July 8, 2013 by darnolddawg
I really, really like this camera...
I wanted a small, quiet, easy to operate camera with the option for interchangeable lenses - not just an upgraded point and shoot camera, and the Olympus Pen E PL3 fits the bill to a T. This is a very intuitive camera to operate and the mult-iposition viewing screen is perfect for low and high angle shots. Love the lightning fast focusing too. Perfect camera for candid shots of the grandkids - almost noiseless, small and unobtrusive, and the super fast focusing allows me to capture moments and expressions I previously might have missed. Point and shoot ease of use on steroids! Love it!
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May 17, 2013 by Howard
i whent from a E-510 to this little camera and man was i in for a treat. not only is it much smaller it is much larger in what it can do. not sorry in what i did. thank you OLYMPUS
April 11, 2013 by Aleksandr
Unacceptable quality and customer service
I purchase my E-PL3 four month ago, and was happy with my purchase until yesterday. I removed memory card to print pictures. When I inserted card back into camera, I got: “Card Error”. But memory card is working with any other devises. Could not find an answer on Olympus tech support website, so had to call. They made me back up all pictures and try to reformat (how can you reformat memory if camera does not recognize the card) No success. I tried another memory card (probably they hoped I don’t have spare one to try) but got the same: “Card Error”. Now I have to pay for shipping and insurance of $500 defected product to mail it back to Olympus. Company would not pay for shipping of item that broke within warranty covered period of time! Now, if I am lucky, I will have refurbished camera for free! If not they will make me pay for this again. Looks like Olympus is the only company who will not take responsibility for selling low quality cameras for large amount of money. My ten years old SONY never give me any headache, and for next 10-14 business days (while Olympus evaluates the problem) I will have to use it again. I will strongly recommend to buying other brands or buy refurbished: it is cheaper from the very beginning and you can save money on postage fee.
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July 18, 2012 by Marin Bear
Size matters!
Due to the smaller size of this camera, I actually take it with me! The larger cameras are too heavy and cumbersome for my use (hobby). It has been user friendly, fun, and inspiring! My only complaint at this time is not being able to shoot on sunny days. I can't see what I am shooting at all (I KNOW there were marmots in the scree slope over there - but where the heck did they go?!?!) - it has been a gamble as to whether we 'got the shot' or not. And now I am ordering a viewfinder and can't really tell the difference between the options on the VF-2 and the VF-3...or whether it really works for the E-PL3. Not clear info on the website and reviews are all over the place. I only hope that Olympus can come through with standing behind their product. I tried a brick and mortar store (90 minutes away was the closest) to try the viewfinders out but they are in bankruptcy and cannot help me at this time. Battery life hasn't been great - ordered a back up one.
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June 30, 2012 by greenmachine
Quality of pictures is excellent
So far my results have been excellent. I will have a real handle on ite flexibility by mid August when I get back from Alaska
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