September 1, 2014 by Aaron
Great everyday camera
This camera is great!! I bought it as a gift to myself to start doing some photography for a blog I started and it does the job. It has been a big help in improving my photography skills and eye. If I could recommend a great starter camera this would be it.
January 20, 2014 by Stan
Lovely Camera Ruined By Fragile Mode Dial
The mode dial on my E-P 3 has never been secure. It constantly falls off. Sent it back to Olympus for repair under warranty. Finally received it back after three weeks and the first time I used the camera it popped off again. I guess I will send it back again but I won't have the camera back in time for my first vacation in years--a photography expedition no less. I regret this purchase and will never buy another Olympus product.
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October 22, 2013 by David
A surprizing package
I had previously purchased an Olympus epl1 and an Omd em-5. Both cameras worked flawlessly. Each had plusses and minusses. I grew to trust the OMD as I had trusted the old OM1 and 2s. The trouble with the cameras is the menu system. I find it difficult to navigate. The ep3 is another great camera with a menu which to me, is confusing and different. I shoot Nikon and Canon DSLRs and have no problem with menus. When everything is set the way I want it, the images are superb. I have many Olympus Mirrorless lens and they all merge wonderfully with this camera. I find it interesting that shooting raw doesn't necessarily reduce the noise as I would have thought. Overall, I am happy with this camera.l I use it for special shoots and it produces well.
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June 1, 2013 by KrakeN PhotographY
Worth every penny and then some
I recently purchased the Ep3 and as a beginning photographer ( just finished all the classes at the college i attend) i wanted a camera that was easy to use from the get go but had the ability to do so much more as i learned and with this camera i am able to do just that. I started off taking fast snaps of everything i saw and little by little i am getting deeper into the camera and its abilities and it is showing with every new picture taken. This camera really is the bees knees and i would recomend it for any novice to pro photographer as it has everything for every level. Way to go olympus. On a side note, you can find a tiny ep3 keychain with the 17 mm pancake!!!
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July 26, 2012 by kreggin
Great alternative to DSLR
My wife and I show dogs as a hobby - taking good pictures involves the gamut of lighting - from outdoors to high intensity artificial lighting indoors. It is critical to have fast autofocus with fast shutter speeds. My older brand C DSLR struggled to focus in time for the shot. When it came time to upgrade I looked into M4/3 as a more compact alternative. I have been very impressed by the image quality, speed and accuracy of the autofocus and the ISO range of the E-P3. You must take the time to master the range of customization setting avaialble to get the most from this great camera.
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