March 25, 2015 by jake
Great camera
Bought this camera as a nice compact travel camera and found that it became much more than that! Its so small that I bring it everywhere, and since its weather proof I can bring it everywhere I go. Great camera for everyday, or if you need something really tough that can withstand the elements!
March 21, 2015 by Daniel
OM-D is the digital revival OM !
Since last December 2012, I have the chance to bought a new Olympus OM-D E-M5 along with some interesting lenses such as the Oly 75mmF1.8. I have already experimented the Olympus system with the Pen model EP-3 and beautiful optics like the 12F2.0 and 45F1.8 that are still part of my camera case. Many friends who know me for several years are aware of my love for beautiful 35mm film cameras which I have worked personally and professionally many years ago just to mention some like Nikon F, F2, F3Hp, F4 series and Leica M4P/6 and R4. Photo industry have taken a different direction privileging post-creativitiy through graphic hardware and software equipment instead of the reality interpretation approach of the last century. You can call it a kind of photo painting expressionist with its own esthetic rules. But as a more classical photo enthusiasm I am not really found of this figurative trend. I think photographs in a large view have a duty of reporting direct reality even considering that it always represent in fact our own aspect of it. But enough philosophy for today and let speaking "camera" (and lenses) as beautiful artistic tool. What really hook me with the Olympus M4/3 system are their selection of prime lenses which are in essence the eyes of the photograph. Even some of their zoom lenses are interesting. The Olympus 45mm F1.8 is the first prime lens that have caught my attention because of the combination of the maximum aperture and the very small size and... selling price. Picture like this one taken with the Pen EP-3convince me to invest more in the M4/3 system. The Olympus color rendering was another strong factor to invest more in the system. At first I was really seduced by the charm of the Olympus Pen series and I have selected their EP-3 model with the EVF 2. I do like working with the camera but the external viewfinder (technically excellent) was too much protuberant from the camera itself. Eventually the Pen option was not the final answer and with the coming of the new OM-D E-M5 my though have taken a new direction. What I am really appreciate regarding the E-M5 is the size of the camera by itself which remind me the original 35mm OM series. And also the fact that it is a real system camera with a lot of funny combination as for example with the grip. As a direct consequence, the camera can follow me everyday, everywhere for every purpose. I can use it (as intended) or... forget it if I am not in a photographic mood. It does not bother me to bring the little package.
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February 8, 2015 by Kleeks
My favorite Olympus camera.
I love this camera!!! and this particular model!! I'm not switching up to the EM-1 or EM-10. (Why does Olympus make the numbering system so complicated and similar...numbers usually go a newer model is released?) Anyway, not interested in Facebook, social media, wireless features. I have my iPhone for that, so sticking with this version. I'm a dog photographer who works in a studio and I have owned and used the Olympus E-3 and previous Olympus DSLRs. I can't go back to heavier version ever!! And I have yet to read that any photographer went from micro 4/3 system back to DSLR (regardless of brand) unless they want to bulk up their arms. I need my left hand to signal dogs or hold a treat. I purchased a small wrist strap and never worry about dropping the camera or suffering from hand or wrist pain. I currently use the kit lens 12-50 and the prime 45mm. I've rented (from the 70 mm f1.8, the new zoom 35 - 100 f2.8, and 12-40 mm f2.8. They are absolutely amazing and I will purchase them as budget allows. Caution: Do not rent the primes or the faster pro lens, or you will end up mortgaging your house to buy them LOL...that's how wonderful these Oly lenses are!!
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January 2, 2015 by Syed Tayyab Raza
First Olympus
I wanted to buy a mirrorless camera and after doing some research I bought Olympus OMD EM5. The first round of shots was a disappointment. The images were very grainy above ISO 400 specially in the darker areas and the constant comparison with my existing DSLR quality in the back of my mind was making me regret my decision. I spend couple of days trying various setting and thanks to several guiding blogs, I found the settings which delivered what I was hoping for. Since then its been a pleasure to use OM-D. I am happy that I made this purchase.
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December 16, 2014 by Michael
Hard pressed, with mixed feeelings
I love the way most things works, it's all at your fingertips. Comes with a decent flash, but will not work with the FL-36 as they said it would. They need to check everything out and not just say what the engineers say it will do. A much improvement for over a Pen PL. Would rather get a good E-volt body, wish they would still made them. --- NOTE FROM OLYMPUS: The FL-36 is compatible with the OM-D EM-5. Please contact Digital Technical Support at 888-553-4448 (Monday to Friday, 9am - 9pm ET) so we may troubleshoot this issue.
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