August 31, 2014


Great everyday camera

This camera is great!! I bought it as a gift to myself to start doing some photography for a blog I started and it does the job. It has been a big help in improving my photography skills and eye. If I could recommend a great starter camera this would be it.

January 19, 2014


Lovely Camera Ruined By Fragile Mode Dial

The mode dial on my E-P 3 has never been secure. It constantly falls off. Sent it back to Olympus for repair under warranty. Finally received it back after three weeks and the first time I used the camera it popped off again.

I guess I will send it back again but I won't have the camera back in time for my first vacation in years--a photography expedition no less.

I regret this purchase and will never buy another Olympus product.

October 22, 2013


A surprizing package

I had previously purchased an Olympus epl1 and an Omd em-5. Both cameras worked flawlessly. Each had plusses and minusses. I grew to trust the OMD as I had trusted the old OM1 and 2s. The trouble with the cameras is the menu system. I find it difficult to navigate. The ep3 is another great camera with a menu which to me, is confusing and different. I shoot Nikon and Canon DSLRs and have no problem with menus. When everything is set the way I want it, the images are superb. I have many Olympus Mirrorless lens and they all merge wonderfully with this camera. I find it interesting that shooting raw doesn't necessarily reduce the noise as I would have thought. Overall, I am happy with this camera.l I use it for special shoots and it produces well.

June 01, 2013

KrakeN PhotographY

Worth every penny and then some

I recently purchased the Ep3 and as a beginning photographer ( just finished all the classes at the college i attend) i wanted a camera that was easy to use from the get go but had the ability to do so much more as i learned and with this camera i am able to do just that. I started off taking fast snaps of everything i saw and little by little i am getting deeper into the camera and its abilities and it is showing with every new picture taken. This camera really is the bees knees and i would recomend it for any novice to pro photographer as it has everything for every level. Way to go olympus. On a side note, you can find a tiny ep3 keychain with the 17 mm pancake!!!

July 26, 2012


Great alternative to DSLR

My wife and I show dogs as a hobby - taking good pictures involves the gamut of lighting - from outdoors to high intensity artificial lighting indoors. It is critical to have fast autofocus with fast shutter speeds. My older brand C DSLR struggled to focus in time for the shot. When it came time to upgrade I looked into M4/3 as a more compact alternative. I have been very impressed by the image quality, speed and accuracy of the autofocus and the ISO range of the E-P3. You must take the time to master the range of customization setting avaialble to get the most from this great camera.

July 26, 2012


Fantastic first digital camera!

I worked 20+ years in the retail photo industry (camera stores and photo labs). Always a film guy. When I finally woke up from deep sleep of digital denial, I decided to look for something other than your uncles run of the mill DSLR. Wanted something special, something different, something that fulfilled my personal needs and desires. The EP-3 does all of that. Love it!

July 21, 2012


High performance, lightweight package.

I think the most surprising camera I ever owned was the E-PL1. When I thought about upgrading, I had no intention of buying the E-P3; I thought it was somewhat overpriced. After reading a lot of reviews, and looking at some of the improvements that had been made with this camera, I thought why not give it a try. Since owning the camera, I have been very happy with the performance of the camera. It continues with Olympus' excellent image quality and adds faster and more accurate focusing. Overall, I have no regrets about getting an E-P3; it does everything I need a camera to do in a compact, light weight package. As a matter of fact, I liked the E-P3 well enough that I ended up selling my dslr gear, primarily from the lack of use since picking the PEN up. Like many, I tend to use it more because it is so convenient.

May 31, 2012


im loving it no regrets..!!!

Just fews weeks touching my darling & the feel is just so right
one words i can say i love...

May 19, 2012


Lightweight and good quality images

Refugee from the land of DSLR heavyweights. I like to bike and hike but wanted something a bit better than a point and shoot. I got the 12 mm lens and the kits lens. The 12 mm 2.0 lens is a real pro lens. It is metal body and really feels solid. The kit lens is not bad but the 12 mm lens kind of spoils you. I like the touch screen focus and shutter release feature. Pretty amazing ability. Although it is only 12 megapixels, I can still zoom way on RAW files and still get decent resolution. The old maxim about photography being all about the glass really holds true with the E-P3 / 12mm combination. I wish that the kit lens was a 25 mm f1.8 lens (I know, it does't exist, but still it would be nice to have an old fashion "normal" lens.)

April 30, 2012


Great camera to advance photography skills

I resisted the switch from film to digital until about 10 years ago. This model is a great piece for the novice or hobbyist looking to improve their ability. It brings back the feel of the older film models with all the digital advantages. From action to candids, this let's you have free reign on the controls to create memorable shots. It's a pleasure to use. Portability is a major plus.

April 21, 2012


Quality, flexibility in ergonomic package

Purchased E-P3 with 17mm, 14-42mm, 40-150mm w/ UV and Polarized filters. I have moved from using fully automatic to fully manual over the past 9 months. The navigation screens and control buttons make the transition easy to do. The image stabilization w/ the zoom works great.

April 11, 2012



I love this camera. I haven't put it down since I received it. Its user friendly and I love experimenting with all the scene modes and special effects. Its such a fun camera. The picture quality is top notch & the overall quality of the camera is superb.

April 11, 2012


Good combination of characteristics

After dumbing down its digitals, Olympus has returned to its complete control system and RAW recording in a compact package with interchangeable lenses. This replaces 35 and 645 cameras for my work, some technical, some artistic, with largest print size 13 x 19.
I like the ability to select the area of the image for autofocus.
For outdoor work, I wear a wide-brimmed, black, sun hat to shade the image of my face that also appears on the screen.

April 03, 2012

Veggie Guy

This is a straight forward camera from every aspect. Takes amazingly good pictures and features work great. Love taking the movie pics especially which are remarkable easy to use. I took pictures this weekend at a performance at Carnegie Hall in NYC and will have something to share with family and friends.

March 15, 2012


Good overall. Very nice design and look. However it is packed with too many options, many beyound the need of the amature photographer but are great for the experienced photographer. Lacks viewfinder. It has extremely terrible manual, and there are no eazy/clear "how to use" instructions or even something like "EP-3 for Dummies". Also, you need a magnifier to read it. Do NOT buy this camera if you are a novice and wand to make use of its full capibilities (which accounts for the relatively high price.) If you opt to regularly use the builtin "auto" options, you are better off buying one of the much chealer and excellent others.

March 10, 2012


Really love this camera

I bought this camera as a lightweight travel alternative to my EOS system...I wanted a system camera for which I could buy high quality lenses...definitely not a fixed lens camera. But image quality had to be great. So, a norma typical point and shoot of any type would not do.
I have been very happy with the camera mainly because 1) the image quality is good enough (I have a full frame DSLR to compare it to) 2) autofocus is great 3) touch screen is great, particularly the touch screen shutter release. Contrary to some opinions I have had to trouble with false shots due to the touch screen. I have in fact had many false shutter releases with the shutter button (my hands are somewhat large). 4) OLED display to awesome...bright and high quality. 5) Great retro look.

March 06, 2012


Excellent all round camera

I have been using my Olympus EP3 for about five months now. I am most impressed by the excellent optics of the Zuiko lenses. The kit 14 to 42 will do 80% of what every photographer wants or needs. For travel and street shooting I have stopped using my other lenses because I am so impressed with the quality of the kit zoom. The digital zoom feature makes the kit 35mm equivalent of 28 to 168 mm that's an incredible value. For serious work I always shoot raw and appreciate all the tools available in viewer. It takes a bit of getting used to but is well worth the effort. Once finished with raw processing I will often export to another cataloging program. I recently added the 1.8/45 mm lens. It's incredible. The clarity and bokeh as well as lowlight functionality are excellent. I'm planning on adding the 12 and 75. I also shot HD movies which I have shared online. They are incredible. I would suggest getting two batteries. I always have two batteries for every camera I own. It's so much fun shooting and easy to get carried away and come back with hundreds of photos

February 28, 2012

mellow yellow

It is light and very well made.

I have a EPL-1 and been waiting to be able to get E3 with more controls at easy access. Plus the focusing is much faster. Was thinking about the Epl-3, but I really wanted E-P3.

February 09, 2012


The touch autofocus is dead-on.

Excellent lightweight camera for travel, hiking and biking adventures. The touch autofocus screen is amazing. Camera produces excellent colors. Menus are a bit perplexing and the manual could be better written. But after unlocking the super control menu I'm good to go. Fits in my hands perfectly. The only drawback is the lack of an articulating screen. Terrific little camera!

February 03, 2012



all sides, perfect! just missing wifi connectivity!

January 28, 2012


More than I expected for serious photography

My recent ownership with 14-42 and 40 150 lenses has me convinced that M43 is the way to go. I am 75 years old and need to get the weight of traditional SLRs off my back. I'll be printing at 11x14 or larger and sample prints indicate that this is possible.

Noise is a bit on the high side but as better sensors are offered in the future EP4, EP5 etc this will become a fantastic system with no drawbacks.

I found the menu system a little tricky at first but have caught on. I think my DSLR system (another brand) has a more intuitive menu.

January 26, 2012


Great replacement for single lensref lex

Replacing heavier SLR and multiple lenses.
This meets most of bill. Bit expensive and some limits in lenses made for this format but great quality and performance.

January 24, 2012


Great features

Graduating from a point and shoot camera to a more expressive camera was the reason for the purchase of my new 4/3 camera. I have been impressed with the features and expanded options.

January 22, 2012


Hits the sweet spot for portability, lenses & IQ

This little camera, especially when paired with the fine 12mm f2 prime lens really is just about the perfect daily companion camera for a serious photographer.

Its been said many times and is so true... the best camera is the one you always have with you. Phone cameras equal disappointment for me when I find a truly special subject and well, my 4x5 just doesn't pack well on my daily commute. This camera fits, build quality of the body is very good, autofocus fast and IQ is very good.

One criticism, easy to find E-P3 body only purchase options would be nice as I personally prefer a quality fast prime to a slow zoom. I doubt I will never use kit lens and would have preferred to save a few bucks toward a fine lens.

January 19, 2012


What's Not To Like!

Great camera! Size is perfect for an interchangeable lens camera with nesar DSLR quality! Classic style always prompt comments from others.

January 16, 2012


This is not a paid commercial...

I don't typically write reviews but I had to write this one because my PEN e-P3 exceeded my expectations--which doesn't happen very often. First, this camera is like a Faberge jewel. It is beautifully crafted with great attention to detail. Of course it would be worthless if it was only eye candy. I was expecting to have to shoot RAW files, but the out of camera JPEGS are amazing. Plus if you want to fine tune the JPEG the settings allow you two tweak them to suit your sensibility. ISO up to 1600 looks terrific and if you are in a jam the higher ISOs are more than useable. The OLED viewfinder is gorgeous. I wish my TV had as spectacular of a picture. And while I thought the touchscreen interface was a feature that I wouldn't use, it is thoughtfully configured and more importantly very responsive. Most reviews rave about the lightening fast focus...and I agree. There' s a little hunting and pecking at incredibly low light levels but manual focusing is easy and I love the manual focus assist feature. If you can't tell, I am crazy happy with my PEN E-P3. I spent months doing research and I am so glad I chose this over DSLRs. You will not be disappointed!

January 15, 2012


the size and the quality is a perfect combination.

January 15, 2012


Excellent quality, compact, light and easy to use

Camera not only works well but also looks great. Lots of comments, questions and looks from others. The quality is excellent supporting the feel of the camera. Picture quality is outstanding and consistent.

January 15, 2012


Very fast

I love this camera. I also have an E-3 and this is every bit as capable. I didn't think I would use the art filters until I tried them in the fog at the beach at sunset. I got some amazing results. I am also amazed with the focusing. If the camera can't focus automatically, all I have to do is touch the viewing screen and it focuses on that spot and takes the picture it's great.

January 14, 2012


Great Product

If you are looking for a camera that does all that a high-quality DSLR should, then look no further. The advantage to this camera, however, is its good lucks and smaller profile than a full-sized DSLR. It's handy to carry with you and looks great!

January 11, 2012



I received the EP-3 camera from my wife as a Christmas present. Overall, I loved the quality of the photos it turned out although I expect the camera to be made in Japan for the price paid. Few days after Christmas, we took the camera with us on a day trip and when I tried to change the mode, the switch came off. I was shock and found out the switch was a plastic cover guess it glue to the knob...

We returned the camera after we got home that day and very disappointed about the built quality for the price.

January 09, 2012


I wish there was more information other than the paltry manual to instruct and educate on actually how to use the Olympus EP3. As a relative novice, the camera is not intuitive at all. I actually got a book on the EP2 to have something to go by.

January 05, 2012


This camera is not easy to use

I have tried to get help from place where I purchased the camera, I have tried to download information and I have tried using the cd included with camera.
I love the features of the camera but I cannot count on the reliability of the camera.
I really want to enjoy the camera but have become discouraged.

December 30, 2011


Better as I learn it's features

I need more practice with it, but what a bunch of great features packed into a small body! I'm looking forward to creating better and better images as I go.

December 26, 2011


High quality and fun to use!

This camera is a joy to use. The OLED screen is beautiful. It's amazingly fast with it's auto focus. I love the art filter bracketing feature and I can customize up to five buttons just the way I want.
The image quality is excellent. I would recommend it to anyone interested in a high quality camera.

December 25, 2011


These cameras keep getting better

I have found this to be an excellent camera for an amateur or even advanced photographer. I really like the ability to add different effects or filters to the images in the bracket function. The small size of the camera is also a plus. I can easily carry it anywhere I go without it being to cumbersome. The only thing that could be improved would be the shutter speed.

December 20, 2011

frank in nola

a small camera that packs a punch!

a really good camera for such a small size, packs a punch with picture quality. you can set which controls you wish to use. one can use either the advanced features or enable all the default system settings. when combined with the oly 45mm, PL 25mm and P 14mm it makes a great camera kit with top quality images.

December 11, 2011


Great little camera!

I bought my E-P3 because I was tired of lugging around heavier cameras and their accessories.

The E-P3 has more than met my expectations. It is fast-handling, fun to use, and produces images that are more than adequate for most purposes.

I've left the world of DSLRs behind and don't plan to return.

I grew up on black and white film and am a particular fan of of the Grainy Film art filter (and since I shoot RAW concurrently, I can always generate a higher-resolution, or color, image if needed).

Here are a few photos from a recent European vacation. I should stress that these images are out-of-camera JPEGs.

December 11, 2011


Quality and Portability

This new PEN flagship is exactly what anyone who wants to take high quality, feature-rich pictures, without wheeling around a roller bag full of camera kit.

December 10, 2011


A wonderful camera

This camera is just perfect! The image quality is amazing.
The best of this camera is that with it in your hands you feel like shooting. It is not an electronic gadget, but a camera that brings you the inspiration needed to get perfect shots. You will not feel the same with competing cameras and this makes ALL the difference.

December 09, 2011




December 09, 2011


The E-P3 is camera and darkroom in one!

Nice small size. I only wished your online store had the large grip attachment in stock.

December 08, 2011


Great Camera

Using for telephoto shots and close ups also. Does a great job but takes a while to learn all of what it is capable of.

November 19, 2011

Dean D

Powerfull small camera

great feel in hand, performence is excellent. prints up to 17x11 look great with no upscale there size
super high grade lens with this camera. fast focus and great color and sharpness

November 14, 2011


this product has great features

overall this product has the best quality that i've been looking for a micro 4/3 cameras. the only thing is that i wish if olympus could install a view finder together with ep3.

November 11, 2011


The Logical MFT Successor

Earlier this year I lost my former MFT powerhouse pocket rocket to a rather nasty car accident. My former camera being discontinued and rather difficult to attain a new copy of (or prohibitively expensive to do so), I ended up perusing the market for the next logical replacement. The E-P3 stood tall and beckoned me forward, and boy am I glad I made the system jump to Olympus in that regard.

After having shot exclusively in RAW (out of necessity really) for the better part of a year, I was excited to have a camera in hand that I knew could produce the competent JPG images I used to capture in years past. Aside from having an absolutely remarkable JPG engine, the E-P3 also allows a level of latitude in the customization of that processing I simply did not expect. Noise reduction, saturation, sharpness and contrast, sure, those are expected, but there are relevant tweaks available to bias the imaging to high or low key, curves-style adjustments to how dynamic range is handled, the ability to add a warming or cooling bias to white balance... it's amazing. Easily takes a good chunk of my typical post-process and condenses it into on-camera wonderment. Art filters are even customizable to produce genuinely strong images, not just canned effects lacking substance. Even the e-portrait JPG adjustment is amazing, smoothing over faces much as I would in other portrait software, saving me a step.

As far as control layout is concerned, everything really does fall where it is expected. Operating the camera by feel came very quickly to me even after having been so involved with the use of another system prior. Although I would prefer more physical dials and knobs and switches, the operation of the camera via menus, buttons and a pair of dials is not a chore at all (some part of me deep down just likes mechanical features, I suppose). The touch screen is also well implemented, by my old fashioned sensibilities when using a camera demanded I turn the features it provided off (which I am sometimes tempted to turn back on because, honestly, there are some things that just happen quicker with use of the touch screen).

Screen quality is also top notch, with a solid high resolution and bright screen that isn't trouble to see even in sunlight. Unlike my computer monitor, it is also much truer to how the printed image appears than other screens I have been bound by in the past (and lord knows a well calibrated screen is important).

Even when using my non-Olympus lenses, autofocus seems to snap to subject much faster than it did before, opening up a higher level of action shooting that I never before thought possible with contrast detect autofocus. Chasing kids with the camera, for example, is suddenly in the realm of possibility, something that just didn't seem at all reasonable not too long ago. Olympus has only managed to further the strengths of its contrast detect system with the modifications it made and incorporated on the E-P3.

And on a shallow note, the thing really is ungodly sexy to behold. My previous camera was very much a "working man's" tool, and I did appreciate that simplicity, but the E-P3 has a very different appeal that didn't touch me at first, but very quickly grew on me. The thing just feels good to brandish (and much as a good camera should, it disappears in the hand, less a camera and more an extension of self).

The mirrorless market has spawned a host of new camera in the past year, but unlike a majority of what I see being shuffled out, Olympus struck all the right chords with the E-P3 by doing something very few companies seem to recognize as a feasible solution - don't fix it if it isn't broke. The E-P3 holds true to the very fundamentals that made the mirrorless system camera so appealing in the first place, and with the list of awesome primes only growing in the MFT world (and all stabilized thanks to sensor shift stabilization), I don't see myself ever really going back to the old American tradition of carrying a 10 pound brick and a 20 pound backpack of glass.

Mirrorless is here and here to stay, and the E-P3 holds true to the new standard expected - even defines it.

November 10, 2011


Great improvement AF

1. Faster AutoFocus than its predessor
2. Slightly improvement in pict quality (good)
3. Surprises with built-in flash
4. Crisp LCD viewer with "iPhone, Galaxy" style of easy menu navigation
5. Solid product

November 08, 2011


Great camera in a small package!

I'm a commercial photographer who finally gave up large format film about 7 years ago and went digital. Always stayed away from the "little" cameras but a friend showed me his E-P3 and I was sold. Small, light, and just enough megapixels for what I use it for, and it goes with me everywhere! The autofocus performs much better than some of my larger, high end cameras, and the image files it creates are fantastic. I just never go anywhere without it.

November 06, 2011


I find the E-P3 has put fun back into my hobby.

I like the size and weight of the E-P3 along with it's retro look. In the past I have owned range finder cameras and the Pen reminds me of that period in my life . I find it ideal to take on vacations and in crowed location where a DSLR would be too big. I have the 14-42F/3.5-5.6 II R lens, the 40-150mm F/4-5.6R and the 45mm F/1.8.

I attended a small air show featuring old planes and was pleased with the photos I made using the VF-2 and the 40-150. A 75mm f/1.8 or 100mm f/2 would be a welcome addition.

October 26, 2011


My camera is everything i thought it would be!

I love my ep3! I love everything about it. I recommend it to everyone who shows the slightest interest in photography.

October 21, 2011


Amazing Camera!

If you are a professional photographer, skip right over this review! I chose this camera because I wanted something that was simple to use like a point and shoot, but had the potential to work well for me if I decided to pursue photography as a more serious hobby. I have used this camera for everyday family life pictures, and have gotten some amazing pictures of my kids that I will treasure forever. Honestly, I took the camera out of the box, turned it on, and started taking pictures. It is so simple to use! I don't have any photo editing software, but I don't even feel like I need it with all the different art filters. I have already purchased the 14-150mm lense so that I could have a little more zoom, and I'll be getting the 50mm next. This camera is making me love photography! Here are two pictures I have taken using the Gentle Sepia art filter and the Auto setting... nothing fancy or artistic, just my family's everyday life!

October 15, 2011


This camera has reawakened my love of photography.

The E-P3 captures the best of the preceding four Digital Pen cameras, as well as some of the features I liked best about the film based Olympus OM model cameras.

Especially useful is the E-P3's ability to mix and match several of the Art Filters simultaneously, across shooting modes.

October 14, 2011

4/3 Shooter Extreme


This is without a doubt the best camera purchase I have ever made, and I have made a lot of them. Now that they have fixed the Autofocus this is just about the perfect camera! Bright true to life colors, incredibly sharp and accurate AF, easy menu to navigate, fast file write speed, and small enough to carry all day long. What more can you ask for?

It has been said that the best camera is the one that you always have with you. Now that the E-P3 is available that is certainly true!

October 12, 2011


WOW! what products!

Best camera I have ever owned!! I sold a very expensive system to buy my Olympus and have never been happier. I am now a very senior citizen and don't have steady hands anymore. It is just terrific that I don't have to use the flash anymore for ALL the pictures I take! The Image Stablizer works wonders for me, now I can use all the features that I desire without the flash. The kit lens works terrific plus I bought the new 40-150mm lens and am extremely satisfied with the performance. I also purchased the FL-36R flash which works great for when I use flash.
Thank you so much Olympus, for making such a great system I will enjoy the rest of my life.

October 10, 2011


History Repeats Itself

My first experience with serious photography started when I bought an Olympus Pen FT back in the early 70's. I loved that camera. It took great pictures, offered unlimited possibilities with a wide variety of lens choices. However, the half frame idea got to me after a while because I would have to use a whole roll of film before I could see results and with 48 being a minimum for developing it was a bit expensive also. So I (stupidly) traded it in on an OM-1. This was great camera also but it went with a divorce settlement. That was followed by a series of camera buying. None of which matched the Original Pen FT in my opinion. I finally retreated from photography for a number of years preferring to use my Point and Shoot Olympus 710 which performed perfectly to my needs.
Then, two years ago I read about Olympus introducing the E-P1. I told my wife, I must have this camera even though it meant getting back in the the Photography Hobby game. I was not disappointed . The E-P1 did everything I expected and more. But there were some deficiencies - particularly focus time - the new E-P3 eliminated this problem and there were other added features it provided. So I sprang again for another Olympus and I am delighted with both versions. I will now use the E-P1 with the many manual lenses I have acquired and the E-P3 pretty much only with auto focus lenses.
Thanks for the opportunity to pass along this note. Bucky

October 08, 2011


Great build quality
Very fast focus
Photo editing Software confusing to use

October 04, 2011


Great competitor to DSLRs.

This product I have found to be a great upgrade from my E-PL1. A great product in its own right.

What encouraged in buying this product. Other then it being an upgrade. Was the addition of the OLED display and the as advertised. Super fast auto focused. These were the two things I noticed first when I was able to try it out at the store.

What surprised me on top of all of this. What how silent the lens is compared to the lens that came with the E-PL1. The only sound I heard from it. Was the beep, it the auto focus locked on its target.

October 02, 2011

Ome Tochtli Pachtecatl

fun,nice Art filters

I make a weekend trip to San Miguel Mission in California and really enjoy my EP3 that was fun,I wish to have a different lens (only have the kit lens 17mm) but any way the pictures turnout amazing (w/tripod) when I look in my computer the quality in low light is impressive for me not being a professional was very good.

October 01, 2011


Arrived in excellent shape and was very impressed overall. I'm still learning all of the menus, but very easy to use.

September 23, 2011


no more DSLR for me

after handing, shooting and working with the E-p3, it is my go to camera now over my bigger DLSR system, I can see this camera and format becoming a working camera for the pros as it has for me. A delight to operate and the images are impressive to say the least. It takes a good tool to do a good job and this is a great tool

September 21, 2011


Nice upgrade to a good Camera system

I switched to the micro 4/3 format when the E-P1 came out. I chose it over competing brands because of the retro styling and build quality. I upgraded to the E-P2 because I wanted the electronic viewfinder option. I have since sold all my big DSLR gear and reinvested in Olympus PEN products and lenses for this format. My main reason for doing so was the size/weight savings of the PEN system. I have arthritic wrists and could only hold my old DSLR for 10 minutes. Now I have the E-P3 and must say it is a nice upgrade.

--New LCD looks great.
--Touch screen works better than I anticipated.
--The camera is very responsive.
--The new Auto Focus works great.
--I like the interchangeable grip.
--Image quality is great.
--Spot on exposure.
--HD video is better.
--The flash is a nice addition.
--The new prime m43 lenses from Olympus.
--There are a lot of lenses to choose from.
--Build quality is excellent.
--It simply is the coolest looking camera.
--Optional Electronic Viewfinder.
--5 programmable buttons.
--improved menu system with help balloons.
--the sub command dial which is a big reason (for me) to purchase it over the other PENs.

--I've never liked the 'wheel' adjuster on any camera brand. There must be a better way or implementation.
--Ergonomically for me at least the shutter button should be where the mode dial is.
--Some options can't be programmed to certain buttons and some buttons can't be turned off.

What I'd change:
--The location of the shutter release, swap it with the mode dial.
--An improved wheel adjuster and move the wheel in a bit.

This is a very versatile camera. It can be simple enough for a beginner but has a huge potential for serious photographers.

September 18, 2011


work in progress

picture quility is best i have ever seen. its new has lots of great features. takes time to get the feel and use the features. size and weight are perfect. manual could be better. lots of things you have to use trial and error. its going to be good.

September 14, 2011

Dr. Ron

Many great new features.

I've had all three of the EP series cameras and this is a big step up. I especially like the fill flash and the faster focus. Thanks.

September 07, 2011


Great Camera

I cannot say enough about this camera. I came from the Nex5, and I am enjoying this camera so much more. I think that the determining factor between this one as compared to others, was the art filters & the touch screen. The Nex has some, but nothing like this one. The solid build of this camera is great. I love the way it feels in my hands. There are no "cheap" parts, that's for sure. I mainly use this camera to take pictures of my kids on a daily basis, but I also am going to be using it to take their "more professional" yearly pictures. In fact, I just finished up my daughter's and they came out great. It is nice to be able to have this camera for daily use and for the other photos that I described. A true DSLR was too big for what I needed. I wanted a camera that I could take around with me and have on my person at all times. A DSLR just wasn't practical. The auto focus is blazing fast on this camera and is really amazing. It is exactly what Olympus has described. Each picture I have taken, has come out great. I wasn't sure if I would use/like the touch screen, but I do. The fact that there are no finger prints on it is nice as well. I really enjoy everything about this camera. If I had to choose a low point, I guess it would be that it COULD be better in low light situations. I don't shoot that much in low light though, so I really don't have a problem with it. The images from every other situation more than make up for this. The price was a little steep for me at first, but this camera is well worth it. Looking forward to buying the 45mm lens.

September 04, 2011


Good camera

The perfect camera with fastest autofocus, easy to use and got excellent images. I satisfied with the camera performance so i don't think to switch to other brand of camera.

September 01, 2011


This is the perfect camera for me

I am not a professional and until I purchased the E-PL1 had only used simple point and shoot, relatively low end cameras. Still, I took a lot of pics with low end cameras and am enthusiastic about capturing interesting pictures. I purchased the E-PL1 to get introduced to a better camera with detachable lenses. I purchased the 17 mm pancake lens and the 40-150 and proceeded to read a lot about photography and take pictures. I enjoyed taking pics so much with the E-PL1 that after reading reviews on the E-P3 I just had to upgrade. I had no problem selling my E-PL1 and now have the E-P3 with the new kit lens, the 17mm lens and the 40-150 lens. Living in New England I have taken many pics at the ocean and already appreciate the faster shutter speed for wide open aperture close ups in bright sunlight. I also purchased the VF-2 view finder for use with the E-PL1 and use that with the E-P3. The new touch screen on the E-P3 is beautiful and easier to see in bright sunlight but I have found it is much better to have the VF-2 in really bright sunlight to set up shots -- especially in manual mode when you take some time to set up a shot. I have also pushed the ISO up to 3200 in low light with great results. The kit lens focuses much faster than the E-PL1 lens and very quietly. I had a lot of problems taking video indoors with the E-PL1 and have yet to attempt video with the E-P3 though reviews state that continuous focus works much better in this model. I never could take good video of my daughter's gymnastics with the E-PL1. The E-PL1 was a solid camera but the E-P3 feels much more solid in the hand and it was an easy transition for navigating menus between these cameras. I have used the touch screen for some picture taking and it has proved a handy option.
This camera is very expensive but I think I got what I paid for. I intend to keep and use this cameras for a fair number of years ahead. I have heard battery life is poor but I am not a pro and don't shoot thousands of pics in a normal day. I have yet to run down a fully charged battery in the course of a shoot. I usually take a couple of hours out of every week to make a trip to the local dock or ocean front for pics. I have 2 batteries so have a spare if I ever shoot one dry. I have heard great things about the new lenses available for this camera but I doubt I will ever be able to afford one. I do think I have a nice range of lens for what I shoot.
This camera is perfect for me because I like to have a camera with me to take interesting shots. I usually have it at arms reach wherever I go and that is easy as it is not bulky. With the 17 mm pancake lens I can put this camera in my jacket pocket or carry it easily in my car. I can't comment on image quality in any kind of professional qualitative way. I can only say that I was pleased with the image quality of the pics taken with the E-PL1 and am happy with the image quality of the pics I am taking with the E-P3.

August 30, 2011


This camera is simply amazing

I did have a different camera/brand, and after owning it for 7 months, decided to sell it (even though I lost $150 or so) and go with the Oly EPL2. I enjoyed this camera, but felt that it was a bit of a downgrade from the one that I had. Image quality was good, but not quite that of my old camera. The build of the camera, in my opinion, was not as good as my previous. Enter Oly EP3. I returned the EPL2, and decided to wait for the arrival of the new EP3. I was SO excited to get this camera. This camera is THE BOMB. The quality of it is superb! Built VERY nicely. It's a great weight, it's VERY gorgeous, and fits so nicely in your hands. The only thing I didn't like was waiting for the battery to charge so I could tyr it out. The first few shots I took, were on the iAUTO mode. They came out great. One of the reasons that I stuck with the Oly Pen series is because of the art filters. I love them. This is a huge plus for a camera to have. The Nex has a few, but nothing even comparable to this. The LCD screen is awesome as well. The colors are true to life and very vibrant. The fact that the screen is "smudge" proof is wonderful. Love the touch screen. It doesn't have a huge amount of megapixels, but you don't need them. As I stated, all the pictures that I have taken, are of excellent quality. DSLR quality in a much smaller body. I did debate on buying the T3i, but this camera is much more practical. The fact that I have 5 children, 2 of which are under the age of 3, I really needed/wanted a camera that I could easily access. Not a big bulky camera. That just wasn't practical for me. But I wanted DSLR quality. WITH art filters!!The autofocus is simply amazing, & is remarkably fast. I am sure I have been all over the place with this review, but I think that I accomplished what I wanted. To let everyone know that they cannot go wrong with this camera. Even though it is a bit pricey, it is well worth it. Oh, and one last thing....the pictures of this camera online, do not do it justice. Once you see it in person, you will be in love.

August 30, 2011


A Considerable Improvement

It's good to have an Olympus Pen that focuses quickly, but this feature works best only with recent lenses: when an older lens is mounted (say one with an adapter and standard 43 mount rather than an m43 one), the focusing still hunts back and forth some before locking on.
The E-P3 is, however, a fine example of how to build a camera: metal body and generally good layout. Good-looking, too. It's fine for personal use: travel, family, whatever.
But the 43 format is a little restrictive for fully professional use. And I don't see why a flash outlet (even a PC one) couldn't have been incorporated in the lower part of the VF-2 so that it would be possible to use the viewfinder (which I almost always do) and a flash simultaneously.

August 29, 2011


It's got everything!

I have not had a great deal of time evaluating my new E-P3 but so far it exceeds my expectations. It is loaded with so many features I would not know where to beging rating all that it can do. Plan to take it on my forthcoming trip to China in May 2012. I will send pictures of this fothcoming trip.


August 28, 2011


makes shooting fun

I bought the E-P3 as a high quality travel camera. And it certainly excels in this area. It's intuitive, portable and provides excellent images straight out of the camera.
But it's much more than I expected. It provides seemingly unlimited control and flexibility in a very efficient menu system.
Most importantly, it makes taking pictures fun. The touch screen provides quick and easy manipulation of depth of field. The art filters stimulate the imagination. (I especially love diorama)
As a beginner, I feel that this is a camera I can grow with. And it makes the learning process something I look forward to.

August 24, 2011


E-P3 has lots of cool functions

No regrets on spending the money on this camera!!!

August 19, 2011


a joy to use

I have been waiting some time for a E-P2 upgrade
and this camera doesn't dissipoint me a bit .
Its gorgous to look at a joy to use and the IQ
is very good [ could be better still ] .
I really do believe the pleasure of using the camera
is a important factor, some people only consider the IQ and thats great but my hand reaches for this
E-P3 and I use it with great anticipation .
One small criticism , Olympus inexplicably removed
the electronic level !!! I really want it back ! perhaps in a future firmware upgrade .

August 18, 2011


Great artist camera!

I wanted a camera that had power and a small size
as i travel around town alot. This camera met my expectations and exceeded them. Great features! My favorite is the art filters. And of course the old school body style feels amazing!

August 17, 2011


Good price for what I can do with it

Being a PEN Lover since my E-P2 in Early 2010, my love of the new PEN would be biased. However, in the category of Fun Photography I believed PENs wins hands down.

Fun Photography requires unshackling of norms so it is hard to define but most who are doing it shows this love emotionally and in their shootings.

August 17, 2011


Surprising Improvements

I have an E-P2 and upgraded to this E-P3. The focus speed and accuracy is as good as claimed. I never thought I would use the touch screen to select focus points, but I love it. The world is changing.

August 15, 2011


great camera.. No RAW support yet.

The art filters are actually fun. I had a fun time taking the BW filter and pop art one evening. I for fun uploaded them to friends on a popular website and they all loved them. I saved them all as raw also, no lightroom support yet.. very very disappointed. Next best I guess is to convert to tiff.It does fit in my over sized pocket, I can take it out fire off a few shots and put it back in my pocket. The focusing is impressive, It does go wonky every now and then in low light. I just set one of the f buttons to manual and it was no problem..I would pay more if they had a little faster lens than the 2.8 ..But it has so far done really well.. Overall I love the camera despite the missing raw support.

August 12, 2011

big apple shoots

Compact wonderfulness

The E-3 is a wonderful camera. Soooo many great features in such a compact camera. I wanted a full feature camera that I could still put on my hip while vacationing. I found that in the E-3. It's versatile and very easy to use. Great speed too. You could make lunch while waiting for my last Olympus camera to take the shot and write it to the disc. Not an issue any more. I'll never miss another shot again while waiting for the camera. Top rating from me.

August 12, 2011


Fun to Use -- Still Evaluating Image Quality

It's too early to tell how well this camera will do for me. There is no Adobe Camera Raw or Capture One support and, sadly, the Olympus software for RAW image conversion leaves me with noisy images in continuous tone areas like blue skies unless I turn off all in-camera noise reduction. I find that odd, as RAW is supposed not to have any in-camera processing included. The question is: Is this a fun but expensive point-and-shoot or is it a small but serious camera?

August 11, 2011


Great big camera in a small package

Tons of features, Art filters add that little something more, great quality.

August 10, 2011


best looking camera money can buy

great camera, very fun to use, alittle bit too expensive, but i just can't resist the sexy look

August 02, 2011


Great camera!

The E-P3 is an excellent photographic tool. Operationally, it's very fast, AF is spot on and it's retro good-looks win it some bling points. However, I only give it four stars because Olympus spent zero R&D to improve the sensor's image quality. Raw files have the same noise levels and dynamic range as my E-PL1. Had Olympus improved the sensor's image quality (even marginally) I would have given the E-P3 a solid five stars.