January 16, 2012 by TrumanLovesFrisbees
This is not a paid commercial...
I don't typically write reviews but I had to write this one because my PEN e-P3 exceeded my expectations--which doesn't happen very often. First, this camera is like a Faberge jewel. It is beautifully crafted with great attention to detail. Of course it would be worthless if it was only eye candy. I was expecting to have to shoot RAW files, but the out of camera JPEGS are amazing. Plus if you want to fine tune the JPEG the settings allow you two tweak them to suit your sensibility. ISO up to 1600 looks terrific and if you are in a jam the higher ISOs are more than useable. The OLED viewfinder is gorgeous. I wish my TV had as spectacular of a picture. And while I thought the touchscreen interface was a feature that I wouldn't use, it is thoughtfully configured and more importantly very responsive. Most reviews rave about the lightening fast focus...and I agree. There' s a little hunting and pecking at incredibly low light levels but manual focusing is easy and I love the manual focus assist feature. If you can't tell, I am crazy happy with my PEN E-P3. I spent months doing research and I am so glad I chose this over DSLRs. You will not be disappointed!
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January 15, 2012 by EP3fan
the size and the quality is a perfect combination.
January 15, 2012 by Bamboo
Excellent quality, compact, light and easy to use
Camera not only works well but also looks great. Lots of comments, questions and looks from others. The quality is excellent supporting the feel of the camera. Picture quality is outstanding and consistent.
January 15, 2012 by wlhead
Very fast
I love this camera. I also have an E-3 and this is every bit as capable. I didn't think I would use the art filters until I tried them in the fog at the beach at sunset. I got some amazing results. I am also amazed with the focusing. If the camera can't focus automatically, all I have to do is touch the viewing screen and it focuses on that spot and takes the picture it's great.
January 14, 2012 by orison
Great Product
If you are looking for a camera that does all that a high-quality DSLR should, then look no further. The advantage to this camera, however, is its good lucks and smaller profile than a full-sized DSLR. It's handy to carry with you and looks great!
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