July 08, 2013


I really, really like this camera...

I wanted a small, quiet, easy to operate camera with the option for interchangeable lenses - not just an upgraded point and shoot camera, and the Olympus Pen E PL3 fits the bill to a T. This is a very intuitive camera to operate and the mult-iposition viewing screen is perfect for low and high angle shots. Love the lightning fast focusing too. Perfect camera for candid shots of the grandkids - almost noiseless, small and unobtrusive, and the super fast focusing allows me to capture moments and expressions I previously might have missed. Point and shoot ease of use on steroids! Love it!

May 17, 2013



i whent from a E-510 to this little camera and man was i in for a treat. not only is it much smaller it is much larger in what it can do. not sorry in what i did. thank you OLYMPUS

April 11, 2013


Unacceptable quality and customer service

I purchase my E-PL3 four month ago, and was happy with my purchase until yesterday. I removed memory card to print pictures. When I inserted card back into camera, I got: “Card Error”. But memory card is working with any other devises. Could not find an answer on Olympus tech support website, so had to call. They made me back up all pictures and try to reformat (how can you reformat memory if camera does not recognize the card) No success. I tried another memory card (probably they hoped I don’t have spare one to try) but got the same: “Card Error”. Now I have to pay for shipping and insurance of $500 defected product to mail it back to Olympus. Company would not pay for shipping of item that broke within warranty covered period of time! Now, if I am lucky, I will have refurbished camera for free! If not they will make me pay for this again. Looks like Olympus is the only company who will not take responsibility for selling low quality cameras for large amount of money. My ten years old SONY never give me any headache, and for next 10-14 business days (while Olympus evaluates the problem) I will have to use it again. I will strongly recommend to buying other brands or buy refurbished: it is cheaper from the very beginning and you can save money on postage fee.

July 18, 2012

Marin Bear

Size matters!

Due to the smaller size of this camera, I actually take it with me! The larger cameras are too heavy and cumbersome for my use (hobby). It has been user friendly, fun, and inspiring! My only complaint at this time is not being able to shoot on sunny days. I can't see what I am shooting at all (I KNOW there were marmots in the scree slope over there - but where the heck did they go?!?!) - it has been a gamble as to whether we 'got the shot' or not. And now I am ordering a viewfinder and can't really tell the difference between the options on the VF-2 and the VF-3...or whether it really works for the E-PL3. Not clear info on the website and reviews are all over the place. I only hope that Olympus can come through with standing behind their product. I tried a brick and mortar store (90 minutes away was the closest) to try the viewfinders out but they are in bankruptcy and cannot help me at this time. Battery life hasn't been great - ordered a back up one.

June 30, 2012


Quality of pictures is excellent

So far my results have been excellent. I will have a real handle on ite flexibility by mid August when I get back from Alaska

June 25, 2012


A great addition to my digital collection

Having started with Olympus film cameras (two O-products!) I remain very satisfied with the digital models in my bag. From my first C-4040, through a 730 and C-8080, and the e-300 and 500 series, my EPL-3 acquits itself in a wide variety of shooting situations. With the accessory telephoto and flash it has quickly become my go-to camera for most daily shooting.

June 24, 2012


Great camera, but not without shortcomings!

I bought this camera because of the Olympus reputation. I have quite a collection of 35mm Olympus camera gear, which I really enjoy. The EPL-3 is a great little camera (with emphasis on little). It's quite small and to make it worse there is no grip. I had to buy an aftermarket grip so I could hold it with out dropping it. The video is truly "jellyvision" and not very impressive. However, the camera takes truly great photos and the scene selections and art filters are fantastic. LIGHTNING FAST FOCUS! The battery life is about average but extra batteries are not that expensive. I DO HIGHLY RECOMMENDED this product!

June 06, 2012



It is true that there is a learning curve when it comes to mastering all of the various settings. I have not yet had time to do more then scratch the surface. Even with that the quality of pictures is high and the reduced size and weight makes the camera a pleasure to use. My biggest adjustment so far is finding a comfortable grip on the camera.

May 26, 2012


This is very versatile compact system

I am just learning about the camera. It appears to live up to its reputation of being similar to an SLR and superior to a point and shoot. I bought the camera and accessories for underwater photography but will also use it more than my point and shoot and possible my SLR.

May 20, 2012


Love the camera. Fun to use.

What I like : Image quality at low iso
Jpeg colors
Fast auto focus
Great features ( art filters 5fps etc)
In body stabilization
Lens selection
Needs Improvement: image quality at high iso
LCD - don't like 16x9 aspect ratio
resolution ok but could be better
no pop up flash
difficult to navigate menu

Overall I love the camera. Its lots of fun to use, I get great results. The cons are really a wish list.

April 22, 2012


Excellent enthusiast camera

I purchased this camera as a replacement for my full sized DSLR. I found I wasn't as likely to just carry my full sized camera around because of it's size and weight. This little camera is much easier to "grab and go." The feature set is wonderful, with your standard point and shoot, to full manual. I love the ability to fine tune the focus with the manual focus rings on the lenses. The photo quality is on par with consumer level full sized DSLRs, and it produces very nice video.

Quality gets a slight ding because the auto focus in video mode sometimes seems to get "confused" and will adjust. This seems to be worse after extended recording when the battery is getting hot and lower on charge. Value also doesn't get full marks since it is fairly high priced, but the feature set is excellent giving it an overall Excellent rating from me.

April 06, 2012

Cuban Gal

Great Camera

I just got this and I took some awesome pictures of my two cats. They are hard to photograph but I did great. User friendly Camera and light.

March 16, 2012

Mr. Markus

Great camera!

I was looking for something that was easy to use, compact and took great pictures. Found it all in this camera. The art filters are a lot more fun than I thought and all the other scene modes are great.

March 06, 2012


Light and compact

I am still learning all the features and enjoy the feel and grip although I often find I have inadvertently pressed the "record" button. I just have an issue with the screen, it gets so full of fingerprints and is almost impossible to focus manually. I will have to get a viewfinder.

March 05, 2012


It is so light compared to my DSLR!

I have been using my E-PL3 for about two months now. Because it is so light and small it has taken some time to get used to handling; but, what a delight! Since I do a lot of hiking and mountain climbing, weight is the serious issue and the E-PL3 meets that requirement along with delivering outstanding quality photos. Also, it is just fun to use. The variety of lenses available make it useful in most photographic situations. A must have camera in your working equipment fleet.

March 02, 2012


I have used this camera with a number of lenses. I am in LOVE with the 45mm f1.8 lens. With 4/3 lenses and adapters the focus is a little sketchy but usable.
The image quality and stabilization are out standing.

February 27, 2012


Great Small Package Camera

This is a 2nd camera to supplement a larger high end SLR. We choose Olympus because of the high quality and overall performance to size superiority.

January 24, 2012


Menu and controls could be better

Having a tough time with the controls of this camera. I'm finding the menu to not be as intuitive as it could be. Thought it could just be me but gave it to a friend to see if he could find the ISO control and he had a tough time too. Set to shutter speed priority and my shots came out completely dark in a well lit situation. Isn't the aperture supposed to adjust accordingly?! Oh well.

January 13, 2012


Excellnt Features

okay, I decided to try an Olympus camera once again because I really enjoyed my first Olympus digital a few years back. I bought another Olympus Digital SLR three years ago, and have to say I was very disappointed in the overall quality of the pictures.

I am pleased to report, that are ELP -3 has been nothing but outstanding in both its ease-of-use and the quality of the pictures that we have received to date.

Granted, I have only had the camera just a bit over four weeks, and during that time. Has had limited opportunities to explore all the features and options. But certainly, for a camera coming right out of the box and being put to use it has been an excellent, easy-to-use product.

For those that are looking for a lightweight, compact, small digital SLR, I would highly recommend having this camera your serious consideration.

January 08, 2012


Loaded with features and performance

Great little camera,a true gem. Olympus needs to market the scp. (screen control panel) it has to be activated but tucked away deep in the menu. When activated, it gives access to every setting on the LCD ( no need to go into menu with scp activated).
I also wish olympus key the pl2 design the lack of the grip isn't necessarily a bad thing but sort of take away from the camera.
Other than those minor gripes, this little guy is a gem. Don't hesitate on purchasing if you are in the market for a new camera. Images are breath taking, stabilization is great, hd videos are stunning. Lens options are available. A++

January 04, 2012


Great Handling and Great Results

The original thought was to purchase a new DSLR. After reviewing and handling a bunch of them, all were a bit too large for our intended purpose. Even borrowed one to try at an event. Too bulky and heavy. Saw the E-P3 (above our budget) and the E-PL-3 and E-PM1. The PL-3 fit our budget and offered the versatility and "tinkering" capability of a DSLR in a P/S size! Perfect! Got a telephoto lens with it and now have the perfect traveling companion... Awesome picture quality too!

January 01, 2012


Nice camera

Shape, weight and size lend itself to vacation picture taking. Auto focus is fast. Battery life could be better, but I keep a spare with me so not much of a problem. I really like this camera.

December 30, 2011


Great camera: Spontaneous and portable

Color rendition of this camera, paired with the right lens such as Zuiko 45mm 1.8, is simply stunning for a camera this size. I prefer it to my DSLR, despite the slightly narrower dynamic range.

The best thing about this camera, is the fact that I take more pictures in my spare time. The DSLRs are resting at home, while the E-PL3 gets to go with me on virtually every outing. The result is a higher frequency of spontaneous pictures, and that with an image quality high enough for me to care to print.

The menu is deep and allows for great customization. It can be difficult to navigate how ever.

I will recommend the E-VF2 if you are used to taking pictures the "old fashioned" way. Even if you are not, it certainly isolates and clarifies your view of the scene colossally. Will get you better shots.

Responsiveness is very good. Shots are captured when I want to, not 0.3 seconds later. Start up and ready to shoot from OFF is a little longer than I would have liked it to be. Approximately 3 seconds.

Lens choices are good. But there is a need for more Zuiko primes in my opinion.

Articulation is very useful and work as intended. High ISO is not as great as I would have expected and does not rival some competitors offerings in this segment. I never shoot high ISO (beyond 500), which is why this does not matter for me.

This camera is a joy to use, its pocket-able with the Zuiko 17mm 2.8 and you can even keep a spare lens in a coat pocket, which is what I do. A highly portable all round fantastic camera, that has revitalized spontaneous photography for me.

December 27, 2011


Better then advertised

I've had other digital slr's but this is by far the best of the bunch!!

December 06, 2011


The e-pl3 is what it said it was, a fine picture taking machine! I love the small size, but large enough to hang onto! I really like the moveable view screen. With some practice, I'm getting more familiar with the menu. My wife is starting to handle the camera and is even pressing the shutter button. Now I can be in some of the pictures! The camera seems to out class the others in that style!

November 16, 2011


I Love My Olympus Pen E-PL3

I have had my Pen E-PL3 for about 2 1/2 months. Although I practiced a bit with it for about a month, I didn't really become closely acquainted with it until my husband and I began to take our sailboat south from Annapolis, MD down to Florida. (By now, he is probably quite tired of hearing me say, "look at what else this camera can do!") I have friends with big cameras with heavy lens with which they take very nice pictures. But, this little baby is just as good, and maybe even better. It is amazing how much the camera is capable of doing. And, I don't know it all yet. I would recommend this camera to everyone!

November 10, 2011


I love my new camera

i am impressed with the quality and lightweight product the eas of which it takes to operate my new camera is great. It maks focusing easy and sharp clear pictures are a joy to show my freinds. I am even eagerly awaiting the change of seasons so as to caprure some bueatiful winter scene. I amd even eager to get out in the woods to capture some more wildlife.
My freins oh and ahh at some of my portraits andthink I'm better than I am by the quality and clairity.

November 10, 2011


Great camera

Wonderful "little" camera. It has introduced me to the artistic side of the world of photography. I love everything about it.

November 10, 2011


I love the size and fast focus.

The size, fast focus and battery life make it a great travel camera. My only wish would be to have a slightly longer zoom for the kit.

November 10, 2011


Size, Image Quality, Lenses

Needed in camera IS which lead me to Olympus in first place. But now my big SLR's stay home.