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August 24, 2011


E-P3 has lots of cool functions

No regrets on spending the money on this camera!!!

August 19, 2011


a joy to use

I have been waiting some time for a E-P2 upgrade
and this camera doesn't dissipoint me a bit .
Its gorgous to look at a joy to use and the IQ
is very good [ could be better still ] .
I really do believe the pleasure of using the camera
is a important factor, some people only consider the IQ and thats great but my hand reaches for this
E-P3 and I use it with great anticipation .
One small criticism , Olympus inexplicably removed
the electronic level !!! I really want it back ! perhaps in a future firmware upgrade .

August 18, 2011


Great artist camera!

I wanted a camera that had power and a small size
as i travel around town alot. This camera met my expectations and exceeded them. Great features! My favorite is the art filters. And of course the old school body style feels amazing!

August 17, 2011


Good price for what I can do with it

Being a PEN Lover since my E-P2 in Early 2010, my love of the new PEN would be biased. However, in the category of Fun Photography I believed PENs wins hands down.

Fun Photography requires unshackling of norms so it is hard to define but most who are doing it shows this love emotionally and in their shootings.

August 17, 2011


Surprising Improvements

I have an E-P2 and upgraded to this E-P3. The focus speed and accuracy is as good as claimed. I never thought I would use the touch screen to select focus points, but I love it. The world is changing.

August 15, 2011


great camera.. No RAW support yet.

The art filters are actually fun. I had a fun time taking the BW filter and pop art one evening. I for fun uploaded them to friends on a popular website and they all loved them. I saved them all as raw also, no lightroom support yet.. very very disappointed. Next best I guess is to convert to tiff.It does fit in my over sized pocket, I can take it out fire off a few shots and put it back in my pocket. The focusing is impressive, It does go wonky every now and then in low light. I just set one of the f buttons to manual and it was no problem..I would pay more if they had a little faster lens than the 2.8 ..But it has so far done really well.. Overall I love the camera despite the missing raw support.

August 12, 2011

big apple shoots

Compact wonderfulness

The E-3 is a wonderful camera. Soooo many great features in such a compact camera. I wanted a full feature camera that I could still put on my hip while vacationing. I found that in the E-3. It's versatile and very easy to use. Great speed too. You could make lunch while waiting for my last Olympus camera to take the shot and write it to the disc. Not an issue any more. I'll never miss another shot again while waiting for the camera. Top rating from me.

August 12, 2011


Fun to Use -- Still Evaluating Image Quality

It's too early to tell how well this camera will do for me. There is no Adobe Camera Raw or Capture One support and, sadly, the Olympus software for RAW image conversion leaves me with noisy images in continuous tone areas like blue skies unless I turn off all in-camera noise reduction. I find that odd, as RAW is supposed not to have any in-camera processing included. The question is: Is this a fun but expensive point-and-shoot or is it a small but serious camera?

August 11, 2011


Great big camera in a small package

Tons of features, Art filters add that little something more, great quality.

August 10, 2011


best looking camera money can buy

great camera, very fun to use, alittle bit too expensive, but i just can't resist the sexy look

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