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April 11, 2012


Good combination of characteristics

After dumbing down its digitals, Olympus has returned to its complete control system and RAW recording in a compact package with interchangeable lenses. This replaces 35 and 645 cameras for my work, some technical, some artistic, with largest print size 13 x 19.
I like the ability to select the area of the image for autofocus.
For outdoor work, I wear a wide-brimmed, black, sun hat to shade the image of my face that also appears on the screen.

April 03, 2012

Veggie Guy

This is a straight forward camera from every aspect. Takes amazingly good pictures and features work great. Love taking the movie pics especially which are remarkable easy to use. I took pictures this weekend at a performance at Carnegie Hall in NYC and will have something to share with family and friends.

March 15, 2012


Good overall. Very nice design and look. However it is packed with too many options, many beyound the need of the amature photographer but are great for the experienced photographer. Lacks viewfinder. It has extremely terrible manual, and there are no eazy/clear "how to use" instructions or even something like "EP-3 for Dummies". Also, you need a magnifier to read it. Do NOT buy this camera if you are a novice and wand to make use of its full capibilities (which accounts for the relatively high price.) If you opt to regularly use the builtin "auto" options, you are better off buying one of the much chealer and excellent others.

March 10, 2012


Really love this camera

I bought this camera as a lightweight travel alternative to my EOS system...I wanted a system camera for which I could buy high quality lenses...definitely not a fixed lens camera. But image quality had to be great. So, a norma typical point and shoot of any type would not do.
I have been very happy with the camera mainly because 1) the image quality is good enough (I have a full frame DSLR to compare it to) 2) autofocus is great 3) touch screen is great, particularly the touch screen shutter release. Contrary to some opinions I have had to trouble with false shots due to the touch screen. I have in fact had many false shutter releases with the shutter button (my hands are somewhat large). 4) OLED display to awesome...bright and high quality. 5) Great retro look.

March 06, 2012


Excellent all round camera

I have been using my Olympus EP3 for about five months now. I am most impressed by the excellent optics of the Zuiko lenses. The kit 14 to 42 will do 80% of what every photographer wants or needs. For travel and street shooting I have stopped using my other lenses because I am so impressed with the quality of the kit zoom. The digital zoom feature makes the kit 35mm equivalent of 28 to 168 mm that's an incredible value. For serious work I always shoot raw and appreciate all the tools available in viewer. It takes a bit of getting used to but is well worth the effort. Once finished with raw processing I will often export to another cataloging program. I recently added the 1.8/45 mm lens. It's incredible. The clarity and bokeh as well as lowlight functionality are excellent. I'm planning on adding the 12 and 75. I also shot HD movies which I have shared online. They are incredible. I would suggest getting two batteries. I always have two batteries for every camera I own. It's so much fun shooting and easy to get carried away and come back with hundreds of photos

February 28, 2012

mellow yellow

It is light and very well made.

I have a EPL-1 and been waiting to be able to get E3 with more controls at easy access. Plus the focusing is much faster. Was thinking about the Epl-3, but I really wanted E-P3.

February 09, 2012


The touch autofocus is dead-on.

Excellent lightweight camera for travel, hiking and biking adventures. The touch autofocus screen is amazing. Camera produces excellent colors. Menus are a bit perplexing and the manual could be better written. But after unlocking the super control menu I'm good to go. Fits in my hands perfectly. The only drawback is the lack of an articulating screen. Terrific little camera!

February 03, 2012



all sides, perfect! just missing wifi connectivity!

January 28, 2012


More than I expected for serious photography

My recent ownership with 14-42 and 40 150 lenses has me convinced that M43 is the way to go. I am 75 years old and need to get the weight of traditional SLRs off my back. I'll be printing at 11x14 or larger and sample prints indicate that this is possible.

Noise is a bit on the high side but as better sensors are offered in the future EP4, EP5 etc this will become a fantastic system with no drawbacks.

I found the menu system a little tricky at first but have caught on. I think my DSLR system (another brand) has a more intuitive menu.

January 26, 2012


Great replacement for single lensref lex

Replacing heavier SLR and multiple lenses.
This meets most of bill. Bit expensive and some limits in lenses made for this format but great quality and performance.

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