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December 09, 2011


The E-P3 is camera and darkroom in one!

Nice small size. I only wished your online store had the large grip attachment in stock.

December 08, 2011


Great Camera

Using for telephoto shots and close ups also. Does a great job but takes a while to learn all of what it is capable of.

November 19, 2011

Dean D

Powerfull small camera

great feel in hand, performence is excellent. prints up to 17x11 look great with no upscale there size
super high grade lens with this camera. fast focus and great color and sharpness

November 14, 2011


this product has great features

overall this product has the best quality that i've been looking for a micro 4/3 cameras. the only thing is that i wish if olympus could install a view finder together with ep3.

November 11, 2011


The Logical MFT Successor

Earlier this year I lost my former MFT powerhouse pocket rocket to a rather nasty car accident. My former camera being discontinued and rather difficult to attain a new copy of (or prohibitively expensive to do so), I ended up perusing the market for the next logical replacement. The E-P3 stood tall and beckoned me forward, and boy am I glad I made the system jump to Olympus in that regard.

After having shot exclusively in RAW (out of necessity really) for the better part of a year, I was excited to have a camera in hand that I knew could produce the competent JPG images I used to capture in years past. Aside from having an absolutely remarkable JPG engine, the E-P3 also allows a level of latitude in the customization of that processing I simply did not expect. Noise reduction, saturation, sharpness and contrast, sure, those are expected, but there are relevant tweaks available to bias the imaging to high or low key, curves-style adjustments to how dynamic range is handled, the ability to add a warming or cooling bias to white balance... it's amazing. Easily takes a good chunk of my typical post-process and condenses it into on-camera wonderment. Art filters are even customizable to produce genuinely strong images, not just canned effects lacking substance. Even the e-portrait JPG adjustment is amazing, smoothing over faces much as I would in other portrait software, saving me a step.

As far as control layout is concerned, everything really does fall where it is expected. Operating the camera by feel came very quickly to me even after having been so involved with the use of another system prior. Although I would prefer more physical dials and knobs and switches, the operation of the camera via menus, buttons and a pair of dials is not a chore at all (some part of me deep down just likes mechanical features, I suppose). The touch screen is also well implemented, by my old fashioned sensibilities when using a camera demanded I turn the features it provided off (which I am sometimes tempted to turn back on because, honestly, there are some things that just happen quicker with use of the touch screen).

Screen quality is also top notch, with a solid high resolution and bright screen that isn't trouble to see even in sunlight. Unlike my computer monitor, it is also much truer to how the printed image appears than other screens I have been bound by in the past (and lord knows a well calibrated screen is important).

Even when using my non-Olympus lenses, autofocus seems to snap to subject much faster than it did before, opening up a higher level of action shooting that I never before thought possible with contrast detect autofocus. Chasing kids with the camera, for example, is suddenly in the realm of possibility, something that just didn't seem at all reasonable not too long ago. Olympus has only managed to further the strengths of its contrast detect system with the modifications it made and incorporated on the E-P3.

And on a shallow note, the thing really is ungodly sexy to behold. My previous camera was very much a "working man's" tool, and I did appreciate that simplicity, but the E-P3 has a very different appeal that didn't touch me at first, but very quickly grew on me. The thing just feels good to brandish (and much as a good camera should, it disappears in the hand, less a camera and more an extension of self).

The mirrorless market has spawned a host of new camera in the past year, but unlike a majority of what I see being shuffled out, Olympus struck all the right chords with the E-P3 by doing something very few companies seem to recognize as a feasible solution - don't fix it if it isn't broke. The E-P3 holds true to the very fundamentals that made the mirrorless system camera so appealing in the first place, and with the list of awesome primes only growing in the MFT world (and all stabilized thanks to sensor shift stabilization), I don't see myself ever really going back to the old American tradition of carrying a 10 pound brick and a 20 pound backpack of glass.

Mirrorless is here and here to stay, and the E-P3 holds true to the new standard expected - even defines it.

November 10, 2011


Great improvement AF

1. Faster AutoFocus than its predessor
2. Slightly improvement in pict quality (good)
3. Surprises with built-in flash
4. Crisp LCD viewer with "iPhone, Galaxy" style of easy menu navigation
5. Solid product

November 08, 2011


Great camera in a small package!

I'm a commercial photographer who finally gave up large format film about 7 years ago and went digital. Always stayed away from the "little" cameras but a friend showed me his E-P3 and I was sold. Small, light, and just enough megapixels for what I use it for, and it goes with me everywhere! The autofocus performs much better than some of my larger, high end cameras, and the image files it creates are fantastic. I just never go anywhere without it.

November 06, 2011


I find the E-P3 has put fun back into my hobby.

I like the size and weight of the E-P3 along with it's retro look. In the past I have owned range finder cameras and the Pen reminds me of that period in my life . I find it ideal to take on vacations and in crowed location where a DSLR would be too big. I have the 14-42F/3.5-5.6 II R lens, the 40-150mm F/4-5.6R and the 45mm F/1.8.

I attended a small air show featuring old planes and was pleased with the photos I made using the VF-2 and the 40-150. A 75mm f/1.8 or 100mm f/2 would be a welcome addition.

October 26, 2011


My camera is everything i thought it would be!

I love my ep3! I love everything about it. I recommend it to everyone who shows the slightest interest in photography.

October 21, 2011


Amazing Camera!

If you are a professional photographer, skip right over this review! I chose this camera because I wanted something that was simple to use like a point and shoot, but had the potential to work well for me if I decided to pursue photography as a more serious hobby. I have used this camera for everyday family life pictures, and have gotten some amazing pictures of my kids that I will treasure forever. Honestly, I took the camera out of the box, turned it on, and started taking pictures. It is so simple to use! I don't have any photo editing software, but I don't even feel like I need it with all the different art filters. I have already purchased the 14-150mm lense so that I could have a little more zoom, and I'll be getting the 50mm next. This camera is making me love photography! Here are two pictures I have taken using the Gentle Sepia art filter and the Auto setting... nothing fancy or artistic, just my family's everyday life!

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