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October 21, 2011


Amazing Camera!

If you are a professional photographer, skip right over this review! I chose this camera because I wanted something that was simple to use like a point and shoot, but had the potential to work well for me if I decided to pursue photography as a more serious hobby. I have used this camera for everyday family life pictures, and have gotten some amazing pictures of my kids that I will treasure forever. Honestly, I took the camera out of the box, turned it on, and started taking pictures. It is so simple to use! I don't have any photo editing software, but I don't even feel like I need it with all the different art filters. I have already purchased the 14-150mm lense so that I could have a little more zoom, and I'll be getting the 50mm next. This camera is making me love photography! Here are two pictures I have taken using the Gentle Sepia art filter and the Auto setting... nothing fancy or artistic, just my family's everyday life!

October 15, 2011


This camera has reawakened my love of photography.

The E-P3 captures the best of the preceding four Digital Pen cameras, as well as some of the features I liked best about the film based Olympus OM model cameras.

Especially useful is the E-P3's ability to mix and match several of the Art Filters simultaneously, across shooting modes.

October 14, 2011

4/3 Shooter Extreme


This is without a doubt the best camera purchase I have ever made, and I have made a lot of them. Now that they have fixed the Autofocus this is just about the perfect camera! Bright true to life colors, incredibly sharp and accurate AF, easy menu to navigate, fast file write speed, and small enough to carry all day long. What more can you ask for?

It has been said that the best camera is the one that you always have with you. Now that the E-P3 is available that is certainly true!

October 12, 2011


WOW! what products!

Best camera I have ever owned!! I sold a very expensive system to buy my Olympus and have never been happier. I am now a very senior citizen and don't have steady hands anymore. It is just terrific that I don't have to use the flash anymore for ALL the pictures I take! The Image Stablizer works wonders for me, now I can use all the features that I desire without the flash. The kit lens works terrific plus I bought the new 40-150mm lens and am extremely satisfied with the performance. I also purchased the FL-36R flash which works great for when I use flash.
Thank you so much Olympus, for making such a great system I will enjoy the rest of my life.

October 10, 2011


History Repeats Itself

My first experience with serious photography started when I bought an Olympus Pen FT back in the early 70's. I loved that camera. It took great pictures, offered unlimited possibilities with a wide variety of lens choices. However, the half frame idea got to me after a while because I would have to use a whole roll of film before I could see results and with 48 being a minimum for developing it was a bit expensive also. So I (stupidly) traded it in on an OM-1. This was great camera also but it went with a divorce settlement. That was followed by a series of camera buying. None of which matched the Original Pen FT in my opinion. I finally retreated from photography for a number of years preferring to use my Point and Shoot Olympus 710 which performed perfectly to my needs.
Then, two years ago I read about Olympus introducing the E-P1. I told my wife, I must have this camera even though it meant getting back in the the Photography Hobby game. I was not disappointed . The E-P1 did everything I expected and more. But there were some deficiencies - particularly focus time - the new E-P3 eliminated this problem and there were other added features it provided. So I sprang again for another Olympus and I am delighted with both versions. I will now use the E-P1 with the many manual lenses I have acquired and the E-P3 pretty much only with auto focus lenses.
Thanks for the opportunity to pass along this note. Bucky

October 08, 2011


Great build quality
Very fast focus
Photo editing Software confusing to use

October 04, 2011


Great competitor to DSLRs.

This product I have found to be a great upgrade from my E-PL1. A great product in its own right.

What encouraged in buying this product. Other then it being an upgrade. Was the addition of the OLED display and the as advertised. Super fast auto focused. These were the two things I noticed first when I was able to try it out at the store.

What surprised me on top of all of this. What how silent the lens is compared to the lens that came with the E-PL1. The only sound I heard from it. Was the beep, it the auto focus locked on its target.

October 02, 2011

Ome Tochtli Pachtecatl

fun,nice Art filters

I make a weekend trip to San Miguel Mission in California and really enjoy my EP3 that was fun,I wish to have a different lens (only have the kit lens 17mm) but any way the pictures turnout amazing (w/tripod) when I look in my computer the quality in low light is impressive for me not being a professional was very good.

October 01, 2011


Arrived in excellent shape and was very impressed overall. I'm still learning all of the menus, but very easy to use.

September 23, 2011


no more DSLR for me

after handing, shooting and working with the E-p3, it is my go to camera now over my bigger DLSR system, I can see this camera and format becoming a working camera for the pros as it has for me. A delight to operate and the images are impressive to say the least. It takes a good tool to do a good job and this is a great tool

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