January 21, 2016


Love This Camera

Bought with 14-42 lens, added 14-150. Great kit. Covers nearly everything I shoot. Love the LDC and the EVF, the programmable buttons for switching between RAW and jpeg, AF and MF for use with OM legacy lens and adaptor. Perfect size for me. Great IQ, dynamic range, bright sensor. Like the extra grip. Love the focus assist with MF lenses. Programmed a button to use it. I like to shoot on "A", use the dual control dials on the camera to make adjustments. A huge step up from advanced OLY P&S cameras I have. Opened a new world of photography for me. Very happy with the camera. Thank you Olympus!

January 07, 2016


love this little camera

this is my second Olympus Mirror less and I love them--love the lightweight --the picture quality and of course that it has a view finder--Out here in the desert sun a LCD is useless for framing your shots I wish I could post a photo to show you how great they come out, I am now waiting for my 3rd OMD camera that 's how much I love them. Bought the E-M 10 the first one. and added a 14 to 150 to the purchase Now am adding macro lens to the set up I was wondering how they would do after using FF DSLRs and I am more than happy with them

December 26, 2015


Excellent after I added a few parts

I preordered my E-M5 when Olympus announced the new camera and have been pleased ever since. Granted this review is after 3 years of pretty demanding use, and it's held up and preformed as promised. Most of my photography is back country/outdoor so having a system that can handle mild adversity was paramount in my decision to buy. Easy to pack, light, and excellent quality shots.The body was a little small in my hand but after I added the additional battery holder and hand grip the camera works flawlessly in my hand. I've added Pro Series lens now and I couldn't be more happy with the quality and versatility of this system.

December 21, 2015


More than I expected.

I have a EM10MK II and is a great camera, but the M5 with it's Magnesium alloy body, Weather proof and dust proof qualities, surpasses the M10 MkII, it feels more rugged and durable, I really like the separate SD slot on the side of the camera, and the locking battery cover, I wish the M10 MkII would have those features, the OLED monitor screen is awesome and clear and with the 14-150MM 3.5-5.6f tele lens it makes a perfect outdoors all around camera package. The best thing is the price, it was < than the M10MkII. I should have bought the M5 first.
Well the M10 MKII stays for indoors use and the M5 travels with me to the wilderness of the outdoors adventure.

November 24, 2015


Like Add-On Grip System, AF can get stuck

Optional two-piece grip is necessary to comfortably handle the zoom lenses, but nice to be able to remove in two pieces to make more compact when a more basic travel size is needed. AF sometimes gets stuck in hot climates requiring battery removal. Olympus replaced camera once for similar issue and has ignored my requests to fix replacement. AF has worked better on other models from Olympus that I have owned.

November 20, 2015


I love this camera

This is by far the best camera I've ever owned. I bought it mainly for underwater use, but this camera has got me back into taking photos topside also.

- Small compact package, with great retro styling. Easy to always have with you if paired with a pancake lens.

- The amazing image stabilisation is a game changer. Shooting handheld shots at 1/30 and lower.

- Great ISO performance - shoot totally usable images at up to 3200 or even 6400 ISO.

November 20, 2015


Excellent Camera

switched from Canon Mark 5 and get just as good, sharp, color correct images as before at a lot less weight. In the field the light weight and size make it very carryable. I like the 5 axis stabilization and find it helps me by 2 stops. Mirrorless means no recurring dust problems on mirror which requires constant cleaning, especially in the field. The controls available on the monitor are extremely helpful and the buttons and settings are just right.

October 01, 2015


Almost Perfection

My first major camera upgrade in years. I already loved my E-PL1 but with almost 80,000 shots taken I knew it was time for a replacement. My heart was set on the E-M5 and what an amazing camera. The setup is great. Tilt screen is ok, but I really do not use it. Super fast to focus from what I was used to and the capture speed is nice. As is the ability to work in less than ideal lighting. My biggest issue is not having it a week. While out in the field using it, the eyecup fell off and I lost it. It is sad I had to pay for a new one, and still waiting for it to ship. As I primarily shoot with it. I am taking an unwanted break from use do to this issue. If you buy one, buy an extra eyecup. Next month I think I need to order two more just to have them. Other than that Olympus made a great pro level camera that is super small. It feels like a toy in my hands. Battery life is nice and easy to change weather hand held or on a tripod without having to remove it. If your looking for either your first MTF, or an upgrade. The E-M5 will make you happy.

September 30, 2015


"No Regrets"

I've been a loyal user of Olympus Digital cameras and lenses for many years now and I must say that the OMD System is by far the best! The one thing that rings true for Olympus is the exceptional build quality and it continues through to the OMD series! My first system purchase was the EM10 which led to the EM5. All I can say is that I am totally pleased with the results! I recently developed Rheumatoid Arthritis in my hands and this camera is a godsend! It's small, light and easy to use. All the buttons are in the right place and easily accessible! The Em5/Em10 has one of the most comprehensive feature sets built into it than any other manufacturer that I know of, totally customizable! I was very impressed with the clean images I obtain at ISO 3200 which match or exceeded my other former APS System.(Recently I sold it all off to buy lenses for my OMD's) Speaking of lenses, I have the EZ M.12-50mm, M.14-42mm ll R, M.45-150mm ll R and the M.45mm Prime. All are sharp with special Kudos to the 12-50 for it's macro capabilities and the 45 for it's outstanding sharpness.

September 18, 2015



First this is my first mirrorless camera. Coming from a Nikon to the E-M5 was a little strange. The over all size was what I first had to get over. Plus the weight of the camera. Both are a added plus. But having large stubby hands I ended up getting a third part grip. This made the camera feel more natural in my hand and being made of metal it added more weight which to me was a plus. The over problem I had to get use to was the crop factor. Over all I really like the camera and now I use it more then my Nikon. The Nikon still has it place in my equipment. But the go to camera is the OM-D E-M5. The real plus is you are able to buy addapters so I can add my Nikon lens's to the OM-D E-M5.

September 15, 2015


Excellent Choice!

I've only had one prior interchangeable lens camera, which was the EPL-2. I got this camera as an upgrade, and practically every single spec was way better!
I got the two lens kit bundle, and I stick with the 14-40, which is a good all-rounder for what I do.
The weight is great: slightly heavier than my old camera, but little ol' me can carry this around her neck and run around for an entire day with no problems.
The camera's 'burst mode' is really great on this thing btw. If you do a lot of photography that has people jumping in the air or doing acrobatics, this is definitely a good choice.

August 18, 2015


Great Little Weather proof Camera

After I fell in love with the OM-D E-M10 and purchased Olympus Digital ED 40-150mm F/2.8 Pro Lens that was was weathered sealed. With limited budget I wanted a Olympus OM-D with weather seal to it and the OM-D E-M5 solve that problem. Stabilization is great on this camera also. Once I got the hang of shooting with this little camera with the pro lens I find my self hiking with this one in the woods. This camera has been with me through some tough rain with my pro lens and get the shots I want.

August 08, 2015


Hard to beat!

This is my first Olympus since I purchased the EMP-2. This camera more than meets my expectations. It feels very comfortable to hold.
I like the speed, 5 axis, the auxillary flash and access. Purchased 25 1.8 Olympus lens and it is a winning combination. Excellent lens. Can't wait to purchase more lenses to go with it.
I love the weather sealing and 9 fps. for shooting my grandsons basketball game. Don't let anyone to tell you that it won't shoot sports.

July 14, 2015


So far, So good!

I am a longtime user (still) of the OM 35mm System. I indulged in the OM-D, as my initial foray into digital was a bit of a let down. The OM-D E-M5 was easy to start using right out of the box, and I am pleased with the results so far, just using the automatic functions. The viewfinder and flash are very functional for me, and the retro size and styling make it like the original OM; a camera you can easily hold and carry in your hand.
Will keep posting as I do and learn more. The newer E-M5 MkII sounds like a real step up, but this camera is a great deal and a great little camera.

June 29, 2015


A great camera.

I preordered this camera back when it was first released. I've been using it now for over three years with a number of different lenses and it's been amazing. It has never had any problems, it still works just as well not as it did when I first received it. Even years later I'm still happy with the image quality which was an amazing step up from my previous DSLR.

June 04, 2015


The perfect travel camera

Simply put, the OM-D E-M5 is the perfect travel camera.

A little background on me. I've been shooting with a full frame DSLR for years and I was so happy when I discovered the OM-D E-M5 and made the switch over. My back thanks me. I'm not even that old but at a platform level mirrorless and M43 is everything you'd want in a travel camera for prosumers.

This little guy produces amazing photos. Sure there are some drawbacks to M43 when it comes to depth of field and so on but for the trade offs in size and weight, this camera comes pretty darn close. The stabilization is amazing and love the quick focus. Travel is all about getting those quick snaps on the road and this does flawlessly in those situations. While the menu system is complicated for some, I thought it was actually awesome at doing everything I wanted to do especially coming from the DSLR.

This wouldn't be a fair review if I didn't say areas that it can be improved in.
1) Low light - Where I could shoot comfortably with ISO 3200-6400 on my DSLR, it's not that great here. Its grainy and you just don't want to go there if you can avoid it.
2) Ergonomics - Love the small form factor but I did need the HLD-6 grip to make it easy and comfortable to hold
3) Max shutter speed - You don't think about these details at first but when you're in super bright situations, you just won't be able to shoot at f/2.8 because the shutter can't go any faster. So you'll en up stopping up to f/4.

Best camera ever (well until the MK2 and E-M1 came out). I bring it around everywhere now and love how it's compact and more importantly that it's not intimidating around other people. I love how people just think it's another point and shoot...except it's not. The M43 platform gives you so many possibilities with its massive lens selection and you can pretty much do everything you would want to do with a DSLR.

June 02, 2015


Amazing camera!

I've been an avid photographer for almost 40 years, and I've really enjoyed this camera. I've been using it for over a year now, and I'm still discovering new features and things it can do. It can be as simple or as technical as you like. My wife and young son can pick it up and take great photos in one several automatic modes, or I can use it with the more advanced features. Very durable and reliable! I've taken it on several hikes and it has had it's share of bangs and bumps on the trail, and it just keeps on taking great shots. The layout of the controls makes it easy to tweak shots on the fly. Highly recommended!

May 27, 2015


Best in Class

Because Olympus made such a fun camera to use, I owe them a review. Its already been said but this is the best most fun to use small format camera made to date. I know because I have wasted money on others !!! Of course it has a few dings but nothing to hurt its top ranking in my book. All you have to do is look at the build of this camera and then compare with others on the market today. The rest is simply fun to use and good pictures. The one major con is its going to make you spend more money on great glass just to see how good your pictures can be. Even if you don't go for the better glass you will be amazed at the pictures the cheap lens can produce, I know I still am. Keep it up Olympus, you have clawed your way to the top of this class camera.

April 25, 2015


It's a great everyday camera.

I did a lot of research before I bought this camera, so i was very excited when I order it. It is a camera that I am going to grow into, and right now the options seem limitless. Besides being ridiculously gorgeous, it is compact and smaller than I expected. The body is approximately the size of my iPhone 5 in it's case, and about twice as thick.

The only real con I see is the battery, which you can pick up extras for a reasonable amount. You should probably go ahead and order backup batteries because once you start shooting pics, you're not going to want to stop. People complained about the grip and placement of the buttons, but I just haven't found it to be an issue. I have bigger hands but it works fine for me.

April 16, 2015


Great Camera without wifi

Olympus OM-D E-M5 is a great camera. I got it before last Christmas with a camera&lens bundle deal at less than $1000. I bought it with the 12-50 mm kit lens, which is also a convenient all-purpose lens.

I am very new to photography, but this camera is quite easy to get my hands on. I usually use the P function to take pictures, so I only need to adjust the white balance depending on the outdoor weather condition or indoor light condition. It almost always gives me satisfied pictures especially when I am taking pictures during day.

The 5-AXIS is a very useful function too. Sometimes when light is not so good, I could still take satisfying pictures by handheld.

The only regret is EM-5 does't have a build-in wifi, which makes it a little inconvenient to share photos right after you took them. You will have to download everything to your computer after the day. Maybe a wifi card could kind of solve the problem.

Another tiny regret is the keys, wheels and buttons of EM-5 are not as good as it successors.

April 02, 2015


Love this Camera.

Been looking at getting back to the Olympus system as it was my first 35mm ILC. I had an OM 2000.

When the price dropped on the OM D E-M5 I could not resist. I had been researching it and found really positive reviews. I wanted something light, durable and would capture the world I see.

I was using Canon DSLRs and was getting tired of hiking in the woods/mountains with the heavy system. I do not have that problem anymore. Carrying a camera around is no longer a chore.

Thanks Olympus for making this great camera!

April 02, 2015


My main selling point -- stay with Olympus

I had dithered for years on what SLR to buy. I have an OM-1 film camera that still works today after 30+ years, along with a variety of Zuiko lenses. What sold me on the OM-D -- its light weight, enough features to experiment with and with buying the MF-2 adapter, I can still use my old manual lenses! ((good for the earth, reuse). The pictures have come out great!

March 25, 2015


Great camera

Bought this camera as a nice compact travel camera and found that it became much more than that! Its so small that I bring it everywhere, and since its weather proof I can bring it everywhere I go. Great camera for everyday, or if you need something really tough that can withstand the elements!

March 21, 2015


OM-D is the digital revival OM !

Since last December 2012, I have the chance to bought a new Olympus OM-D E-M5 along with some interesting lenses such as the Oly 75mmF1.8. I have already experimented the Olympus system with the Pen model EP-3 and beautiful optics like the 12F2.0 and 45F1.8 that are still part of my camera case. Many friends who know me for several years are aware of my love for beautiful 35mm film cameras which I have worked personally and professionally many years ago just to mention some like Nikon F, F2, F3Hp, F4 series and Leica M4P/6 and R4.

Photo industry have taken a different direction privileging post-creativitiy through graphic hardware and software equipment instead of the reality interpretation approach of the last century. You can call it a kind of photo painting expressionist with its own esthetic rules.

But as a more classical photo enthusiasm I am not really found of this figurative trend. I think photographs in a large view have a duty of reporting direct reality even considering that it always represent in fact our own aspect of it.

But enough philosophy for today and let speaking "camera" (and lenses) as beautiful artistic tool. What really hook me with the Olympus M4/3 system are their selection of prime lenses which are in essence the eyes of the photograph. Even some of their zoom lenses are interesting.

The Olympus 45mm F1.8 is the first prime lens that have caught my attention because of the combination of the maximum aperture and the very small size and... selling price. Picture like this one taken with the Pen EP-3convince me to invest more in the M4/3 system.

The Olympus color rendering was another strong factor to invest more in the system.

At first I was really seduced by the charm of the Olympus Pen series and I have selected their EP-3 model with the EVF 2. I do like working with the camera but the external viewfinder (technically excellent) was too much protuberant from the camera itself.

Eventually the Pen option was not the final answer and with the coming of the new OM-D E-M5 my though have taken a new direction.

What I am really appreciate regarding the E-M5 is the size of the camera by itself which remind me the original 35mm OM series. And also the fact that it is a real system camera with a lot of funny combination as for example with the grip. As a direct consequence, the camera can follow me everyday, everywhere for every purpose. I can use it (as intended) or... forget it if I am not in a photographic mood. It does not bother me to bring the little package.

February 08, 2015


My favorite Olympus camera.

I love this camera!!! and this particular model!! I'm not switching up to the EM-1 or EM-10. (Why does Olympus make the numbering system so complicated and similar...numbers usually go a newer model is released?) Anyway, not interested in Facebook, social media, wireless features. I have my iPhone for that, so sticking with this version.

I'm a dog photographer who works in a studio and I have owned and used the Olympus E-3 and previous Olympus DSLRs. I can't go back to heavier version ever!! And I have yet to read that any photographer went from micro 4/3 system back to DSLR (regardless of brand) unless they want to bulk up their arms. I need my left hand to signal dogs or hold a treat. I purchased a small wrist strap and never worry about dropping the camera or suffering from hand or wrist pain.

I currently use the kit lens 12-50 and the prime 45mm. I've rented (from lensrental.com) the 70 mm f1.8, the new zoom 35 - 100 f2.8, and 12-40 mm f2.8. They are absolutely amazing and I will purchase them as budget allows. Caution: Do not rent the primes or the faster pro lens, or you will end up mortgaging your house to buy them LOL...that's how wonderful these Oly lenses are!!

January 01, 2015

Syed Tayyab Raza

First Olympus

I wanted to buy a mirrorless camera and after doing some research I bought Olympus OMD EM5. The first round of shots was a disappointment. The images were very grainy above ISO 400 specially in the darker areas and the constant comparison with my existing DSLR quality in the back of my mind was making me regret my decision. I spend couple of days trying various setting and thanks to several guiding blogs, I found the settings which delivered what I was hoping for. Since then its been a pleasure to use OM-D. I am happy that I made this purchase.

December 16, 2014


Hard pressed, with mixed feeelings

I love the way most things works, it's all at your fingertips. Comes with a decent flash, but will not work with the FL-36 as they said it would. They need to check everything out and not just say what the engineers say it will do. A much improvement for over a Pen PL. Would rather get a good E-volt body, wish they would still made them.

The FL-36 is compatible with the OM-D EM-5. Please contact Digital Technical Support at 888-553-4448 (Monday to Friday, 9am - 9pm ET) so we may troubleshoot this issue.

December 13, 2014


Classic Look, Great Performance!

I am a previous owner/user of two PEN cameras, the E-PL1 and E-PL2. I liked the E-PL2, but I preferred having a built-in viewfinder, so I ended up moving to another brand of camera. I got reasonably competent with that unit, but I found that big lenses with stabilization seemed mismatched on a small camera body. Recently, I looked at the Olympus brand again, and decided that the E-M5 might be the package I had been looking for. After a month of use, I think I made the right choice.

First, the camera is very well built, solid and easy to handle. With stabilization in the body, the lenses are smaller, which makes the camera balanced and less front-heavy. I am finding that I have a steadier hold with the E-M5. Second, I much prefer the focus area identified with a highly visible green frame. With my previous camera, I had a hard time putting the little red auto-focus dot where it needed to be to achieve subject focus. In addition, I find it easier to change focus areas with the Olympus than with the other brand.

Finally, I am very comfortable with the Olympus menus and controls. There are a lot of settings, but the combination of control dials, function buttons, and touchscreen means that the photographer can really personalize this camera to suit his or her use. I like the E-M5 for its classic looks, build quality, and sharp, colorful pictures. The only reason for my four-star rating is that, at this price point, Wi-Fi should be included. That is not a deal breaker, though. Overall, I have no problem recommending this camera!

December 13, 2014


My new camera

I bought the discounted OM-D E-M5 kit and an extra lens, M.17mm f1.8, then took a trip to Europe. I sure do like the camera and both lenses. They are just the right size to travel with and don't weigh all that much. Took some pictures in the rain in Amsterdam with no problem at all. I got my first camera in 1966 and this is my first Olympus and again I love it, all I need is the new f2.8 zoom lens.

December 10, 2014


Perfect Camera

It is a great camera, AF is very fast, I. Have the M.25mm f1.8 and M.45mm f1.8 lenses and the are great and sharp. So far the best camera I ever had. It is small and handy, good for travelling and street photography. I have the camera nearly a year and no regrets. For me it is the perfect camera.

December 06, 2014



E-M5 exceeded well above my expectation! I am so happy with the decision I made. E-M5 fit perfectly in my hand. It took a while getting used to though. It was smaller than I thought but was a good surprise. I hated that cheap plastic feel of DSLR but E-M5's fit and finish was like BMW of DSLR world! Compact and tight yet heavy metal felt just right in my hand! Its compact weather proof body and EVF are the two features that you can't find in other brand, and speaking of EVF, switching view from 3" OLED screen to EVF was flawless. No delay at all. I don't have to carry around those bulky DSLR anymore. I can carry E-M5 anywhere! Highly recommend!

November 16, 2014


Fabulous Easy to Use Camera

I am just a regular person, love taking photos, have no idea about f-stops etc, but the quality of these pictures are amazing. The sharpness of these pictures is totally amazing, and when doing landscape even the way distant areas are sharp as a tack......Sequential shooting mode, hold on because this baby shoots so fast, and incredible at the results. they are great, and amazing to see birds in flight, or deer on the property running away.
My favorite is the built in eye piece, to me should be on all cameras, and the fact that is is water resistant. I like walking on the beach and taking photos of boating etc. This sale price is awesome and with the 5 axis stabilization built into the camera you CANNOT and i mean you CANNOT get better. So go for it you will love it!

November 04, 2014


A very beautiful system

I bought this camera with the 12-40mm ED lens two weeks ago. It was just delivered.

I must say the first thing to strike you is the sheer beauty of the system!

The Display is crisp and brightly lit. The electronic viewfinder is activated by proximity detectors. For somebody looking for looks as much as value, this camera delivers with a bang. I use a manual Nikon FM10 for black and white photography, which I will continue to pursue. However, I must say I am very much impressed and looking forward to my new life in the world of Digital photography with my new E-M5 camera.

October 23, 2014



The OM-D E-M5 is exactly what I was expecting after reading many reviews from different sources. I am still discovering all its possibilities but so far I am indeed impressed with picture quality and handling. It is true that it takes time to figure out the somewhat complex menu but once adapted to my shooting type all is smooth and easy. It also doesn't hurt that it looks great and feels great in my hand. After the E-PL3 (which I enjoyed) its like stepping from an econobox car to a sporty performance beast.. Great cam!

June 05, 2014


New to mirrorless

After studying mirrorless camera tests and reviews for months, I finally pulled the trigger and bought the OM-D E-M5. Small, light weight, and weather proof, it is fantastic as a travel camera. And with its fast autofocus and superior five axis image stabilization, it produces fantastic images. I added the two piece HLD-6 grip which improves handling and provides the option of having a fully charged second battery available.

May 18, 2014


Another Great Olympus camera.

I've only had E-M5 for two days of shooting, about 300 frames so far and as usual I'm very pleased....Of course, I've been and OLY fan for many years (OM-1N was my 1st 35mm film camera). This one replaced a E-P3 but still use E -5 and E-620. At 77 yrs old I like the lighter weight now days. All my glass is Zuiko both Micro and regular 4/3's. With the HLD-6 it is perfect for my old arthritic hands. Picture quality is significantly better that the E-P3 on all my printers. (Epson's). This is a great camera if "stepin-up" from a point and shoot... Tinkered yesterday with regular 4/3's 50-200mm 2.8-3.5 using a monopod on the E-M5 and although a bit lens heavy, the shots were very good and the AF was much faster than any of my 3 OLY's.... I'm a satisfied customer.

May 16, 2014


Lightweight camera and excellent quality of pics

This is very good camera if you're travelling a lot and like to do outdoor. Very sharp pics and good quality of product.

May 04, 2014


New to digital SLRs.

I purchased this camera to replace my OM-1(s) that have served me well since 1976. I am impressed with the features of the E-M5 and look forward to creating some outstanding photos with my daughter and her different brand SLR. It is compact and seems natural to use without the bulk of most digital SLRs. I must say that it will be hard to put the OM-1s down and if I could get them serviced by Olympus, I probably wouldn't have bought a new camera. Right now, I hope the E-M5 is as reliable as the film OMs.

May 01, 2014


Body design is not ergonomic

So Far i'm satisfied with my Olympus OM-D E-M5 with 12-50mm. The pics came out good and sharp picture. The only problem is when i hold the camera and push the shutter button it's kind little odd because im used to it with canon camera

April 15, 2014


I love it!

An amazing camera that takes phenomenal pictures! I love to shoot wildlife and particularly birds, which can be difficult. This camera and 70-300mm lens are great. Focus, image stabilization are super. Have gotten some really good shots. The settings are many and can be daunting, so I suggest the downloaded manual as opposed to the paper manual. It gives more information. I also googled some questions when I needed extra assistance. In addition, I got the 12-50mm lens which is also a quality lens. I'm glad I traded in my other camera for this small, feature packed gem of a camera!!

April 13, 2014



having previously owned olympus,pentax,minolta and canon for the past 45 years i can only say, WOW. what a dream. no need for me to go into all the bells and whistles that everyone else has covered just to suffice i'm very pleased. very steep learning curve for someone not familiar with digital camera technology but just sit back with your manual and explore. i'm very happy.

March 30, 2014


A wonderful camera

Just got it and learning the camera, so far it is a great camera. This is my 3rd OLYMPUS SLR and this one is the best!!!

February 28, 2014


10/10 - definitely recommend

I am absolutely in love with this camera. When I set out to buy into a mirrorless system, I debated the merits of Olympus vs the slightly larger Fuji X platform (which I'd had previous experience with), and took a risk on the OMD. I haven't looked back once.

The ergonomics are great (especially with the optional grip) and the user experience is super-easy to master. I especially love the touch-to-focus-and-shoot capability on the rear LCD.

I've found that this camera is best paired with the fast primes that are available - I already have the 17mm f/1.8 and 45mm f/1.8, and just ordered the 12mm f/2.

The standard hotshoe allows me to use the remote triggers I already have to fire any flash remotely. I'm not locked into a proprietary system for off-camera flash, which was very important in my purchasing process.

The battery life is incredible. I can shoot all day, even using the large rear LCD for image preview/review.

I was afraid that a compact system would limit my creativity, but I am able to achieve incredible results with the OMD system. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend this camera to a friend - even fellow professional photographers.

February 26, 2014



I've not had a chance to use the camera a lot, but my initial impression is that it's extremely well made. It's on the small side for my old fingers, but I wanted something compact. The included flash is sufficiently small to usually stay attached to the camera, so lack of pop-up flash isn't an issue.

This unit is reconditioned, but I can see no marks on it. I did dig around, and found that it has about 2200 shutter clicks, but I'm sure some of that came from QC, and the reconditioning process; not something to fret.

I did have to update the firmware, and that was a bit of a challenge, but I did complete the process. Not without trepidation, though, as the site has no real progress meter, so one never knows, and one dare not disconnect, as it may mess with the current program.

The down-side comes with the manual, or lack thereof. First, Olympus should supply a comprehensive manual. Second, even the on-line manual is extremely confusing. It really should be given more attention. I had a devil of a time to find and display the Super Control Screen. I will need time to learn what can be done with the various buttons. I think, however, that after I have things better studied, the camera will not be extremely difficult to manage.

I have already ordered a 40-150 lens. I had planned, and still plan, to use my legacy lenses, but the micros seem so compact that I opted to get the next longer for general carry.

One caution potential buyers might consider, when I registered the camera on line, I was immediately given a certificate for 10% off accessories good for 20 days. With the camera, I ordered a spare battery and the larger VF cup. Had I waited, I could have saved a few bucks. For that, shame on Olympus.

Because of the very poor manual, the unit gets only 4 stars.

February 17, 2014


Better than I expected

There are lots of great compact system cameras available, but the E-M5's motion compensation system sets it apart from almost anything else. I come from the film days when "1/60 of a second or shorter with a 50mm lens" was the rule. But I regularly get great sharp images hand holding the 45mm f1.8 indoors with no flash--at a 1/10 of a second. Because the compensation is in the body, it works with any Olympus lens. That's like a 90mm lens in full frame view. When you combine the broad range of lenses available and the compact size, it just makes getting good images a LOT more reliable in all kinds of light. I use the 9-18 mm zoom and the 45mm f1.8 a lot. But even the cheap 40-150mm zoom does a good job when you need the reach. You really can shoot the equivalent of 300mm f5.6 lens (full frame) hand held and not get motion blur. I know the EM-1 is getting all the press now, but it's larger. It's the motion compensation that really makes both these cameras stand out and you get that in the E-M5. I also have a E-PM2. It's nice, but less-elaborate motion compensation is clearly a limitation...as it is on any other camera body that isn't an EM-5 or EM-1. I'll probably spring for the 12-40 f2.8 zoom one of these days. Don't think you NEED the EM-1 to use this new zoom. The EM-5 may be the better choice if you value convenience.

January 25, 2014


not real happy

I have owned this camera about 1 month and now it is totally dead. when I turn it on ,nothing happens, so today at a cost of almost $70.00 (including the UPS discount) i shipped it back to Olympus. As i said this camera is less than 1 month old and already it is need of repair, at the least I should have received free return shipping, so at this point I'm not real happy!!

January 06, 2014


Brand new camera has some problems

Some times I am getting the black frame instead the photo.
Every time I choose scenic setting with Beach and snow I have high bracketing.

December 17, 2013


Amazing Camera

I tested this camera for 1.5 hours at the dealer before purchase. The image stabilizing system is beyond belief. Hand held photos at 2x zoom are sharp even at 1/4 second and 1/2 second. All metal chassis with chrome finished metal covers just like the classics of the past. An afternoon at Downtown Disney yielded a fantastic series of photos of children at play with images razor sharp on 24"x36" print enlargements. Lenses the surpass the sensor in many cases. The only shortcoming is the manual. Most of the negative reviews are owners who never read and understood the full CD manual. Most complaints are easily solved if you tune the camera adjustments. Even the current manual is too short to demonstrate the critical features and capabilities. As a tech writer with 30 years experience as a Pro photographer, this camera needs a manual of at least 250 pages to tap it's fantastic capabilities. A full size book. Yes most customers are not going to read it, but those who do will fall in love with this system. 2 of our local news photographers with 4 Pulitzers have switched entirely to this camera system.

December 15, 2013



I am sure this camera has some great features. However, the MANUAL is comprehensible, the display is too quick, navigation is difficult...I am learning by random selection...have lost some functions while doing so.
The 'illustrations' (minute, tiny little illustrations) in the manual are not at all 'illustrative'. Big expense...STEEP learning curve to do anything other than iAUTO.

November 27, 2013


Great image quality; tough to set up

I recently sold a Lumix GH2 and a nice legacy lens collection to finance the purchase a full-frame Sony A99 and a few good modern lenses. But the full-frame kit cost twice as much as my MFT kit, and I only have a third as many lenses

I've missed the fun of shooting legacy lenses and recently received a OM-D E5 and started re-building my legacy glass collection. I've only spent a few days with the OM-D, but have a few initial impressions:

- The OM-D's image quality is the near equal of the Sony A99's in most lighting and dynamic range situations.

- The exposure is always spot on.

- JPEG's have acceptable noise up to ISO 6400.

- The camera is feature-rich, but the user interface is very hard to set up because the manuals are poorly written. It took me about 5 hours of fiddling around and web research to get the camera set up the way I wanted it.

- The indicators for under and over exposing highlights and shadows are a terrific feature, as is the ability to get a stabilized view when using the magnify option for accurate focusing.

- Build quality is excellent ... like a little tank!

- The in-body stabilization makes the OM-D a much better camera for using legacy lenses than those without it.

Aside from the poor manuals, the only real complaint I have is its small grip size, something that has been re-worked in the M1.

November 21, 2013


Like the camera. alot to learn. very challenging!

I think the OM-D E-M5 is superior in many ways. To me after searching for the ultimate perfect camera...I feel I have found that. However, a perfect camera? I think there never will be one. But, believe me, this run's in first place.
I have not used the camera very much as yet, due to the learning curve with it. I do think though that the learning curve is most of that. So I will increase that. What use I have gave it has provided me with the awe factor. It is a fun camera, and smaller in size than the cannon xsi I had. If you are searching for the ultimate camera...this would be one to add high on your list. Olympus did superior work here...reaping in superior fund's as well, I'm sure.

October 13, 2013


Evaluation of Olympus E-M5

To start, I am an "enthusiast" photographer and not a pro. However, I have been in photography for over thirty years. I know that this will upset many DSLR users but this camera is great! I originally purchased this camera as a travel and back up camera to my Sony A700. The Sony is older technology but still a good camera especially when paired with the 75-200mm F/2.8 G lens. The pictures from the Olympus E-M5 are rich in color and tack sharp...I mean tack sharp! My brother is a professional photographer and we recently did a "shoot" together for family portraits. The quality of the Olympus E-M5 was on par with his Nikon D4! I know it has a smaller sensor but the noise levels are superb! Best camera choice I have ever made! If you have the dough, pair it up with the Panasonic 35-100mm f/2.8 lens. All I can say is WOW!
Now the not so good news. Olympus...wait for it...fix the battery life issue. You claim that one can get 350 shots or so. I have only been able to get approximately 145 raw shots before the battery died. I ended up buying four more Chinese made batteries to make it through a shoot. Your engineering staff really needs to work on this or, great camera or not, you will loose out to the Sony NEX system! Oh, Olympus upper management (board, service, marketing, and etc.), you have a very good product here. Instead of focusing on profit and bottom line only, fix your lousy customer service!! You might also update your accessory store with camera products someone might actually buy like a quality remote shutter, a decent wifi dongle that will transmit RAW files to a tablet and etc. Quality, where is your Six Sigma? Eye cup and dials coming off? Really, for a 1000+ camera?

October 11, 2013


Love the E-M5

I have a P-3 and a PL-3 and XZ 2 and 1. I was going to get a APC camera, but after reading the reviews on M5, I decided to get it and so far very satisfied even though had it less than week. I heard about the new M 1, but could not afford to get it. Looking forward to the new lens 12-40 2.8. Also want the 60 macro. But been very happy with Olympus cameras.

October 11, 2013


From carrying my labrador on my back to carrying my mini poodle in my hands.

You guested it, I was tiered on all my trips to carry my Canon 5D Mark II, my 17-40 L and my 70-300 L. Walking for 4 to 5 hours a day with all that stuff was exhausting for a 68 year old.
But I was not ready to give up on quality.
I eared on Québecphoto site about the OM-D E-M5, and how happy was the professional photographers who used it.
They where right. I love everything about this camera. I bought the kit with the 12-50 and the 65-300.
The stabiliser is unbelievable.

October 10, 2013


Great Camera

I am switching over from a Canon full frame system and I absolutely love this camera. I was a little worried that the image quality wasn't going to be as good as my Canon system. I have only had for two weeks but JPEG's out of the camera are amazing. The ability to customize the camera to fit your shooting style is unbelievable and the reason I switched over in the first place was the size. My only complaint has to be that the controls are a little cramped but I am sure I will get used to it or customize the layout to resolve that issue.

October 02, 2013


Best New Camera

Shooting pictures over the course of the past several weeks has been amazing. The camera build quality is exceptional, the picture quality is top notch (better than my old Nikon D90), the image stablization system is second to none, and the speed can't be matched. Special effects such as Art Mode and Scene Mode offer a tremendous opportunity to be creative, and both the panorama and 3d settings work beautifully.
This camera is the best so far, transportable, light, easy to use, intuitive in all aspects, and the packaged software is about as good as it gets.

September 20, 2013



The basic functionality and idea of this camera is outstanding. However, it falls short in several critical areas:

1) Fairly small
2) Lightweight for quality
3) Many features
4) Excellent in low light and high quality photos most of time

1) Definitely not user friendly when it comes to the menu and functions.
2) Randomly does not power off when switched off. There are other folks who've complained about this on the forums and I have a friend with the same issue.
3) Hot shoe cover falls off easily leaving the camera exposed. I've replaced 3 so far.
4) Eyecup falls off easily leaving the viewfinder exposed to scratches and allowing light in when it shouldn't.
5) Non-standard plug
6) Very limited on a customizable timer.
7) No wireless remote available
8) Non-standard connection for wired remote,
9) Paint wears off much easier than similarly priced cameras.
10) Cannot be used easily with purchasing an additional pricey grip, which must be removed in order to recharge battery. They could opt to sell a less expensive grip without all the fancy buttons and features, but they don't.
11) Customer service is terrible. When I called about the eyecup that mysteriously disappeared after just a few uses, they insisted I mail in the camera. There are many others complaining about this on the forums, so it is clearly a design issue. Mailing it in takes time and money. I think they required this just to discourage people from asking for replacements.

September 15, 2013


High-performance, compact, all-purpose and great looking digital camera

i bought my E-M5 in April and made a few thousand shots with it so far. i had already a 14-150mm zoom from my previous epl-1, and the E-M5/14mm-150mm combination is as perfect as it gets. The two together are still a compact system that can take sharp pictures in situations where your own eye is missing some of the details. Colors are excellent.
As i was on vacation in France in July, i was not envying owners of heavy DSLRs with large, cumbersome light-grey lenses (hint, hint..) who looked so proud of themselves. Come on .. that's so 2008. Photography is finally moving to high-quality, light weight equipment that achieves the most important advantage: you can have a camera with you - and and excellent one - when the picture moment happens. The EM-5/14mm-150mm is a great example of such system.
oh .. and why did i pick the Olympus over a NEX-something or a Lumix? Because it is a great looking design. let's face it. in 6 months, 6 or more cameras will be so much better. At least i will enjoy holding a nice looking piece of hardware for a long time.

September 15, 2013


High-performance, compact, all-purpose and great looking digital camera

i bought my E-M5 in April and made a few thousand shots with it so far. i had already a 14-150mm zoom from my previous epl-1, and the E-M5/14mm-150mm combination is as perfect as it gets. The two together are still a compact system that can take sharp pictures in situations where your own eye is missing some of the details. Colors are excellent.
As i was on vacation in France in July, i was not envying owners of heavy DSLRs with large, cumbersome light-grey lenses (hint, hint..) who looked so proud of themselves. Come on .. that's so 2008. Photography is finally moving to high-quality, light weight equipment that achieves the most important advantage: you can have a camera with you - and and excellent one - when the picture moment happens. The EM-5/14mm-150mm is a great example of such system.
oh .. and why did i pick the Olympus over a NEX-something or a Lumix? Because it is a great looking design. let's face it. in 6 months, 6 or more cameras will be so much better. At least i will enjoy holding a nice looking piece of hardware for a long time.

September 09, 2013


does it all

i am an intermediate level shooter. i started out in m4/3 with an e-pm1 but wanted better image quality and versatility. i found it with the OM-D E-M5. the swiss army knife of m 4/3 cameras. i love the touchscreen auto shutter.

August 12, 2013


Excellent camera but with part quality problems

I recently got this camera this past Christmas and it's been wonderful. I had previously only worked with film, so my main goal was a small package with a big punch without losing quality.
I got the black system with the 14-42 weather proof kit lens (unfortunately there are no other weather proof lenses...)
-The camera body and lens themselves feel very solid and sturdy, and the camera is a joy to hold and use.
-The image quality is fantastic, suitable for anywhere to blinding light (beaches), hiking, portraiture, through to night scenes (cities, concerts etc.)
-I find myself using the touchscreen all the time to assist with tricky focusing and the like.
-The viewfinder was also a must have, coming from film, and although evf cannot compare to an old school full frame optical, this one does very well.
-I have previously read some complaints about the cameras navigation buttons being mushy, and they do have some merit. You more or less need to actually push the button instead of a light touch, but I actually like it. It cuts down on accidentally pushing the wrong one and I personally just like it.
-In addition, I had also heard that the menus were very confusing to navigate and the operating system was finicky, but I have found the opposite. The system is logical to work through and is highly, highly customizable. I am really happy with how easy it is for me to use, and the settings dial is great.
-Last but not least is the body itself. I'm so so pleased with how small and compact it is, and had been perfect for travelling. Its weathered being left out in the rain, beach sand, and generally being rough handled.
That being said, there's a big BUT.

Although I commend its small frame and weather durability, I'm EXTREMELY disappointed and displeased with the quality of the little parts. I've not even had this camera for a year yet, but I'm already having parts falling off and disappearing.
-The main top dial up and decided to pop off in June after threatening to for weeks. I have since been unable to find a way to put it back on without superglue (which I'd rather not do).
-Second, the battery has been performing less than I'd expected, lasting only a handful of hours in a day of moderate shooting at best. I don't feel free to pull it out at anytime because the battery dies so quickly. This is frustrating when I'm travelling, as I have little time to charge my battery when it needs to be performing.
-Thirdly is the paint on the body. I have an all black system and was very shocked to find the paint already worn away at the top of the viewfinder, around the hot shoe.
-Lastly, and most recently, the eyecup has decided to abandon ship. Before it had also threatened to pop right off, and after a day of heavy shooting, today it's gone. Support said that the eyecup was an "accessory", and that I would need to pay for their faulty craftsmanship.
Bottom line is: I paid way too much for this level and amount of problems.

All this together is frustrating, but overall I still love my camera. It's compactness cannot be rivaled anywhere, and it delivers excellent pictures in every situation. Fantastic to use discreetly and casually as well as with intention, and it's perfect for travel.
Overall, I love this camera and, with one or two reservations, would highly recommend it.

August 09, 2013


I don't reach for anything else

I am not a tech guy. When I get around other photographers who start throwing out numbers and letters about cameras and lens, I rarely know what they're talking about. But I don't care. I know I have the best camera for me. I love this OM-D. It fits well in my hands, it feels great in my hands, its small enough to be discreet on the street yet powerful enough to shoot at a concert. The colors are insanely beautiful and the images are crisp and clean. I've read reviews of the OM-D being called the #1 camera of 2012 and I agree. I don't recall the last time I reached for my DSLR. I reach for the OM-D and am happy I do.

August 03, 2013


A great upgrade from my e-520 and E-P2, but with a few minor issues

Having owned none other than Olympus cameras since my first 35 mm SLR back in 1978, I happily "went digital" in 2007 and bought the e-520 ... now am happy to keep it around as my backup. The E-P2 (bought in 2010 or 2011?) and I never quite "clicked" ... focus speed was a concern right from the start, and the lack of a built-in viewfinder was a hassle, despite my having the VF-2 (do not like that it lacks a locking mechanism, and have had it fall off the camera twice).

Bought the E-M5 only a couple of weeks ago, and have been having a blast getting to know it. My only concerns thus far are as follows:
- Occasional problems using my older 4/3 lenses, though overall the compatibility has been pretty decent. I never did have the budget for any of the top-of-the-line glass for the e-520, but so far the 9-18, 14-54 II, 50 macro, and 70-300 have been working pretty well on the E-M5. In the middle of shooting yesterday with the 70-300, everything seemed to just lock up until I put the 12-50 kit lens on, took a few shots, and then put the 70-300 back on.
- The optional HLD-6P is the single accessory that absolutely sold me on getting the E-M5. Without it I found it just a bit too small for my hands. The first part of the HLD-6P, adding just an extra grip, would be permanently super-glued to the body if only there was a side access of some kind for the battery in the body. Adding the bottom portion of the grip makes for an extremely firm and reliable grip, and I like the extra mass from the perspective of steadying the camera. Just today finally ran down the battery in the grip, after more than 1,000 shots, which blew me away. Only concern with the grip is the ergonomics of the controls for shooting with the camera vertical ... the placement of buttons and dials is not quite "up to snuff" in my opinion, but perhaps I will get used to the arrangement over time.

Overall, no regrets thus far. Having to go back to the store to pick up a lens hood for the 12-50 kit lens was a bit of a hassle, though I guess I should have known better after the 14-42 kit lens on the E-P2 not coming with a hood ... every other Olympus lens I have bought has come with the matched hood, which has always been a very small but still important point in my liking Olympus over other brands.

July 21, 2013


Extra fun camera

I am having a great time with my E-M5. There is so much it can do and I've only scratched the surface. But even with my limited knowledge I've taken some great pictures. It's going to be a great adventure.

July 19, 2013


Great, little, camera

Probably the best m4/3 camera on the market.

+'s: size, image quality, body construction/design, iso handling is not bad at all considering the small sensor size, wide variety affordable lens, dust/humidity proof, EVF

-'s: menu's UI, I don't know if this is the case for all mirrorless but comparing to DSLR the body tends to heat after a while: this could be an issue if you're planning to do timelapse/long exposures.

July 12, 2013

D.L. Moonitz

Beginning to Feel Like a Photographer

I've owned this camera for a month and snapped over 500 photos from people backlit by windows to the top side of Cumulonimbus clouds from an airplane to active kids and leaping dogs. As I work with and learn the software, its features and options I am feeling increasingly empowered to resolve more photographic challenges than ever before with other cameras. The camera feels solid and well made and I am looking forward to many years of trouble-free operation.

June 17, 2013




May 27, 2013


Great system, very compact.

Recent trip, used the 12-50mm lens for most purposes, with limited use of the 40-150, and the Panasonic 100-300. Very good images, shot highest quality JPEG and many in RAW format as well. Edit in Lightroom and Aperture, both handle them well. Very fast focus with 12-50mm but telephotos spent a bit more time searching. Good battery life, but charging was a bit slower than I expected, (using Canon system recently.) I am very happy with system and the small size is SO GREAT.

May 25, 2013


The best camera I have owned

The E-M5 is small in size but packed with useful features. Equipped with a 17mm or 45mm prime lens it makes a great street camera. With the optional grip it remains light in weight but is comfortable to handhold with longer lenses. The focusing is as fast as anything I have used. The stabilization works extremely well, allowing longer shutter speeds and almost perfect hand-held video. The four presets are great for quickly changing shooting modes. All in all it is a truly great camera.

May 23, 2013


Excellent Camera--Excellent service

I started with Olympus with the 2020 and after a 3030 and a 5050 (which I still use), I have had a E500, 510, and 520. I moved up to E-5-a great camera. When the EM-5 came out I received the first one in my area in May 2012. Olympus shipped the EM5 overnight express (at their expense) when I told a service representative I was leaving on a photo before the camera would arrive by ground as I had ordered. Her name was Elizabeth. I am more than delighted with this camera. I carry it with the following lenses in a messenger bag: 12mm, 20mm, 45mm, 12-50mm, and a 75-300mm. I also carry two flash units, battery chargers, and 3 spare batteries, etc. The total weight is 6.25 lbs. The E-5 with similar range of lenses weighed in at 19 lbs. My friends carry over 40 to match my range of lenses. Who could ask for more. Wonderful pictures, small (and light) and a pleasure to use. Thank you Olympus.

April 21, 2013


Great Travel Camera

Where to start .... I bought an OMD E5 to use as my backup for my D800 and also to be my travel camera. I have used the Fuji Pro and x100s and while I loved the look of the images the cameras just had a few too many quirks for me and I didn't want to invest in their glass. So after alot of research I went to Olympus.

I bought the 75mm 1.8, 12mm f2, 60mm 2.8 and the PL 25 1.4 to use as my travel kit. In a small sling bag I fit all of that stuff plus and extra battery, 58mm Kaseman CP and UV filters , 46-58mm setup ring, Lite Panel Micro , RRS table top tripod and 2 SighnRay Graduated Neutral Density Filters and a couple of small flash lights. All that stuff probably weights about the same as my D800 with the 70-200mm lens. Definate advantage !!!!!

Now lets be honest is this kit capable of the same stuff my D800 is no , maybe photographers much more highly skilled than myself would take better shots with the Oly kit but, not because of the equipment. However .... if I am not carrying the D800 and similar stuff it won't take nearly as good a picture as the Oly :)

I find I am using the EM-5 more and more and yes there are some limitations but, they are getting fewer and fewer. Will I sell my FF gear and pro lenses no way but, I am very happy with my little micro 4/3 set up.

April 01, 2013


A big improvement over the PEN series

An improvement over the PEN series

I have taken about 6,000 photos with this traveling in Ecuador, Indonesia, Myanmar, Cambodia & Thailand. I bought it for scuba diving because its small size is easy to swim with when it is inside a Nauticam housing.

The light weight of the system is a big plus because I travel on small planes with restrictions on weight of carry-on luggage. The two dials for shutter speed and aperture are the best feature. The on/off switch is better than a button, because it doesn't get accidentally depressed. The eye-recognition in the view finder is a good thing.

Complaints: There are not enough matching quality lenses and the existing lenses try to cover a huge range of focal length. I really need a prime long telephoto lens and there is none that Olympus mentions. Also, their manual is too brief.

There is terrible chromatic aberration (CA) throughout an image, not just on the periphery. Underwater flash on a fish illuminates fish against a dark blue background, and the color flares on the edge of the fish are very tedious to remove, especially if there are a lot of fish.

All the chromatic aberration can be automatically removed by a simple mathematical algorithm. Panasonic includes this in their micro-four-thirds cameras. Olympus does not. Please Olympus, get it together! Also, Photoshop removes lens aberrations for Nikon and Canon, but seems to have no support for or from Olympus.

Yesterday, I was on a photo shoot of hummingbirds. The 70 - 300 mm lens did not quite cut it. I wished I had a prime 300mm lens with extenders. My buddy with a Canon 7D and a 600mm with extenders got much larger and sharper shots. And we were standing just 2 feet apart. I admit that his lens weighs a ton and could never be hand-held.

For an African wildlife safari, or birding shots ... something seems to be missing here. Olympus does not mention in their marketing anything about how to get maximum focal length. I'll have to research it.

Otherwise, its a good camera for around while traveling in foreign countries. I usually carry two at all times: one with a telephoto and one with a wide angle, just so I can quickly get any shot. So the light weight allows me to carry two E-M5 cameras all day, along with a backpack of other camera equipment and a tripod.


Update 6/2014

Problematic Chromatic Aberration - Visible color flaring

There are simple mathematical programs to correct Chromatic Aberration, but Olympus neglected to include these programs like Panasonic does.

I get strange flares of purple, blue, yellow or green every place in the picture where the light changes from very dark to very white. Image taking a picture of a beautiful tree covered with dense leaves, with a light blue sky behind it. Everywhere the light blue sky is visible between the leaves, there is an artificial color flare. This is extremely annoying and makes photos look that they were taken by a very cheap camera.

On a foggy day or in low contrast situations, the camera is fine.

March 12, 2013



I got my OM-D E-M5 over a month ago now, and was really not sure how useful this camera would be. I got it mainly for the 16.1 MP image sensor, did not think I would ever use the video feature, and was not sure about the art filters, since I would not have the ability to choose yellow, orange, red, or green filters in Black and White… etc. I got it with the 12-50 mm lens, which is a Must Have lens for anyone using the Micro 4.3 mount.

I really like shooting with the Art Filters on the EM-5. My favorites tend to be Pop Art, Grainy Film, Sepia, Dramatic Tone, and Key Line. Starting out, I would shoot an image in color, then move the dial to “Art”, and shoot the shot with each art filter listed above. Then ! I discovered the Art Bracket setting… you select the preferred art filters to be included then shoot ONE image, and the camera repeats an image for each art filter selected… Much Easier!!

The zoom ring has three settings; 1, pulling it back toward the camera puts you in manual zoom mode; 2, pushing it outward toward the front of the lens puts it in E-zoom (motorized) mode; 3, and pushing in the macro button allows you to push the zoom ring outward again, going into macro mode. Once in macro mode, you are set at the 50 mm focal length, so you compose your image, push the shutter button half-way, and focus is achieved very quickly! WOW, you have to try it to appreciate it!

I have used the video a couple of times, and I am really impressed with my simple effort learning to use it. I will eventually get to using it more, but for now, I am happy knowing it is available.
But my main reason for getting this camera was the 16.1 MP. And in that regard, I am really pleased. Images come out sharp and clear. Colors are rich and clean; the Art Filters produce some really exciting colors and contrast. The Sepias and Black and Whites have great tonal range! Portrait Flesh Tones are perfect!

This OM-D E-M5 is a great camera. There seems to be nothing bad to say about it. The high resolution 16.1 MP should alone be enough reason for anyone using the Pen cameras to justify an upgrade to E-M5, and at the same time, is a good reason for E-series owners to add a new body for their stables of some of the best lenses in photography!

The E-M5 beats the E-5 in MegaPixel rating, and has a slight advantage in the Art Filters, whith the Key Line and Art Bkt. But the E-5 is clearly THE FlagShip Digital Camera!!
I own the E-5, the E-500, and the OM-D E-M5, and have used all with great success. Olympus may be inclined to make the Micro FourThirds format their "Future", but that is a marketing mistake. The FourThirds System is too solid a system to phase out!

February 14, 2013


Great all purpose camera

This is a wonderful camera, maybe not good for beginners though. The layout of controls is really easy to use and very fast. I love the dial controls for aperture and speed. I only wish that the focus and zoom had stop points and did not keep moving when they hit the end points. There are so many options and capabilities that I have not even used half of them yet, but am playing with it all with great success. I also love the look and feel, as well as the size. Thanks Olympus for another great camera.

February 11, 2013


Olympus om-d

I love this camera with prime lenses, oly 12, pany 20, sig 30, oly 45, oly 75. It's very compact and take great shots!

January 16, 2013


Great little camera

This camera finally renders my dSLR system obsolete. Finally, one camera can serve both my advanced studio and stock photography needs, as well as be a pocketable (jacket) mini camera when outdoors or with the family.

It is packed with useful features like fast AF, in body image stabilization (incredible with video as well), high quality EVF, twin control dials, fast operation, weather sealing, 9fps shooting, nearest eye face detection and more. I don't find it the easiest camera to just hand to someone and get great results, but it is so customizable that spending some time with it is very rewarding.

Olympus really got the ethos of mirrorless right with this camera. It is great to be able to own the 'best' Olympus body for less than the price of a mid line dSLR. Combined with the growing system of lenses this is all the camera most people need.

Complaints? Custom slots (mysets) are a bit complicated to use, and it can sometimes be hard to quickly check all your settings as they don't have physical switches, and battery life is lower, but basically it is a solid little camera that just gets the job done.

December 20, 2012


Awesome camera. Goodbye DSLR.

I've sold off my other cameras (names deleted) after I got my OM-D EM-5. I've recently also purchased E-PL5 as my second body and nearly have all m43 lenses now! This is such a great m43 body, I could do more things with it than any of my previous cameras! 5-axis IBIS is truly impressive!

December 08, 2012


Very Good Camera:definitely worth buying.

I would have given this camera a 5 out of 5 but for the "on/off" switch.
I have large fingers and the switch is difficult to use, especially in a low light situation. The other complaint I have is the lack of the viewing screen's ability to have full movement- roll, pitch and yaw- as in the E-30, I have.
Now the good points. I am a Photographic Engineer and have an optical test chart that I use to test camera lenses. Considering the lens, that came with the camera, I found the quality to be to be excellent. This testing lacked all of the refinements normally used to test lens quality, but my eye and a 7x loop and a comparative lens. My friend has a Leica with a Zeiss lens- fairly close to the 12-50mm Olympus lens. We both found the Olympus lens to be sharper and yet, you might say, equal to the Zeiss. I used the Mil Std 150 AF Target and the Pin Wheel for our basic comparison. We could see no distortion or aberations.. On a shot of a steel structure, approximately 500 feet away, I was able to blow up the Zeiss image 17X, and the Olympus image 16X without seeing any pixcels. We were amazed at the results.
There is a lot more to this camera, that I have to learn; but, I am looking forward to my continuing education. Keep up the good work. I have normally used Nikons. I began my digital experience with the 5MP Olympus camera, in 2005. From there the 8MP, 10MP and 12MP. All Olympus products and all to my satisfaction. Thankyou.

November 27, 2012


Who needs aps-c?

I have had my OM-D for 4 months now and the experience just gets better each time I use it. I have the 12mm, 25mm, 45mm, 75mm, 7-14 and the 14-42 kit lens. My friends keep seeing my images and can not believe the resolution quality. Funny thing is that my N#### and C##### buddies admit that I have a 'nice little camera' and they are right. I have looked at past jpeg images from cameras past from many manufacturers and the EM-5 is easily better every time. So don't let your friends tell you that you need an aps-c size chip. You don't. And by the way, you can rest easy and shoot all these lenses WIDE open.

October 18, 2012


This is a marvellous camera

I am an enthusiast photographer, I own a number of good cameras, dating back to before the OM-1 and OM-2 cameras of the '70's and '80's, which were very far ahead of their time, with TTL exposure control (including flash), the OM-2 never missed, whether it be macro or telephoto!
For my E-M5, I purchased OM and four thirds adapters and can report that they work fine. I only wish I had better better manual focus control, for example a split focus screen or interchangeable focus screens, for such work - maybe a future release, Oly? (But no real complaint, I am delighted to be able to use these lenses.) I have 25 year old bellows for extreme macro work, and use the FL-600R remotely controlled, and find the setup awesome, maybe even as good as the OM-2, which is saying some! Using it with E-series: I have the 50mm f2.0 E series lens for "high end" MACRO work, it is ultra-sharp corner to corner, and bright. I have the 70-300mm for telephoto macro, and extreme telephoto, and can recommend it with this camera (note - some focus hunt, but lets face it, 600mm equiv. in a small handheld setup is unbelievable ... took it to sports events with very good results). The 11-22 f2.8-3.5 is also a superb lens -with this camera. For "regular" work, using the 12-50mm "kit" lens, this camera really performs, whether it be taking 4+ fps of our yellow lab running towards me at full tilt, or the grand baby in available light (shadow control is superb), or attending a class reunion in a badly lit restaurant with mixed light sources, or available light around a bonfire and marshmallow roast. JPEGS are excellent, so much so that I take far fewer RAW pix, now - reserving RAW for important occasions where I might need the extra dynamic range, colour correction, etc. I have to commend Oly on the small included flash - works very well as a fill-in flash, does not overpower the exposure. Picture quality and colour: Excellent. Focus speed: Excellent (with M.Zuiko lenses). Resolution: I am very happy with the camera - severe crops printed 8x10" are very usable. Available light performance: very good, certainly to 3200, useable past that if necessary. Gyro stabilization: simply superb, its about time somebody brought out a gyro stabilized platform in this type of camera - this is a breakthrough, lenses are consequently lighter, simpler and more rugged. Weatherproof construction: Magnesium - aluminum gasketted (with the 12-50mm lens) - I just added the weatherproof 40-150mm - I travel around the world, and appreciate being able to take a small high quality camera into imperfect weather, and not having to leave my good camera in the hotel room. Thanks Oly! This camera was well worth the wait!

October 08, 2012


A really, really good camera

I bought this camera for two reasons: so that I could shoot HD video on trips without having to bring along a separate video camera, and to get better photos. I haven't been disappointed.

I came from an Olympus E-620 and the only thing I miss about that camera is the fully articulated screen. I've gotten very used to the small size of the E-M5, and in fact, love it. Because of my previous Olympus experience I was also quite used to the Olympus way of building menus in the camera, so that has never been an issue. But the fact that virtually every button is customizable is really a dream. I've got the camera set up for the way *I* use it, and that's great.

The 12-50 kit lens is wonderful, but I did buy a 14-150 to replace it on day-to-day shooting.

I like this camera so much, I can only find "nit-picky" things to complain about: I wish the MYSET settings could have customizable names; as it is, I have to have a piece of paper taped behind the viewing screen to remind me what MYSET3 is set up for.

Second, I'm not crazy about the way the camera focuses when in video mode. It seems I constantly have to half-press the shutter button to get video to refocus. Also, I bought the external mic attachment and although it works well, it also picks up more of the Image Stabilization motor noise. However, the video quality itself is magnificent, tho I do wish you could change exposure settings on the fly. But that's a minor nit.

Art filters? Who needs 'em? It'd have been nice if the dial presets were re-settable so that I could change "ART" to one of my MYSETs. Again, a minor nit.

Great job, Olympus! Please don't come out with a better camera in the near future... I can't afford to switch and like my E-M5!

July 27, 2012


Pro results from an efficient and elegant camera.

This camera works efficiently and looks great. I cannot comment on any of the auto modes as I have only shot in manual in the few months I have been experimenting with the EM-5. I like the speed of focus, the 9FPM aqnd the ability to easily and quickly make changes on the fly - a great improvement over my previous EPL-1.
No comment on video which is my next area of experimenting which I am anxious to use as opposed to reluctance to try video in previous cameras.
I have used this camera in various types of natural lighting , both day and night, and with flash and studio lighting indoors and out and have been amazed at the consistenly good results at a wide vaiety of settings.
I like that I can easily carry a variety of lenses and assorted other gear without being obvious. I carry it with 2 lenses, battery holder attached, fllashes(FL 36Rand FL 300), and a few accessories plus a minimum of "purse stuff" in a bag which doesn't scream photographer and am always ready to shoot.
The EM-5 is aesthetically pleasing, not klunky like larger DSLRs. As a person with limited hand strength I find this camera to be easy to hold and use. I used my daily bag as described as a carry on in a tote with a few other items on a recent trip via air and Amtrak and packed my extra gear in a second carry on in a wheeled bag. On this trip, I went directly from JFK to Central Park in NY for a shoot - a studio on the go with no need for an assistant! Working, I normally carry just the camera on a sholder strap with extra lenses, flashes, and assorted gear in a bag and my tripod on my sholder if needed and perhaps a second bag with a stand to hold an umbrella or fold-up reflector. If I need heavier or bulkier gear it goes in a wheeled bag.

July 25, 2012


Excellent camera let down by minor quality issues

I bought this camera at the end of May. The image quality is excellent, given the sensor size and compactness of the camera including lenses. The kit lens was much better than I expected. Operation is a joy, even though there is some small room for improvement. For instance, one cannot engage at the same time the horizontal/vertical gauge and the red/blue warnings for dynamic clipping. I would also have loved GPS. Unfortunately there are minor quality issues. The glue on my eyecup did not hold. I am still waiting for replacement and in the meanwhile, not having the protection, the glass behind the eye cup got slightly scratched. This happened even though my glasses are made from plastic and should be quite soft. The decorative metal plate on the lens cap also fell off.
Over all I am still happy with my purchase, I just wished that Olympus would not have skimped on delivering the quality of cheap parts such as eye cups.

July 25, 2012


As I am currently living abroad in Taiwan, I needed a camera that could deal with the wet summer weather and not break the bank, so the Olympus OM-D is the camera for me. I have not been disappointed by it at all. The image quality is fantastic, which is a relief as this is my first decent digital. I used almost exclusively film before switching to the OM-D and I have been pleasantly surprised.
Overall I'd say it's a better value than its competitors in a similar price range. It definitely competes on a higher level than that of a micro four thirds. The 12-50mm lens is fantastic and cannot wait to expand my lens kit.
The camera is small, light, and aesthetically pleasing. It is great for travel/street photography as it is not too imposing. I'd definitely recommend it to those looking to travel with it. It's already begun to save me from the rising cost of film.

July 24, 2012

The Underground

very nice. but...

very good image quality, solid build except for the view finder cover, who comes out easily.
very good video mode.
(very)high iso is unusable.
great creative filters and scenes mode. very good lcd and view finder.
hard orange and green pumping colours in auto-mode.
pocketable with a pancake lens (if you have large pockets in your trousers).
love it.

July 22, 2012

San Diego

Great camera, Mac support???

Love the camera, would love more accessories (strap colors, lens caps, bags) and descriptions of said items. Also not having Mac support is unforgiveable. How many camera enthusiasts have a Mac, I bet a whole lot. Lack of panorama (in camera) and HDR is a problem. Also would love tap for pull focus during video. Wish rapid capture images were grouped together smarter for quick deletion. No gps? In general love the camera, just could be best.

July 21, 2012

Bob In Boise

Love it

The look is great. I love the size and weight. I like the fact that the camera body and 3 lenses will fit in my coat pocket. The fit and finish is fantastic. Image quality is as good if not better than my other equipment. My only issue is that when using the high speed shooting mode the view finders will not keep up with the action till all the images are processed onto the card. Other than that I love it .

July 19, 2012


Olympus Got It Right!

I love everything about the OMD, it's perfect. I believe this is the last camera I will ever own, I don't need anything else. Everything I have ever wanted is in the OMD. Well okay a 360 articulating screen would have iced it, but I can live without that and am fine with the LCD. I never leave home without my OMD. Pictures are great, don't have to really say that, the colors are the best and the handling is perfect, don't even need the grip.

July 17, 2012


Love It!

I'm so in love with my new camera and find it hard to take a bad picture with all it's options. I've found the art filters to be so much fun and am enjoying exploring all the different settings. I certainly don't miss lugging my dslr around & haven't had a moment where I wish it was with me instead.

July 16, 2012


great camera. just what I was looking for

I was looking for a small camera for when my pro SLR isn't necessary. But it needed to be able to give me professional images. I found it in this camera. The size is great and the quality is, too. (and it doesn't hurt that it looks like a vintage, mini film camera. that's just fun.)

July 15, 2012


An excellent alternative to a full size DSLR

I've had my E-M5 for two weeks and love it. I've been using a DSLR for years, mainly to shoot my kids' high school sports. They've all graduated now, and while I love my DSLR, it does tend to get heavy and cumbersome on trips. I've been intrigued by smaller cameras, especially the MFT line, and decided to pull the trigger when I saw the OM-D E-M5. I love this camera. Unfortunately, I've had to learn a lot on my own because the manual is abysmal. Oh, and the small flash enclosed with the camera, while better than nothing, is not much help. That's not such a big thing because the low-light functionality of this camera is very good. I plan to replace the flash with a better unit soon for those times when I really need additional light. Other than that, Olympus did a fabulous job with this camera. I'm still learning to shoot fast action like I can on my DSLR, but for travel, city shots, and everyday shooting around family and friends this little powerful camera is hard to beat. The 12-50 mm kit lens is extremely versatile, particularly in macro mode. I also purchased (used!) the 40-150 mm Olympus lens that I used to shoot the three photos attached. I'm taking a trip to New York in three weeks and am looking forward to shooting with the E-M5. I would buy this camera again and would recommend it to anyone looking for an upgrade from a point-and-shoot or as a replacement for a heavier DSLR. The camera is a bit pricey and I hope the price comes down in the next few months so more people can get their hands on this camera.

July 15, 2012

Brian M

A small system camera with big DSLR image quality

I have been using the E-M5 for about a month, and the images out of the camera are awesome. I have been using full size DSLR system cameras for ten years and seeing a ruggedized smaller body and system developed with such a wide variety of lenses is quite versatile. I recommend the use of the HLD-6 grip as it makes it easier to hold the camera with larger zoom lenses. All in all, a great system camera for all types of use.

July 14, 2012


Great features and outstanding perormance.

My E-M5 surpasses my expectations! It takes amazing pictures in low light, where I had to use flash before. Autfocus is quick and accurate. I couldn't be happier with this little gem! Olympus does an outstanding job of putting out a top-quality, compact camera. I've been an Olympus user for over 35 years and every Olympus camera I've owned (all six of them) have been outstanding.

July 13, 2012


Stellar Performance!

I took this camera on a trip to Rome, Italy... am I glad that I did! A very light and extremely manageable package, it was no problem to carry it everywhere. More importantly, the image quality was absolutely superb! Both day and night snap shots were very respectable with the 12-50mm kit lens. The touchscreen capabilities for focusing, shutter release, and overhead/waist-level shooting made catching difficult shots a breeze!

More lenses, accessories, and practice with this system to come.

July 11, 2012


Great Performance and quality...

This is a very well built camera, start up time is fast, and the autofocus is very accurate.

While it is a small camera, it feels substantial and well constructed, the fit and finish is very well done.

Now there are two things, one the camera does make a faint humming sound while on, its not very noticable, in fact the only time I notice it is in a very quite room, in real life situations you won't hear it at all.

My biggest gripe on the camera is the cover over the USB port on the side, I use a remote quite a bit, and its just a rubber panel that to get open you really need to pull the rear screen forward, I do wonder how long it will take for where it attaches on the bottom to wear out.

Other than that it is a great little camera, I love it and the way it performs.

July 11, 2012


Seriously fun little gem!

This is definitely the ultimate four-thirds camera at this point in time.
I appreciate the versatile 12-50mm kit lens that features the ability to zoom manually or powered, plus a cool additional button that sets the lens up for macro shots.

Touch screen integrates seamlessly into the overall operation of the camera, and works well with the super-fast focusing (accurate focus and shoot with just one touch).

Love the art filters with dozens of variations.

July 09, 2012

White Rabbit

Lack of accessories

I would give this product a five star rating but for the lack of accessory products. Spare battery unavailable anywhere in US or other worldwide location. No case available in US.

Camera itsel is on back order in US. Camera itself, if you can find one, is exceptionally good and I am very pleased. Olympus, - not so much.

July 08, 2012


Delighted with micro Olympus

I am in love with photography all over again! The size and weight of the beautiful EM 5 combined with the image quality has re-awakened my interest in photography. The DSLR was just too heavy for me to carry.

July 07, 2012


Excellent Cameral. The Manual is a little optuse.

I have had this camera for abut two weeks and started to experiment the various features. I find one think difficult to set and and that is to find the section were the LN can be changed to MN because I ilke to make 4x6 prints.

I can not understand the reason for Viewer2 when Master 2 was much easier to use.

July 05, 2012


Problem Solved

From opening the box one can see the quality fit & finish of this camera. While I'm new to Olympus cameras and thus struggle with the flexibility, it is clearly very capable with stunning colors & detail, achieved even by this amateur. My EVF had a problem (color blooms) so it went back to Olympus Repair in NY. The whole process was quick & painless and the problem solved. Thanks to the guys in Hauppauge for turning it around quickly & doing a great job. Now it's up to me to learn all it can do.

July 04, 2012

Harvey the pooka

Product needs basic instructions clarified.

Instructions are not user friendly. I understand how to manually use a quality 35mm camera, and how to use a dark room. I’m sure your new camera is good but some of the instructions are vague. This is big leap for me to come into the digital age. I wanted a camera that will not impede me as I learn the in’s and out’s of its use, that’s why I chose the Olympus E-M5. Please realize my archaic skills are my base line. I need a tutorial that will walk me through the basics. What is an EVF? It took me a while to find the answer. “Instructions for Idiots” would be greatly appreciated. I purchased the FL-300R remote flash … I still can’t figure out how to make it function remotely. Again, for me, the instructions are vague.
I purchased second battery extension … why no battery with it?? Other than “knock off” batteries, I can’t even get batteries on line. This is like have an auxiliary fuel tank on a vehicle but no key to take off the gas cap.

July 04, 2012


This is one great camera

This camera has so many features that it is mind blowing. The special features have special features. The fact that it is rain, splash, dust, and sand proof makes it a cut above all other cameras in its price range.
I simply love it.

July 04, 2012


Powerful, compact.

All the features I wanted in a very portable light weight camera. It's size and weight makes it easy for me to take it with me everywhere.

July 02, 2012


Small is beautiful!

Great performance in a small package. Excellent low light performance; makes me forget that this is a 4/3 sensor. Highly configurable. Very good lens selection. The E-M5 is my new favorite camera.

July 02, 2012


If your looking for the best...look no further.

I have researched, compared, and evaluated everything in the Micro class...this is THE ONE, no need to spend your money on inferior equipment. Now you have the tool to make yourself famous...CAN YOU HANDLE THE TRUTH?

July 01, 2012


very flexible lightweight w/ heavyweight performan

A great looking, nice handling, flexible photographic tool. The OM-D's beautiful retro cool styling is what first grabs your attention, but it's ability to shoot high quality stills along with it's many still and video shooting and imaging options are what makes it a really attractive camera thousands of exposures later. While not perfect, it is a very capable camera, especially suited to street shooting and travel photography. It also has the feel and quality of a much higher priced 'niche' camera with that rugged and beautiful body, the cool and well made accessories like the battery grip, along with beautifully made and sharp prime lenses such as the 12 f2. Well done Olympus. Although similar only in general appearance, the OM-D does bring back that feel that one is shooting with something very special -like using the classic OM-1 film SLR all those years ago.

July 01, 2012


Fast,reliable and excellent images

This is my 1st micro 4/3 camera coming from an APS-C system. It has everything I want in a reliable, fast and efficient camera that gives beautiful images. The lenses that are available are also very good such as the 45/1.8 and 12/F2.0. I use this camera for family events and find it wonderful for shooting our grandkids. The only problem I have is my wife always wants to use it. I like it so much I have decided to get her one with the 12-50 kit lens.

June 30, 2012


Excellent product. Small and easy to use. Takes quality pictures.

June 30, 2012


Extra batery unavailable makes the camera limited

Noise in low light is very noticeable. Camera is solid and built well. Menus are a bit of a challenge but workable. Buttons and dials are small but so is the camera. Great screen and electronic viewer. Price is high for a second camera when you have a lot invested in DSLR system. The software was difficult to instal with many posting on the internet supporting the issues of installing it.

June 29, 2012


A truly excellent camera

The OM-D E-M5 is a wonderful camera that packs pro features and performance in an incredibly compact size. Every feature I want in a digital camera is here and laid out in a very user friendly way. The inclusion of an excellent EVF makes this a real stand out among its competition.

The 4/3 system continues to grow and a large number of lenses from excellent makers are coming to market not to mention compatibility with untold number of legacy lenses. The high ISO technology has advanced to the point where this sensor size is not a liability in low light conditions.

June 27, 2012


Outstanding Image Quality

The OM-D E-M5 is the best digital camera I have used. The jpegs right out of the camera are outstanding. Color rendition is vibrant and autofocus is the best yet.

I have been using the camera indoors with the 12-50mm lens. I have gotten great pictures without flash and excellent auto focus performance.

The OM-D E-M5 is everything I expected it to be. I can't wait for Olympus to offer a fast 25MM prime.

June 27, 2012



This camera sets a whole new standard for Olympus and the mirror-less camera world. I previously owned the Olympus E-510 and E-Pl1 cameras. The OM-D E-M5 blows these cameras away with its quality and technological advances. The sensor provides great image quality. The new IBIS is amazing and I really like the way it works with manual focus legacy lenses. Auto-focusing on the new micro 4/3 lenses is very fast and accurate. Camera ergonomics are a personal thing, but I really like the way the camera feels and how easy it is to use. The buzz about this camera is not hype. It is based on reality.

June 27, 2012


lots of features in a small package

I was looking for a combination travel camera and quality family snapshot camera for times when my DSLR and big lenses were too bulky. I find that I'm getting a better dynamic range than I get with the DSLR, can shoot in very low light and at surprisingly slow shutter speeds. It is startling to handhold the camera at a shutter speed slow enough to blur moving water and still get a clear shot. It is not as good as a DSLR at tracking or stopping motion (active children and animals) but its other gifts and graces make up for that. i only wish there were an easier way to bracket than digging around in those menus. Very pleased with this camera.

June 26, 2012


very nice camera, small but powerful. lot's of things to be learn and explore

June 25, 2012

Soccer shots

Soccer shots

Great camera. Possibly best Olympus digital interchangeable lens camera. Manual is quite poor and needs to be rewritten.

June 24, 2012

Dean D

Feature rich small camera

Bought this camera because of some of the reviews I have read. All were true, great picture quality, fast autufocus with m4/3 lens. with the 17mm lens I can even but this camera in my baggy short pockets.
EVF built in is bright and great to use. very low noise up to iso 3200.
This camera has all need, this is a keeper.

June 23, 2012


Size and performance is excellent

Long time E-3 owner with a bevy of 4/3 lenses. Intrigued by the size and love the styling. The low light improvements coupled with the expanded dynamic range and the class-leading IBIS with 16megapixels is really stunning.

Negatives? No lens hood for the lens, bracket does not go to +/- 2EV and the manual is not very good.

June 19, 2012

Bruce G

Versatile, compact, high quality photos

Easy to use. Much lighter in weight than my prior DSLR with NO loss of photo quality. I'm just getting started with the camera, but I already know that I'll love it. Love the flexiblity and customization options. Happy to be back in the Olympus family (used to have an OM-10 and OM-2S).

June 16, 2012


I thought I was just getting a travel camera

As a long time DSLR user, I was looking for a camera to take on trips, not an every day one. However, my E-M5 has essentially replaced my DSLR. Once I got over showing my buddies the "toy" I had acquired and really got into it, I realized it did everything I wanted from a camera and then some. HDR set up is easy, the dials and button configuration is a snap, and the images are fine.
A caveat should be noted, namely this is a new body and some accessories are not available yet. For example, there are no extra batteries to be found at this time,Really Right Stuff has not shiped base plates for my tripod have not come in, etc.

June 14, 2012


A light, versatile camera with high image quality

I have only had the camera for week and used it to take a few hundred images under a variety of conditions and different purposes. I am an owner of two conventional full frame DSLRs (not allowed to disclose brands) with an accompanying assortment of lenses. These have delivered excellent images but were breaking my back and shoulders during frequent travels. I bought the E-M5 for its promise of excellent image quality coupled with a small size and light weight, a good assortments of lenses and a near optical quality viewfinder. I have not been disappointed. It is smaller, lighter and more capable than I expected. There is some adjustment required with the handling and imaging properties of the camera and the new lenses, so I expect to have more to say in the coming weeks to months. So far, two thumbs up!

June 14, 2012


Camera works well in all aspects. For someone transitioning from a point and shoot, the menu is cumbersome. If you want the challenge of stepping up from a point and shoot to a camera with the DSLR functionality, this camera is a good choice.
There is not a replacement BLN-1 battery available from Olympus. I need one ASAP and am distressed over thi issue. Poor planning on Olympus par.

June 12, 2012


Very easy to use

Served me very well on our family trip. I did not had to carry my larger camera.

June 12, 2012


lost the moment

I was so excited my new OM-D arrived two days before my son's graduation. I attempted to video the event but the camera had severe problem with the focus hunting around through the whole event. The video was enough to make you nauseous. Memories I'll never get back. Every 5 seconds or so when the video was sharp, it looked good though. :(

June 11, 2012


Best micro 4/3 so far!!!

If you're looking for a great and compact camera..this is it. It has all the features you could ever imagine. Perfect for travel, family and all around photography .

June 07, 2012


Fantastic camera for the money . .

I did semi-professional work with film --and I'm old. My girlfriend gave me a pen PL-1 for my birthday and that was a great, eye-opening gift. I have since acquired the EM-5 and could not be more pleased with it to this point. It is a joy to use, and the creative possibilities it places in your hands, seem, well, almost to simple to be legal. All in all, the camera creates such good photos with so many easy manipulations that it's difficult to not take multiple shots of subjects. And the size of the body and dedicated lenses (especially the 75mm-300mm lense) are a definite plus when hiking outdoors. Unless you have large, clumsy hands, you'll never regret getting them on the EM-5 . . . and as many lenses as you can afford. Highly recommend.

June 06, 2012

Does More Than 99% of What I Need/Want!

Awesome Package With Awesome Features

I have been waiting and waiting for a special camera. At first I waited around for other's announcements but nothing quite fit the bill. I needed a truly well thought-out system camera.

Shortly there after, the Olympus OM-D E-M5 was announced! I only heard bits and pieces but when it was confirmed by Olympus and the specs released, I felt strongly that I had found my camera.

After reviewing the specifications, I couldn't wait to see how close to true the claims actually are, and I am not disappointed! I wanted a camera that was small, tough (the weather sealing and moisture sealing is a BIG deal to me) and versatile.

By versatile, I mean it needed a view finder, I wanted the most manual and external controls (this camera has a really good mix of all those things) I wanted a tilt screen!!!

I feel like I have more on this camera than I thought any company would offer. I love the touch screen for quick focus and shooting! It works amazingly fast.

The view finder is quite nice, too. I have never used an EVF before, but I am very satisfied. I use the EVF 90% of the time. I have only just begun to fiddle with the video features, but I am satisfied with those early results, too.

I have been using the Olympus 45mm f1.8 prime almost all the time and absolutely love that lens.
Bokeh is no problem with that lens -- period.

I am still learning the ins and outs of this baby, but I am enjoying every minute of it. Another feature I had to have was the ability to make long exposures. This OM-D has a Bulb setting on it! Yay!

Some people say the rear buttons are a bit small... well maybe, but I have no problem messing with them. I am so pleased with this camera, I also am so happy I was patient for once and did not buy anything else! This is my camera-home for a long time.

I sound like a freak, I am sure, but coming from the kind of camera I came from, this is so liberating, to have all this control and feature list in one awesome, easy-to-carry-and-pack, package!

Also, one other note, I splurged and bought a 64Gig high-end memory card with the fastest transfer rate. I am very happy with shot-to-shot performance.

June 06, 2012


It's the camera I've always wanted.

The EM-5 is the most configurable camera I've ever owned. Assigning shooting functions to buttons is easy and makes using this camera a joy. The conversion from LCD usage to EVF usage and back is seamless. There are so many features built into this camera that are discovered only after spending time using the camera. It would have been helpful if Olympus included a paper user manual that explained all of these features.

My first full day of shooting with the camera was at Yankee Stadium, where I shot a five image panorama, which I've included with this review.

June 05, 2012


Micro Four-Thirds Goes Pro?

I've read some user reviews of the new Olympus OM-D E-M5 that seem dismayed at its operating noise, described as a fan-like sound. Once I'd fully charged its battery and switched my E-M5 on for the first time, yes, I did notice the slight whirring noise it makes. With my face pressed up against the camera and my eye in the viewfinder, it sounds a bit like the hum of a filter pump in a little fish tank -- right away, it reminded me of some lenses I've used with image stabilization built into them that sounded very similar.

And I grinned. I figured Olympus put more serious image stabilization into the sensor (although that's not to knock the IS systems they've put into the PEN series cameras, which work very well).

I was right. The image stabilization in the E-M5 is excellent, and in use seems to be about a stop or sometimes even two stops more effective than the IS in my E-P2.

I'm not worried about the low humming/whirring noise the camera makes when switched on; it's just part of how the camera functions and doesn't get in the way. No one notices it, and neither will you after a short time. It's really only audible when you're right up next to it, and you can't hear it even a foot or more away hanging around your neck. I have now shot two professional gigs with the camera that had moments of absolute silence, and that sound was completely unnoticeable.

More significantly, I'll move on to a sound the camera makes that I find quite perfect: its shutter. The shutter noise is a tidy little "plunk" sound that's very quiet and sounds muffled and refined, not at all like many cameras I've used or shot next to that have a metallic, cacophonous clacking noise that can be extremely disruptive. The shutter is also extremely fast and smooth -- its high-speed burst, if that's your thing, is impressive and lightning-fast at about 10 frames per second with the right memory card, far more than you'll need for about 99% of real-world shooting. Since the shutter noise is so low and understated, even a burst of shots is minimally obtrusive.

Let me say this: This little camera takes the Micro 4/3 package to professional grade (or at least it can be used effectively that way -- I do), and in only a short few weeks of use it's grown on me quite a bit and become my preference. I was a very early adopter of the E-P2 when it came out two and a half years ago, and I was amazed with what that little unit could do in the right hands. I still am. Yet, when the E-P3 came out, I hesitated and stayed on the fence. It seemed like an upgrade, but not enough of one to warrant rushing out to purchase.

Now, along comes the E-M5, which Olympus has billed as "The beginning of the new." And it might just be worth that very lofty introduction -- I feel like nearly every complaint I had with the E-P2 has been addressed, though there really weren't all that many.

You have good weather sealing, making the camera more "pro" and protected against rain, the occasional splashes that can happen in various situations, dust, etc. You have the option of an excellent battery grip, which for me greatly improves the handling and ergonomics of the camera while providing a second battery that will let you shoot all day long for an extended engagement. You have a great viewfinder that doesn't occupy the use of the hotshoe/accessory port, so you're free to pop on a flash, the stereo microphone (great for shooting movies, by the way), and other accessories. Among the most useful additions are the multiple dials on the top right portion of the camera, which among other things can allow you to spin exposure compensation up or down three stops easily and quickly to adjust for various situations (heavy backlight with no fill flash is one example). And since it's an electronic viewfinder, you can see the final exposure before you even snap the shot, which is a major advantage over a mirror-and-prism optical viewfinder on a DSLR. The flip-up LCD screen can be very handy for overhead or waist-level shooting.

But I think the one most noticeable change from my E-P2 to the E-M5 is high ISO performance. People often test different ISO settings in good light, but the true test for high ISOs is in rendering dark areas and shadows in low or next-to-no light. That was the limit of my venerable little E-P2: I can shoot it with very fast lenses and no flash in pubs and bar rooms, poorly-lit indoor situations, and so on, but I can really only push it to about ISO 800 before the shadow and dark areas start getting too noisy. With a fast enough lens, that will get you pretty far, but if there's much motion/fast movement, you still won't have enough shutter speed to stop it without blur unless you use a flash (not an option in many situations, and not my preference if possible).

I just shot the E-M5 hand-held well after sunset at ISO 6400 with a very fast lens -- there was almost no light at all, since it was in a wooded and already shaded area. And the photos I got out of it straight up blew me away. This thing's results at ISO 3200 and 6400 shot hand-held in near-total darkness look like it's not nightfall at all but afternoon; I was even able to shoot people blur-free and actually BETTER than the E-P2 can do at ISO 800 in terms of noise visible in shadow and dark/black areas.

Yes indeed, this sweet little unit is a keeper.

One quick note: I purchased the E-M5 with the 12-50mm f/3.5-6.3 EZ lens, simply because of its splash-proof design to match the camera and I expected that the equivalent of a 24-100mm lens in 35mm format would be a handy lens. The lens balances well on the camera, is nearly completely silent in zooming/focusing and sports a handy additional button you can assign a function to, and yes, it looks to be extremely sharp -- but then it *had better be* sharp by apertures as slow as f6.3 on the long end. I've found it's a useful lens for movie shooting and situations like when it's drizzling out or you're shooting people splashing around in a pool in daylight, for example, or shooting with a flash, but for me it's really too slow to use in many situations and will only be used occasionally.

Another quick note: I just tried out the 12-50mm's macro function, which I hadn't accessed. It requires you to hold down the "Macro" button on the side of the lens and push the zoom ring toward the front of the lens. This might just be this lens' true calling! It seems very competent as a macro, even though it's available only at the 43mm setting in Micro 4/3 terms (86mm equivalent field of view in 35mm format) and at apertures of f6.3 and smaller. With the lens' increased ruggedness due to weather sealing and very quiet operation, I'll have to play around with this one some more -- things just might get interesting!

So that's my experience, having thrown myself like an idiot into a few very high-pressure, must-do situations with minimal time to adapt to using the camera. It has performed admirably. I'm finding a lot of smart customizable functions, too, digging through the menus and assigning functions I use most to the additional buttons. I haven't yet gotten the FL-600R flash, which is smaller and made to balance better on the E-M5, and the FL-50R feels a bit too heavy and large to mount on the hotshoe. But I did use the FL-50R on a bracket with the camera, and the results from that setup were stunning.

I've noticed a few things that could use improvement. First, the battery life is very good so far in my experience, but there are only three indicator bars displayed: Full (3 bars), two-thirds (2 bars), and one-third (flashing red at you). That could benefit from, say, four or five indicator bars to provide a finer, more accurate readout. Also, I'm one of the people who will probably always use this camera with the full HLD-6 battery grip for improved handling (especially with larger lenses) and extended shooting capability, but the padded, soft rubber areas on the grip mark and scuff up easily. No big deal, but at some point I could see having to (i.e., wanting to) replace them. I also don't like the rubber "bend away" cover for the HDMI/USB ports on the left of the camera -- it feels like it could get loose after a lot of use, so I prefer the hard plastic cover over the SD card and almost always just remove the card to transfer files. It's also something of a nuisance that the E-M5 battery is larger and different than that of the PEN series cameras, just because I had to buy a new round of batteries (gripe, moan. I'll live).

That's about all I can say for now! I've grown accustomed to this camera much faster than it usually takes to get used to a completely new unit, and I'm very impressed with what it can do, even after just a short time. While I still love the feel and overall simplicity of my E-P2 and prefer it for certain situations, the E-M5 in many ways is a substantial leap in performance and has very quickly become my new standard, go-to camera. (I'm already pressing some wrong buttons on the E-P2 when switching between the two cameras because of some more intuitive control placements on the E-M5.)

I'm only surprised the E-M5 price point is really as affordable as it is -- I think it offers extraordinary "bang for the buck" when you see what it can do. It's the first time in quite a while where I actually feel like a new camera alone has added substantially to my creative "firepower."

Is this little thing truly "the beginning of the new?" Well, for this user, yep... it sure feels that way.

June 02, 2012


Wonderful camera

I am most impressed by how well it handles with the optional grip, especially for such a small camera. I was afraid it would be too little for my hands, but with the grip, it feels great.

June 01, 2012


The DSLR Killer

Yes that is a bold statement to make. I'll stand by it as well. I didn't take this purchase lightly as I've been a paid professional wedding and event photographer as well as portrait work and landscape work with digital cameras over the past 15 years. I was so taken back but the utter competency of this product when I got my chance to have a hands on with it, that I sold off ALL of my DSLR equipment as well as a competing small camera system. The focus speed and accuracy of this camera is utterly intoxicating. You'll shake your head wondering how it is possible. Even in a dimly lit building the focusing doesn't falter, making it still ideal for challenging shooting situations. The build is like a fine piece of jewelry. Some of the buttons have a softer touch than one might be used to but that is due to the completely weathersealed body design, a plus I think. The extensive customization menu allows one to tailor this camera to anyone's specific requirements, and once dialed in requires no special accessing of menus any further. The OLED screen is a joy to view, bright and color accurate. The viewfinder is the best yet. Superb fast refresh rates to the point you'll forget about optical viewfnders. Some of the many features allow for one to quickly assess the proper exposures needed (adjustable highlight and shadow adjustment). The dynamic range on this camera is very close to the large DSLR's out there but make NO mistake this body while solid as can be is a fraction of the weight you'd have to carry around with one of those. Battery life is quite good but the responsiveness is what will hook you for sure. The camera simply never gets in your way. It responds to every commend in a moment with no waiting. The video was a complete surprise as it appears better in many regards than all of what is available in a "hybrid" camera these days. The kit 12-50 is such a sweet and well thought out lens to pair with this camera. I highly recommend this as the initial combo. All in all a very well thought out product with design execution beyond anything out there. Olympus really hit a home run on this which is obvious considering the wait to get one. Be patient as this camera is worth it like NO other.

May 31, 2012


I love the size and weight of camera, which in turn leads me to use it more than a traditional DSLR. That is the most important part - that I can now take it with me and use it!

May 31, 2012


A firmware update and it will be best in class

As the other writers have said - this is a remarkable camera from its unbeatable auto focus to the image quality and H264 quicktime movies for video and size. It only falls down with its video recording options, only offering 30fps yet it has a PAL video output? NTSC is 30fps, PAL is 25fps. It really needs to have 25fps along with 30fps and to be true to HD it needs 24fps to keep all users happy.

May 30, 2012

Old Pro

A good start.

I grew up with OM's--1 through 4ti. The E-M5 is a good start in recreating the feel and feeling of those great cameras, but some work is still needed. I've only had mine for about 2 weeks, so it really is too early to make a judgment. I hope that these remarks are viewed by Olympus designers as well as prospective users, because I want to encourage them to continue.

I might add that I've used a 620 for years, and so far, I like the layout and concept of the older camera much better.

1. The printed manual is almost useless. It looks like it was translated from Japanese to Ukrainian, then to Mandarin, then to English.
2. In an effort to make the camera maximally customizeable, they have made it needlessly complex to use. For example, on the 620, if you want to set the ISO, something experienced photographers will want to do, you just push a button, the appropriate screen appears, and you set it. On the Em-5. you have to wade through menus.
3. I still have not figured out how to produce the super control panel every time. It was easy on the 620. Now it seems to depend on what state the camera is already in.
4. The viewfinder is not bad, but it is a LONG way from an optical viewfinder. Just for fun, I dug out my OM-4t. What a difference!
5. One of the things I was hoping to do was use my collection of OM lenses. It works-sort of, but it was easier to set up on the 620. Also, I'm not sure that I'm getting image stabilization--I followed the instructions, such as they are, but the same lens produced a better image on the 620 at slower shutter speeds.
6. I really like the grip. Without it, it would be very challenging to use, especilly with the tiny buttons.
7. I got the feeling that the engineers sat around and said "Wouldn't it be cool if you could----." without actually checking with photographers to see if they really would use the feature. Early computer programs were exactly like that. In the early OS's, a big deal was that you could customize the shape and color of your cursor. What the ----? I'd like to see Olympus have a focus group of the kind of photographer who is actually going to use the camera. The more "features" there are, the harder it is to learn and to use. There are only three variables a camera needs to consider to produce an image: ISO, aperture, shutter speed. Those three things need to be absolutely easy to access and intuitive. I like, and frequently use A and S, never P, and sometimes automatic if I'm lazy.
8 The build quality is great. Feels like a real camera. I don't like the tiny squishy buttons, but that ought to be easy and cheap to fix.

May 27, 2012


Olympus OM-D E-M5 is a absolute Jewel

I'm pleased to offer the first owner review here for this excellent camera.

The OM-D EM-5 has become my new and ideal everyday 'companion' camera. It offers outstanding usability and control for serious photographers with its quick reflexes, dual control dials, built-in EFV and tilt touch screen all packaged in a solid and handsome body that doesn't sacrifice extreme portability. I've had my OM-D for over a month now and honestly I can find no shortcomings to this camera. Upon initial unwrapping I happily found the camera's size and proportions to be exactly as I hoped (smaller than it appeared online). In use the camera is highly user configurable, image quality from new sensor is superb, tilt screen with touch/focus/shutter option awesome for shooting from the hip, IS excellent and last but not least it's just plain fun, a pleasure to use and behold. In short, this is the quintessential compact system camera I've longed for.

If you've been considering this camera, I suggest buying it now and adding one of the excellent M.Zuiko primes like the 12mm f2 or 45 f1.8. You will not be disappointed.

May 27, 2012


Olympus OM-D E-M5 is a absolute Jewel

I'm pleased to offer the first owner review here for this excellent camera.

The OM-D EM-5 has become my new and ideal everyday 'companion' camera. It offers outstanding usability and control for serious photographers with its quick reflexes, dual control dials, built-in EFV and tilt touch screen all packaged in a solid and handsome body that doesn't sacrifice extreme portability. I've had my OM-D for over a month now and honestly I can find no shortcomings to this camera. Upon initial unwrapping I happily found the camera's size and proportions to be exactly as I hoped (smaller than it appeared online). In use the camera is highly user configurable, image quality from new sensor is superb, tilt screen with touch/focus/shutter option awesome for shooting from the hip, IS excellent and last but not least it's just plain fun, a pleasure to use and behold. In short, this is the quintessential compact system camera I've longed for.

If you've been considering this camera, I suggest buying it now and adding one of the excellent M.Zuiko primes like the 12mm f2 or 45 f1.8. You will not be disappointed.

May 26, 2012


Everything I have wanted!

This is the camera I have been waiting for although I loved my E510 & my 620. The sealing, the size, the quickness of performance plus the small size is perfect for me. High ISO of 1000 & 1200 show little or NO noise! Very happy with the video, also!
Thank you, Olympus!
And thank you for the quick RAW editing available for Aperture!

May 24, 2012


Olympus OM-D E-M5 is a absolute Jewel

I'm pleased to offer the first review here for this excellent camera.

I considered the Pen E-P3 an excellent everyday 'companion' camera. Well, the OM-D EM-5 takes it up several notches (I personally would have preferred OM-5D or OM-D1 but what's really in a name?) improving on the Pen's usability for serious photographers in a huge way with its dual control dials, built-in EFV and tilt touch screen without sacrificing extreme portability. In short, this is the quintessential compact digital camera I've longed for and honestly I'm not surprised Olympus is the company to finally produce such a camera. Not unlike the original OM film series the new OM-D is a marvelous blend of high performance and excellent ergonomics in a small but very solid and handsome camera. I've had my OM-D for a month now and honestly I can find no shortcomings to this camera. Upon initial unwrapping I happily found the camera's size and proportions to be exactly as I hoped. In use the camera is highly user configurable, image quality from new sensor is superb, tilt screen with touch/focus/shutter option awesome for shooting from the hip, IS excellent and last but not least it's just plain fun, a pleasure to use and behold.

If you've been considering this camera, I suggest buying it now and adding one of the excellent M.Zuiko primes like the 12mm f2 or 45 f1.8. You will not be disappointed.