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January 21, 2016


Love This Camera

Bought with 14-42 lens, added 14-150. Great kit. Covers nearly everything I shoot. Love the LDC and the EVF, the programmable buttons for switching between RAW and jpeg, AF and MF for use with OM legacy lens and adaptor. Perfect size for me. Great IQ, dynamic range, bright sensor. Like the extra grip. Love the focus assist with MF lenses. Programmed a button to use it. I like to shoot on "A", use the dual control dials on the camera to make adjustments. A huge step up from advanced OLY P&S cameras I have. Opened a new world of photography for me. Very happy with the camera. Thank you Olympus!

January 07, 2016


love this little camera

this is my second Olympus Mirror less and I love them--love the lightweight --the picture quality and of course that it has a view finder--Out here in the desert sun a LCD is useless for framing your shots I wish I could post a photo to show you how great they come out, I am now waiting for my 3rd OMD camera that 's how much I love them. Bought the E-M 10 the first one. and added a 14 to 150 to the purchase Now am adding macro lens to the set up I was wondering how they would do after using FF DSLRs and I am more than happy with them

December 26, 2015


Excellent after I added a few parts

I preordered my E-M5 when Olympus announced the new camera and have been pleased ever since. Granted this review is after 3 years of pretty demanding use, and it's held up and preformed as promised. Most of my photography is back country/outdoor so having a system that can handle mild adversity was paramount in my decision to buy. Easy to pack, light, and excellent quality shots.The body was a little small in my hand but after I added the additional battery holder and hand grip the camera works flawlessly in my hand. I've added Pro Series lens now and I couldn't be more happy with the quality and versatility of this system.

December 21, 2015


More than I expected.

I have a EM10MK II and is a great camera, but the M5 with it's Magnesium alloy body, Weather proof and dust proof qualities, surpasses the M10 MkII, it feels more rugged and durable, I really like the separate SD slot on the side of the camera, and the locking battery cover, I wish the M10 MkII would have those features, the OLED monitor screen is awesome and clear and with the 14-150MM 3.5-5.6f tele lens it makes a perfect outdoors all around camera package. The best thing is the price, it was < than the M10MkII. I should have bought the M5 first.
Well the M10 MKII stays for indoors use and the M5 travels with me to the wilderness of the outdoors adventure.

November 24, 2015


Like Add-On Grip System, AF can get stuck

Optional two-piece grip is necessary to comfortably handle the zoom lenses, but nice to be able to remove in two pieces to make more compact when a more basic travel size is needed. AF sometimes gets stuck in hot climates requiring battery removal. Olympus replaced camera once for similar issue and has ignored my requests to fix replacement. AF has worked better on other models from Olympus that I have owned.

November 20, 2015


I love this camera

This is by far the best camera I've ever owned. I bought it mainly for underwater use, but this camera has got me back into taking photos topside also.

- Small compact package, with great retro styling. Easy to always have with you if paired with a pancake lens.

- The amazing image stabilisation is a game changer. Shooting handheld shots at 1/30 and lower.

- Great ISO performance - shoot totally usable images at up to 3200 or even 6400 ISO.

November 20, 2015


Excellent Camera

switched from Canon Mark 5 and get just as good, sharp, color correct images as before at a lot less weight. In the field the light weight and size make it very carryable. I like the 5 axis stabilization and find it helps me by 2 stops. Mirrorless means no recurring dust problems on mirror which requires constant cleaning, especially in the field. The controls available on the monitor are extremely helpful and the buttons and settings are just right.

October 01, 2015


Almost Perfection

My first major camera upgrade in years. I already loved my E-PL1 but with almost 80,000 shots taken I knew it was time for a replacement. My heart was set on the E-M5 and what an amazing camera. The setup is great. Tilt screen is ok, but I really do not use it. Super fast to focus from what I was used to and the capture speed is nice. As is the ability to work in less than ideal lighting. My biggest issue is not having it a week. While out in the field using it, the eyecup fell off and I lost it. It is sad I had to pay for a new one, and still waiting for it to ship. As I primarily shoot with it. I am taking an unwanted break from use do to this issue. If you buy one, buy an extra eyecup. Next month I think I need to order two more just to have them. Other than that Olympus made a great pro level camera that is super small. It feels like a toy in my hands. Battery life is nice and easy to change weather hand held or on a tripod without having to remove it. If your looking for either your first MTF, or an upgrade. The E-M5 will make you happy.

September 30, 2015


"No Regrets"

I've been a loyal user of Olympus Digital cameras and lenses for many years now and I must say that the OMD System is by far the best! The one thing that rings true for Olympus is the exceptional build quality and it continues through to the OMD series! My first system purchase was the EM10 which led to the EM5. All I can say is that I am totally pleased with the results! I recently developed Rheumatoid Arthritis in my hands and this camera is a godsend! It's small, light and easy to use. All the buttons are in the right place and easily accessible! The Em5/Em10 has one of the most comprehensive feature sets built into it than any other manufacturer that I know of, totally customizable! I was very impressed with the clean images I obtain at ISO 3200 which match or exceeded my other former APS System.(Recently I sold it all off to buy lenses for my OMD's) Speaking of lenses, I have the EZ M.12-50mm, M.14-42mm ll R, M.45-150mm ll R and the M.45mm Prime. All are sharp with special Kudos to the 12-50 for it's macro capabilities and the 45 for it's outstanding sharpness.

September 18, 2015



First this is my first mirrorless camera. Coming from a Nikon to the E-M5 was a little strange. The over all size was what I first had to get over. Plus the weight of the camera. Both are a added plus. But having large stubby hands I ended up getting a third part grip. This made the camera feel more natural in my hand and being made of metal it added more weight which to me was a plus. The over problem I had to get use to was the crop factor. Over all I really like the camera and now I use it more then my Nikon. The Nikon still has it place in my equipment. But the go to camera is the OM-D E-M5. The real plus is you are able to buy addapters so I can add my Nikon lens's to the OM-D E-M5.

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