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September 21, 2011


Nice upgrade to a good Camera system

I switched to the micro 4/3 format when the E-P1 came out. I chose it over competing brands because of the retro styling and build quality. I upgraded to the E-P2 because I wanted the electronic viewfinder option. I have since sold all my big DSLR gear and reinvested in Olympus PEN products and lenses for this format. My main reason for doing so was the size/weight savings of the PEN system. I have arthritic wrists and could only hold my old DSLR for 10 minutes. Now I have the E-P3 and must say it is a nice upgrade.

--New LCD looks great.
--Touch screen works better than I anticipated.
--The camera is very responsive.
--The new Auto Focus works great.
--I like the interchangeable grip.
--Image quality is great.
--Spot on exposure.
--HD video is better.
--The flash is a nice addition.
--The new prime m43 lenses from Olympus.
--There are a lot of lenses to choose from.
--Build quality is excellent.
--It simply is the coolest looking camera.
--Optional Electronic Viewfinder.
--5 programmable buttons.
--improved menu system with help balloons.
--the sub command dial which is a big reason (for me) to purchase it over the other PENs.

--I've never liked the 'wheel' adjuster on any camera brand. There must be a better way or implementation.
--Ergonomically for me at least the shutter button should be where the mode dial is.
--Some options can't be programmed to certain buttons and some buttons can't be turned off.

What I'd change:
--The location of the shutter release, swap it with the mode dial.
--An improved wheel adjuster and move the wheel in a bit.

This is a very versatile camera. It can be simple enough for a beginner but has a huge potential for serious photographers.

September 18, 2011


work in progress

picture quility is best i have ever seen. its new has lots of great features. takes time to get the feel and use the features. size and weight are perfect. manual could be better. lots of things you have to use trial and error. its going to be good.

September 14, 2011

Dr. Ron

Many great new features.

I've had all three of the EP series cameras and this is a big step up. I especially like the fill flash and the faster focus. Thanks.

September 07, 2011


Great Camera

I cannot say enough about this camera. I came from the Nex5, and I am enjoying this camera so much more. I think that the determining factor between this one as compared to others, was the art filters & the touch screen. The Nex has some, but nothing like this one. The solid build of this camera is great. I love the way it feels in my hands. There are no "cheap" parts, that's for sure. I mainly use this camera to take pictures of my kids on a daily basis, but I also am going to be using it to take their "more professional" yearly pictures. In fact, I just finished up my daughter's and they came out great. It is nice to be able to have this camera for daily use and for the other photos that I described. A true DSLR was too big for what I needed. I wanted a camera that I could take around with me and have on my person at all times. A DSLR just wasn't practical. The auto focus is blazing fast on this camera and is really amazing. It is exactly what Olympus has described. Each picture I have taken, has come out great. I wasn't sure if I would use/like the touch screen, but I do. The fact that there are no finger prints on it is nice as well. I really enjoy everything about this camera. If I had to choose a low point, I guess it would be that it COULD be better in low light situations. I don't shoot that much in low light though, so I really don't have a problem with it. The images from every other situation more than make up for this. The price was a little steep for me at first, but this camera is well worth it. Looking forward to buying the 45mm lens.

September 04, 2011


Good camera

The perfect camera with fastest autofocus, easy to use and got excellent images. I satisfied with the camera performance so i don't think to switch to other brand of camera.

September 01, 2011


This is the perfect camera for me

I am not a professional and until I purchased the E-PL1 had only used simple point and shoot, relatively low end cameras. Still, I took a lot of pics with low end cameras and am enthusiastic about capturing interesting pictures. I purchased the E-PL1 to get introduced to a better camera with detachable lenses. I purchased the 17 mm pancake lens and the 40-150 and proceeded to read a lot about photography and take pictures. I enjoyed taking pics so much with the E-PL1 that after reading reviews on the E-P3 I just had to upgrade. I had no problem selling my E-PL1 and now have the E-P3 with the new kit lens, the 17mm lens and the 40-150 lens. Living in New England I have taken many pics at the ocean and already appreciate the faster shutter speed for wide open aperture close ups in bright sunlight. I also purchased the VF-2 view finder for use with the E-PL1 and use that with the E-P3. The new touch screen on the E-P3 is beautiful and easier to see in bright sunlight but I have found it is much better to have the VF-2 in really bright sunlight to set up shots -- especially in manual mode when you take some time to set up a shot. I have also pushed the ISO up to 3200 in low light with great results. The kit lens focuses much faster than the E-PL1 lens and very quietly. I had a lot of problems taking video indoors with the E-PL1 and have yet to attempt video with the E-P3 though reviews state that continuous focus works much better in this model. I never could take good video of my daughter's gymnastics with the E-PL1. The E-PL1 was a solid camera but the E-P3 feels much more solid in the hand and it was an easy transition for navigating menus between these cameras. I have used the touch screen for some picture taking and it has proved a handy option.
This camera is very expensive but I think I got what I paid for. I intend to keep and use this cameras for a fair number of years ahead. I have heard battery life is poor but I am not a pro and don't shoot thousands of pics in a normal day. I have yet to run down a fully charged battery in the course of a shoot. I usually take a couple of hours out of every week to make a trip to the local dock or ocean front for pics. I have 2 batteries so have a spare if I ever shoot one dry. I have heard great things about the new lenses available for this camera but I doubt I will ever be able to afford one. I do think I have a nice range of lens for what I shoot.
This camera is perfect for me because I like to have a camera with me to take interesting shots. I usually have it at arms reach wherever I go and that is easy as it is not bulky. With the 17 mm pancake lens I can put this camera in my jacket pocket or carry it easily in my car. I can't comment on image quality in any kind of professional qualitative way. I can only say that I was pleased with the image quality of the pics taken with the E-PL1 and am happy with the image quality of the pics I am taking with the E-P3.

August 30, 2011


This camera is simply amazing

I did have a different camera/brand, and after owning it for 7 months, decided to sell it (even though I lost $150 or so) and go with the Oly EPL2. I enjoyed this camera, but felt that it was a bit of a downgrade from the one that I had. Image quality was good, but not quite that of my old camera. The build of the camera, in my opinion, was not as good as my previous. Enter Oly EP3. I returned the EPL2, and decided to wait for the arrival of the new EP3. I was SO excited to get this camera. This camera is THE BOMB. The quality of it is superb! Built VERY nicely. It's a great weight, it's VERY gorgeous, and fits so nicely in your hands. The only thing I didn't like was waiting for the battery to charge so I could tyr it out. The first few shots I took, were on the iAUTO mode. They came out great. One of the reasons that I stuck with the Oly Pen series is because of the art filters. I love them. This is a huge plus for a camera to have. The Nex has a few, but nothing even comparable to this. The LCD screen is awesome as well. The colors are true to life and very vibrant. The fact that the screen is "smudge" proof is wonderful. Love the touch screen. It doesn't have a huge amount of megapixels, but you don't need them. As I stated, all the pictures that I have taken, are of excellent quality. DSLR quality in a much smaller body. I did debate on buying the T3i, but this camera is much more practical. The fact that I have 5 children, 2 of which are under the age of 3, I really needed/wanted a camera that I could easily access. Not a big bulky camera. That just wasn't practical for me. But I wanted DSLR quality. WITH art filters!!The autofocus is simply amazing, & is remarkably fast. I am sure I have been all over the place with this review, but I think that I accomplished what I wanted. To let everyone know that they cannot go wrong with this camera. Even though it is a bit pricey, it is well worth it. Oh, and one last thing....the pictures of this camera online, do not do it justice. Once you see it in person, you will be in love.

August 30, 2011


A Considerable Improvement

It's good to have an Olympus Pen that focuses quickly, but this feature works best only with recent lenses: when an older lens is mounted (say one with an adapter and standard 43 mount rather than an m43 one), the focusing still hunts back and forth some before locking on.
The E-P3 is, however, a fine example of how to build a camera: metal body and generally good layout. Good-looking, too. It's fine for personal use: travel, family, whatever.
But the 43 format is a little restrictive for fully professional use. And I don't see why a flash outlet (even a PC one) couldn't have been incorporated in the lower part of the VF-2 so that it would be possible to use the viewfinder (which I almost always do) and a flash simultaneously.

August 29, 2011


It's got everything!

I have not had a great deal of time evaluating my new E-P3 but so far it exceeds my expectations. It is loaded with so many features I would not know where to beging rating all that it can do. Plan to take it on my forthcoming trip to China in May 2012. I will send pictures of this fothcoming trip.


August 28, 2011


makes shooting fun

I bought the E-P3 as a high quality travel camera. And it certainly excels in this area. It's intuitive, portable and provides excellent images straight out of the camera.
But it's much more than I expected. It provides seemingly unlimited control and flexibility in a very efficient menu system.
Most importantly, it makes taking pictures fun. The touch screen provides quick and easy manipulation of depth of field. The art filters stimulate the imagination. (I especially love diorama)
As a beginner, I feel that this is a camera I can grow with. And it makes the learning process something I look forward to.

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