take excellent pictures. I wanted a light weight grab and go system for when carrying my heavy SLR was not appropriate. The specific features I wanted, in addition to excellent pictures and interchangeable lenses were the following:

Shoot in RAW as well as JPEG
Hot Shoe
Internal Flash
Manual Mode (as well as P, A and S)
Custom White Balance
Image stabilization in the camera
Reasonable speed autofocus
Internal or available electronic view finder

The Olympus E-PL2 has them all plus some other features I am still finding.

I have been extremely pleased with this camera.

February 28, 2012


A new world of possibilities

I upgraded from the point and shoot world. I have never been so satisfied of a decision. I have a new interest/hobby/obsession. For my purposes this is the perfect camera. I love this camera so much, my wife is jealous. I am considering naming this camera Christine.

February 28, 2012

Bruce R

Great all around camera

I've been using film and digital SLRs for 35 years. There are many times I thought it would be nice to have a "decent" camera with out carrying around all the gear. Tried a high quality P&S. Nice, but not really good enough for 12" x 16" prints. First time I went out shooting with the E-PL2 and kit lens I went home, found a picture I liked, printed it at 12" x 16" and the image quality was just as good as my DSLR.

Things I Like:
- The out of camera JPGs with the "neutral" setting are excellent.
- The metering is better than any of my DSLRs.
- A vast number of camera settings are configurable in the menus.
- The lenses are small, light and have very optics.
- The AF is very accurate - often better than a DSLR.
It makes for a small, light high quality camera kit.

Not so hot:
- The rear control dial has a very, very light touch. It's much too easy to depress it by mistake when trying to rotate it. In the Super Control Panel one can inadvertently change more settings per second than one would think possible.
- There are some menu items that are in places you'd never think they'd be.

For me, m4/3 has become my primary camera system.

February 27, 2012


Mine is E-P2, not the Lite

My partner has an E-PL2 but I don't. He loves it. I have the E-P2 and am not enthusiastic - the camera is fine but the electronic viewer lets it down. First it is not as clear as an optical viewfinder. Other cameras are getting optical and electronic...why not Olympus? Secondly, the way of attaching the viewer makes it liable to damage. Third, it does not allow you to clamp your camera to your face and so make it steadier. Fourth, I cannot find a lens hood to fit.

February 14, 2012


The good outweighs the short comings.

Overall the camera has numerous great features.
The color is great, the autofocus works well, and the wide range of scene modes is impressive.
One of the major selling points is the small size of the camera, but it has actually caused me problems with accidently turning on the video.
The video feature is easy ro use and takes very good video over a range of light conditions.
The control dial for the flash, exposure compensation, auto focus setting and shooting sequence is easily worked, but the smaller size also results in accidently moving the control dial with the right thumb while shooting.
The ISO has good range, but I expected it would go to 12,800 like the other cameras in the PEN family.

February 03, 2012


Great Walk-Around Camera, EVER!

As a owner of the E-3, I was very pleased of the picture quality of this great little camera. What impressed me the most was the high resolution images of the 14/42 II kit lens. I found that using "buttons" rather than dials actually became quite user friendly when compared with the E-1.

Well done Olympus!

January 21, 2012


Love It

I'm new to photography. The Olympus E-PL2 is light weight and easy to use

January 14, 2012


Great Pictures!!

I am so pleased that I bought this camera! It always takes amazing pictures and is portable!

January 03, 2012


This camera gives results similar to my SLR

The end results equal my SLR which is much larger and combersome. At this time there are not as many accessoies available so it does not fill all my needs butdoes do most of what I require.

December 26, 2011


This is my first digital camera, which I bought primarily to use, via adapter ring, with all my OM-2 SLR lenses and filters. I read luke-warm reviews, but needed to get this specific model(E-PL2). I found that I also needed a viewfinder, for daytime shooting. The combination has been more than satisfactory for my uses, and the picture quality has been great.

December 17, 2011


Seemingly limitless creative tool

I became interested in the Pen cameras when the E-PL! came out, being in the market for a more portable alternative to my DSLR. Additionally, I was compelled by the E-PL1 commercial that was running at the time which was filmed with an E-PL1. I reflected so much on this decision that Olympus soon came out with the E-PL2 and, at the time of my purchase, the E-PL3. The over analysis paid off as I couldn't be more thrilled with the EPL-2. It exactly fills the portable need I had and more.

Of greatest importance, the image quality is great with color accuracy akin to earlier Olympus models I have had. The feature set is vast and exceeds that of my aging DSLR, face detection and JPEG+RAW shooting for example. The kit 14-42 lens is excellent, with fast autofocus, sharp images, and decent bokeh. Card writes are also fast, making this a fairly responsive camera overall.

One nice aspect, which was also a factor in my consideration of the Pen cameras, is that lens adapters are readily available so I can still use my non-Olympus lens collection. Manual focus and exposure is required when using these lenses, but being able to use an array of lenses I already own outweighs the loss of automatic features to use them. The results I have gotten are very nice.

The value of the E-PL2 is great; its a lot of camera in a small package. I'm still getting used to shooting with a mirror less camera, with an instinct to hold it up to my eye. Of course, an electronic viewfinder is available along with other cool accessories which may interest me at some point.

Menu navigation makes the learning curve of this camera a bit steep, especially given the extensive feature set. Over the three months I have had this camera, that is becoming less of an impediment. With limited real estate on which to place buttons, a software interface is simply a necessity, but again, its a reasonable compromise to carrying a much smaller camera.

Movie mode was also a welcome surprise. although not my ultimate motive for buying this camera. While not "full" HD, I would be hard pressed to tell the difference relative to the 720P HD this camera offers. Video quality is simply excellent, retaining the same artistic images quality of the still modes.

Its great to see that Olympus is continuing to advance the micro form thirds format in mirrorless cameras. Yet, I have no regrets about picking up the E-PL2. The autofocus is fast enough for my needs and the JPEG engine is excellent (they rival the RAW images, even after software adjustment). Anyone looking for DSLR quality in a less cumbersome form factor will not be disappointed with the E-PL2.

December 08, 2011


A great upgrade to E-PL1

I got a white Olympus E-PL2. Everybody loves this camera—especially how it looks like. It has so far inspired some of my friends to seriously consider buying one.

Overall performance is quite/very good, thanks to the excellent 14-42mm MSC kit lens. The LCD is also very nice. It is larger, has higher resolution and performs clearly better in bright lighting conditions than the E-PL1 I owned before. Added feature to save information of the artist and copyright in exit data is a very nice feature—normally found in DSLRs. Battery life also seems a bit better than that of my old E-PL1.

Previewing photos has some new features. The only thing I feel is a downgrade from E-PL1 is the way you can zoom into the images when previewing them. It is cumbersome and not as nearly easy as in E-PL1.

Overall, a great camera that you fall in love with easily!

October 28, 2011


Pictures that look like I know what I'm doing!

My E-PL2 makes it possible for me to take great photos that capture priceless memories. It grows with me as my skill grows so that I can be as creative as I like.

I love its stylish red case, I love that I have interchangeable lenses. I particularly like the new fast lenses that I just got for it (thank you Olympus!!)

I do find aspects of the menu system to be slow to navigate sometimes when I'm taking pictures so I've switched to the SCP which makes things quicker for me.

I have my E-PL2 tucked in my handbag all the time so it's ready to use no matter where I am when I want to take a shot. It's small enough and light enough to be able to do that effortlessly.

What I love most about it is that it makes me look like a pretty decent "photographer" without knowing much of anything...just by taking the instruction book and trying out each section so I could learn the camera. I get pretty great photos now...gone are the ordinary snapshots of my film era days. And it's versatile...I can show my video on the tv, upload it to web or my pc, or print directly to my printer.

My first digital camera was a Camedia. I fell in love with Olympus then for its ease of use, great, sharp images and rich color. I have not been disappointed since. The images are fabulous, the creativity is endless, the performance is dependable...and it's easy enough for you to be successful out of the box without being intimidated. It's serious fun! Now if it only had the touch screen and fast, fast, fast focus of the E-P3....

October 03, 2011


Great balance of performance, features & price

The Olympus E-PL2 represent the sweet spot between point and shoot and full-size SLR cameras. The micro-Four-Thirds format is larger than most pocket cameras and provides 80% of the image area of APS-C, which means good low-light sensitivity and shallow depth of field. It also means smaller lenses than APS-C, and the E-PL2 kit lenses (14-42 MkII & 40-150) are far superior to the standard APS-C kit lenses such as the 18-55mm. So 80% of the area, 100% of the performance, in approx. 60% of the size, at about 60% of the price, of an APS-C SLR.
The camera itself is well-constructed: solid and ergonomic. In includes full-auto or full-manual modes as well as many options for custom settings and preset scenes. Small enough to carry with you most of the time, with great pictures.

September 15, 2011


Good stills and easily transportable.

I chose the Pen EPL-2 with the 2 lens kit. I wanted a camera that I could take everywhere (hiking, travelling, etc.). At the same time, I wanted a product that would produce decent stills. This camera fits the bill perfectly. Moreover, the manual capabilities and choice of lenses allows me to participate in intermediate camera courses and clubs. The art filters are fun. I also purchased the VF-2 viewfinder to use in bright light. This is the camera I grab everytime I go out the door and at all social functions.

September 13, 2011


Everything & More!

What a great little camera. Finally, a superbly designed compact camera having all of the high-end bells and whistles that old school semi-professionals and serious amatuers are accustomed to. I've the E-PL2 just a few weeks and am still learning about the nifty features and shooting modes every day.

August 30, 2011


Used 1st time on a dive trip to Fiji last week. Land pics were great and easy to use with exception of movie button in a location which is right where my thumb naturely wants to rest. Took lots of movies without knowing it. Used u/w housing from Olympus and performed flawlessly.Love the fact that it is ready to go very quickly at power up.

August 26, 2011


Packs a lot in a small package

The Olympus Pen E-PL2 offers most everything a standard sized DSLR has but in a smaller, more convenient size. The camera's portability makes it much easier to take pictrures anywhere, anytime. The video feature allows action to be captured in the format most suitable for it. An outstanding camera!

August 22, 2011


Great value for the money!

Olympus still leave to what it's known for! Amazing pictures with wonderful color separation - True-to-life colors!!

August 20, 2011

Mister Pickles

Awesome Tool To Stir Your Imagination

I use this for day to day shooting. It is a good little combo w/ the 14-42mm lens. Very light, and produces some very nice images. In great light, this is as good as most bigger (larger and heavier) DSLR's. In sub-par lighting, it is still pretty good, but lags a tiny bit from others. Since this cameras newer brother came out (E-P3), this little beauty is available for an awesome price, which is certainly a PLUS. If the sun is out and bright, you might need the optional viewfinder. It is definitely worth the price if you are looking to try mirror-less and smaller cameras that have a great fun factor.

August 19, 2011


Great Little Camera

I recently picked up an Olympus Pen e-pl2. The reason being, I broke my collar bone and couldn't carry or lift my normal rig (even trimmed down). And me being without a camera...... well, that's just silly!!!

After shooting with nothing but pro equipment the past 11 years (my film stuff not included), I knew that I would expect too much and fully expected to hate it and saw myself returning it within the return period.

I have to say now, that I'm pleasantly surprised at this camera and will certainly be keeping it. It's affordable and the kit lens is not only sharp but has good color and contrast.

Besides being small and having interchangeable lenses (most within a reasonable budget.) it doesn't scream "HEY, STEAL ME!" when you take it out of a bag or jacket pocket. The 14-42 (28-84mm in a 35mm equivalent) is a perfect 'walk -a-round' lens in decent lighting conditions.

It also has some cool built in presets and filters for when you feel like playing around. All-in-all, it is a fun camera with beginner level modes and a lot of good stuff for us old pros too. :-)

One of the neat things about these "Micro 4/3rds " cameras is that the lenses regardless of brand are interchangeable. That being said, there area few lenses that I have my eye on already.

Honestly, if you're n the market for a camera with a small form factor and a kit you can add to, I would check it out. There are so many days that I don't want to carry my gear bag but want to get candids of my kids or just some street photography and this fills that need.

August 17, 2011


Great beginner SLR

This is my first digital SLR. I was using a better quality film camera of my mother's about 15 years ago, and since then I have only had run-of-the-mill digitals. They have not been bad cameras for occasional shooting, but I was looking for the next step. This camera is it. You have far more control over the shots, and it is relatively easy to use with regard to all of the settings available. You can do a bit of editing in the camera itself, and the programs for the computer let you do a lot...for free! The battery life seems adequate, as well. I wish that lenses (ex. wide-angle and telephoto) were not so expensive, because the range of the included lens is the only thing I find wanting. All-in-all, I am happy with the performance and price of this camera.

August 15, 2011


Horrible lowlight

I like this camera but it is no good in low light situations!!!!

August 12, 2011


Excellent camera

I bougth it for my wife but I am who is really using it. I will need to buy another.

The IQ is amazing. The body quality superb. Every thing is very good.

August 12, 2011


Exactly what I need

I am thrilled with my new Olympus E-PL2. I am an amateur photographer who travels internationally, often in the third world. I am also a new grandma!
In the past, I've been afraid to use a big DSR camera for fear of being mugged, but I have wanted to take good nature photos. My new camera is small, light, and inconspicuous. The lenses have enormous range. The software installed easily and seems intuitive. There are a range of lenses available that are very intriguing. My hope is to be able to photograph family as well as natural scenes, in comfort and ease, without fear.

August 12, 2011


A lot of fun!

I wanted a camera to take along when the situation didn't call for a DSLR. I also wanted good image quality and lots of control. Beyond all that, I wanted the Art Filters. It is so much fun to go into a situation and use the Soft Focus or Dramatic Art Filters or Pin Hole and be amazed by what comes out. It's brought out the fine-artist in me.

I would suggest a class 10 sdhc card, and, that you read the manual. These two things will help get the most performance and understanding of this small camera.

Also, things to get are a better neck strap that's easier on the skin and a spare battery.

The E-PL2 is the right size and price for a lot of fun.

August 11, 2011


A small camera that does it all...

I almost got the E-PL1 until I read up on the reviews about the E-PL2. I just like the way the camera feels in my hands, and performance wise, I have not had a bad picture yet. I still have an E-500 which I will be passing on to my son. The only complaint I have is that it doesn't come with a viewfinder, but you can purchase one at the Olympus web site. I wish it came with the camera, but I guess you can't have everything. I really love the art filters, ect

August 11, 2011

David-Lehigh Valley, Pa

Very nice!

Impressed with size to weight ratio. It's small, but not too small. (Reminds me of my old C730UZ.) Haven't given it a good workout yet. Lots of nice features. Menus seem easy to use, once you understand them. The external viewfinder, though pricey, does provide additional viewing options. Overall, I'm pleased with my purchase. Looking forward to using it at DisneyWorld.

August 11, 2011



Vivid color reproduction. Love the natural tones. The art filters are amazing and a lot of fun in the field. Very well built.

August 10, 2011


Needs Focus Assist Lamp

Great Camera! However, it doesn't have a focus assist lamp for low light. Even the Olympus FL-36 external flash focus assist lamp doesn't work with this camera - not 100% compatible. Suddenly the newer "P3" versions have this feature. It's a basic feature on other company's point and shoot cameras. Otherwise great pictures from this camera!

August 09, 2011


Full featured compact

I've been a devoted Olympus user for many years and the E-PL2 was a replacement and upgrade from my E-510. I choose this body for the compact size and full feature set. I also wanted the ability to utilize occasional video capabilities of this body. I read many reviews before my purchase and am excited to say I'd buy another.

July 21, 2011

Coleman Lodge

I DID buy this again!!!

After losing our first one off the top of our car and never finding it again, I went ahead and bought it for a second time! I cannot say enough good things about this camera. Just a photo enthusiast/amature photographer, I can say that with the QUALITY of photos taken with the E-PL2, family and friends wonder if I've secretly taken classes, did we spend an obscene amount of money??? This camera has it all - and safely packaged small enough to fit in a lunch box! Comparing to the other cameras of similar price and function, Olympus has won my heart for sure. I would recommend this model to anyone, especially since we have purchased it for a second time!

June 23, 2011


Best of the Best

My experience in digital photography goes back to the earliest days and I find this camera to be the very best in terms of construction, features, quality and value. For an exhaustive review please refer to where you'll find detailed comparisons to other micro four-thirds cameras and examples of photos at every ISO. I am always delighted to show off my EPL-2 and it's fantastic photos. To compare apples to apples for sensor size I recommend going to as trying to determine this important factor can be difficult.

June 03, 2011


A superb camera for quick, on-the-scene shooting

I have used Olympus cameras around the world starting with the OM-1 and working up. I absolutely refuse to consider other D35 cameras as they don't have the flexibility of the Olympus gear. Another extremely important point to me is weight. Olympus is around 3/4 the weight of the others and that makes a difference when you're running up and down a football sideline or trying to outrun a bull in Pamplona, Spain. I was skeptical of the EPL-2 but figured it would be a good backup to my E-520. It almost immediately took center stage. The features it has that no other camera offers, plus the 4/3 lens system are fantastic. Instead of one main camera and a backup, I now have two mains.

May 31, 2011


Fantastic Camera for Fantastic Photos

I can't say enough good about this camera--from its solid, comfortable construction to its incredible picture quality and video--it's simply a joy to use. I bought the telephoto lens accessory and find it invaluable in capturing distant subjects and found the image stabilization to be good even at high zoom. I have had no issues with seeing the LCD display outdoors but may add the optional viewfinder soon as many have recommended. The small feature of a flash that extends above the camera body helps reduce red eye (and looks really cool). If there is one thing that makes me glad I bought this model it is the sensor size. I had to search hard to find that it is the same size as found in the Olympus Evolt E-3, 17.3mm x 13mm or 0.85". That's remarkable and nearly unheard of in a non DSLR camera, surely what helps produce professional looking photos.

May 19, 2011


Love this for a carry everywhere camera. Just the right size, good ergonomics.

May 13, 2011


Great Cam for walk around

So many levels of menu items for custom setting it is hard to grasp all of them. However, it can make the camera really versatile and the quality of images are remarkable compaired to P&S type digitals. The HD Videos are usable but hard to get them to not shake even with IS on. That takes more practice. Focus seems to be quick with the kit lens and am anxiously waiting to get the adapter so I can use my 4/3 lenses to shoot with. For my use though, this is the perfect camera.

May 09, 2011


Love the camera, hated the video button placement

I just returned from a 2 week trip to eastern Turkey where there were many amazing opportunities to try out the camera. I used the super-zoom 14-150mm and loved it. The results are the same as a full sized SLR but much lighter. The digital viewfinder is a must to frame shots and reduce battery drain.
I hate the location of the red video button. My fat thumb set it off on nearly 1 of 5 still shots so editing out unwanted videos was a nightly exercise.

April 29, 2011


Excellent peerformance in a compact design.

I use compact digital cameras for their convenience and DSLR's for image quality and lens interchangeability. The PEN EL-P2 is a perfect compromise. It is almost pocketable but has the image power of the larger sensor DSLR's. I always liked the Olympus OM 35mm cameras, and it is great that i can still use those lenses and others (although only manually) with adapters. The zoom button is very useful in achieving proper focus manually. Auto-focus with M4/3 lenses is quick and reliable. The sensor has a 2X conversion factor versus 35mm. This is great for telephoto work but costly for true wide-angle photography. A drawback of the design is viewing the image outdoors. Relying on the LCD screen is unsatisfactory in bright light. Though nothing matches an optical viewfinder, the accessory EVF VF-2 is suiperb and must be considered when using the camera outdoors.

April 22, 2011


great pictures light great for travel used on trip to china. only complaint keep pushing record button

April 18, 2011


We love this camera! Small enough to take anywhere, fantastic photos!

April 18, 2011


This camera is a joy to use.

I switched to the E-PL2 and parted with my large and heavy DSLRs that spent all their time in my closet. The Pen goes everywhere with me even with 3 lenses. Am looking forward to more micro lenses. The viewfinder is wonderful but I wish it didn't come off the camera so easily when I take the camera in or out of my case. Love the quality of my pictures and the excellent color.

April 18, 2011


Fabulous Camera

Love the high quality images in a smaller, lighter camera than my E-30. Would love a bigger variety of lenses, however.

April 16, 2011


A great, compact camera

Purchased the e-pl2 and have just returned from a week of use and 900 pictures later. The camera is light and compact. I appreciated this as it was easy to carry around all day. The features in this camera are impressive. It shares so many with its larger counterparts that there was rarely a want for anything different. In fact, choosing which mode or filter to try was often the hard part in making the image. There is often more than one way to navigate to a desired shooting mode; especially in the iauto, program and art modes, that it was a learning curve to remember which route to take. I have made 20x30 enlargements, camera on a tripod, and the picture quality was flawless. Not a pixel to be seen. The art filters are a hit with my teen children, plus there will be room to grow in their photography with this camera. The 14-42 lens works well and the autofocus is a step faster than little point and shoots. The battery held up well after a day of heavy flash, video and still use. I am hoping that a lens hood will become available soon. As a down note, the wheel with exposure, flash, etc. can be easily bumped, so you have to learn to watch for any changes. And the protective hotshoe cap comes off easily, and mine is already missing. Replacements?

April 14, 2011


Just got the EPL2

Great image quality, user friendly and compact! I've been out of the photo game for awhile and after hearing about the PEN series, decided to go back to an old hobby. Love the EPL2....thanks olympus!

April 13, 2011

Soccer Mom

Love this camera!

This camera takes excellent photos. I used it this past weekend for the first time at a soccer tournament. I love it! I do wish it came with a more comfortable strap though. I will have to get another one.

April 06, 2011


The Olympus E-LP2 + Excellence

I was quite impressed with this camera overall. The Olympus art filters have always been a great addition to their cameras. The size and weight is an aditional plus.

April 06, 2011


I am in love...

Best all around camera for the price, I love it!!!

March 29, 2011


The best of the Best

I had a Olympus E-450 for the past 4 years, so I decide to change for something new, I read all the reviews of the EPL-2 and I have to tell; they cut short, I buy this camera with the two lenses, and is amazing, The auto focus is impressive, very fast and quiet , the quality of the pictures is one of the best I ever shot before, I don’t have any problems to take a picture of my two years old daughter in motion, they look like professional pictures, with other cameras usually I take 100 pictures and erase 75% of the Pictures, Now I need a bigger hard drive. I keeping almost 100% of my shots, and with the Olympus Viewer Software provide with the camera is no need for Photoshop any more, Good Job Olympus.

March 27, 2011


Very good image production

This is a premium little camera. The fit and finish are impressive. The pictures are a notch above what my E-500 produced. The quality of the lenses is very good. It is a little more complicated to use than I expected. I just got home from a trip to the Big Island. It was very handy to travel with. Care is needed in handling the camera. I shot several unintended videos. I'd say the camera is expensive but so far the quality seems worth it. The display is hard to use in dayllight. I have ordered the EV 2 but it is on back order and very expensive. I bought the 75 to 300 lense but it must be used with a tripod for best reults. I don't think the shake reduction works well enough to use this lense handheld. I have only used this camera for about a month so I will write another review after learning more about how to use it. The printed owners use manual is very basic. Using this camera to it's full potential will definitely be a learning experience.

March 23, 2011


Love this camera

I like the size and feel of the camera. The EVF works well. The JPEGS are better than my old camera. The control dial is confusing, easy to hit and change settings when you don't want to. Would be better to have a thumb dial at top right for changing aperture settings, etc. Live control works well. Love the 14-150 lens, great bokeh, stays on most of the time. I use the function button for AEL. Fit and finish are high quality, doesn't feel 'plasticky'. Like the Art Filters, one of the reasons I bought the camera. I use Pinhole a lot. The Dramatic Tone has qualified uses, great for still life flowers. All in all, very happy with the camera. Control dial is the only big issue.

March 19, 2011


The Best Travel Camera

If you want to travel light, but, want interchangeable lens and large image sensor that results in beautiful photographs, look no further ... Olympus EPL-2 is your answer!!

March 18, 2011



Lots of fun, my first shot I put it on auto and took a perfect picture. After a week I am still trying new stuff and turning out great pics.

March 15, 2011


As good as it gets.

I like cameras and it takes much for me to like a camera. I like the Olympus Pen E-PL2. I did my research on mirrorless cameras and narrowed it down to “Four-Thirds” systems. I chose Olympus because I own an Olympus compact, so I know their quality. But this is a new technology with other players in the game. Bottom line for me was the Oly E-PL2. I can’t describe how much fun it is to use this camera, how light it is, the ability to change lenses on the fly and most important is the quality of the pictures it takes. I bought this camera to use it for family shots or walking in the park. I own pro level equipment and even to go on a walk about is a chore with all the equipment and weight. The E-PL2 gives me the freedom to just pick it up and I’m out the door taking pro quality pictures all in a very light weight camera. This is a fine camera and I’m happy I bought the Pen. By the way, I have both kit lenses and they take nice pictures. In the future I will add a wide prime and a tele zoom.

March 13, 2011


A gallon of features in a pint sized package

I started out by searching for a decent camera I could take on an upcoming family vacation, because I didn't want to be hauling around my SLR. At first, I was just looking to complement my SLR and initially ordered an "advanced" point and shoot. But then I started researching the micro fourthirds cameras and ended up settling on an e-pl2 2-lens kit (14-42mm and 40-150mm).

My first outing was my daughters basketball game. I had pretty low expectations, given this was not an SLR. I was quite surprised to find that it held its own pretty well.

After a couple weeks of testing and comparing, I actually decided to sell my SLR as this camera fits 90% of my needs. I highly recommend getting the VF-2 and 20mm.

I only wish there was some way to completely disable the dial - it is annoying at best. At least there is a way to lock it when taking pictures, but I wish I could disable it when browsing the menus and playback.

Unless you are a pro photographer, and perhaps even if you are, you will probably find yourself grabbing the PEN more often than not.

March 09, 2011


Fun camera, very good images

I have only had this camera for 2 weeks now, so my experience isn't extensive just yet. So far, I have liked the resolution and image stabilization. I am enjoying the filters and the software is very easy to use. The camera is very nice looking, (I have it in red!), and small and light. The LCD is nice and bright. I also really like the Live view ability to change settings, since I do a lot of manipulation of aperture and exposure. The flash is also pretty good, given its small size. And I think I will be getting the auxilliary flash and electronic viewfinder.

The only problems I have seen so far are the control wheel on the back isn't the easiest to use, especially when trying to change exposure compensation, I keep accidentally getting the flash settings.

The other issue that I am finding, is that I like to use natural light as much as possible, and at 1600 ISO and over, there is a lot of grain in the shadow areas, whereas, the light areas are very clean. Overall, the dynamic range is very good for a non SLR camera with a smaller sensor.

March 08, 2011

Dave W

An evolutionary camera

After 60 years of handling cameras for both fun and profit, this camera opens a whole new life to my photography. I am fatigued by carrying a cement block sized camera and lenses.The PL2 is a blessing. A compact but beautiful piece of art and technology fused together to create a wonderful tool for the entire photography family.
After reading and research, I purchased the PL2 kit with 14-42mm & 40-150mm lens. I added the VF-2 finder, an extra battery and a couple of class 10 8GB SD cards. The entire kit can fit in a waistpack and weight less than 2 pounds. Now the best part....the photos were sharp, clear, richly colored and in raw format for any adjustment needed. The two lenses cover a 35mm range of 28-300mm. The entire setup is unobtrusive making it a great steet camera for candid steet shots. I am still in the learning curve and have not yet tried the interesting special features programed into this camera. The adjustment wheel on the back helped make for an easy transition to this camera since my large DSLRs have the same. I am considering the purchase of the 9-14mm to complete this system. BRAVO to have a winner!

March 07, 2011

Technical idiot

A solid step

This is my first huge foray into photography. I'm learning as I go along. This is a great choice alll the way around, especially if a point-and-shoot won't cut it anymore and you don't want to drop big bucks on a professional camera or a prosumer model.

Good luck!

March 06, 2011


I like the camera because it is easy to use yet has features of a more complex camera. Pictures are great. I also like the size and how comfortable it is to use, it has a nice feel in your hands.

February 19, 2011


DSLR image quality in point and shoot size.

When the digital Pen series was introduced it didn't really pull my chain, but when I started to look into upgrading from my E-500 and E-3. I gave it the once over.
It does what the description claims, delivers DSLR image quality in a small more portable package. Now I can carry a camera with me that I know I will pleased with the results.
The art filters built into the E-PL2 are amazing. Special effects on the fly.

February 11, 2011


Excellant camera for the price.

The first digicam I ever purchased was an Olympus(Camedia 1.3 mp) , and I loved the pictures that camera gave me. So when it came time to pick a DSLR camera my first expirience counted in this purchase. Also I did not want all the bulk. The pictures from this PEN camera are trully AMAZING! I love the ART Filters. Takes the after processing out of the equation for the most part. My co-worker were stunned at the quality of the photo's right in the camera. The prints are just as awsome. Dramatic and B&W are my favorites so far. The other filters are great as well, just that I get the best shots with those filters. Well see how long it last before repairs to trully test the build quality. But so far, so good. For the price you pay, you'll get results that usually come from DSLR's that cost three times what you pay. Portability is quite good. Lens in one jacket pocket , and camera in the other. Can't do that with a standard DSLR. I have it with me all th time. Good job Olympus!