April 2, 2016 by Kah-Lin
Small and WIde
Have had this for a few months now and find its a really light and useful lens to have on my camera. I have a Pen E-P5 with this lens my set-up is both pretty compact and light. The zoom range, while just 2x, is plenty wide enough for indoors and also when you want to capture that panoramic landscape. Its a pretty useful range for urban walking around shooting too. Decent sharpness, and could be brighter, but that would take away from the small size and light weight. All in all its a useful lens , especially if copactness is a factor.
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December 27, 2013 by Jerry
I’ve had this lens over a month now, and I am impressed with the sharpness of the lens. The glass used is high quality, as Olympus shows in their schematic of the lens, and the quality of images shows it. There appears to be no distortion corner to corner, and images are very sharp corner to corner as well. Contrast seems to be about the same as the 11-22 lens, which is also very good. This lens is sharper than the m43 9-18mm lens for the Pen OM-D cameras. The max aperture is a bit slow, but certainly not a big problem with digital… you can always adjust ISO or shutter speed to get to a different aperture if needed, to get your shot. The 9-18 ED is listed as a Standard Grade lens, but shoots like a High Grade lens. The body of the lens has no distance scale (the High Grade and Super High Grade lenses have a distance scale which rotates in AF, but also when you engage Manual Focus) so in Manual Focus you can’t “figure” your depth of focus on tricky shots. And that is my only shortcoming of the lens. If you have a camera that does not have a “depth of field preview” button to pre-visualize the effect of selective focus, then you’re left with checking the image after the shot for proper focus, (my E-500 and E-M5 have no depth of field preview; my E-5 does have it) The new M Zuiko Pro series lenses show no distance scale in their picture of the lens (only seen one pic of the 12-40). The 9-18mm has a stainless lens mount, and appears to be mostly plastic in construction. Occasionally the zoom ring will “stick”, due to a plastic part sliding against a plastic part, but it is only an “unsmooth” twisting motion, and does not interfere with operation of the zoom. I would have loved to have this lens built in a similar frame as the 11-22 lens :)  The 9-18mm f/4.0-5.6 lens has fit neatly into my lens system, even though it has to compete with the 11-22mm for useful shooting range. The 9-18 will get more use in the mountains of Alaska and Colorado, while the 11-22 will get more use at lower light levels or shots where creating a bokeh is desired. With the 9-18, I have created shots with a very nice bokeh, but I usually end up at 18mm (36mm in 35 mm format) and f/5.6 aperture (or f/8.0 to f/11)… getting really close to an object may require f/8.0 or smaller to get everything in focus, so the back-ground needs good separation from the focused subject to get the bokeh. If you need an Ultra Wide Angle lens, this is an excellent choice.
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March 23, 2013 by Roger
A sturdy and balanced wide angle less
This lens is the standard grade counterpart to the high grade 11-22 and super high grade 7-14 lenses of the Zuiko line. I have all three of these lenses and find each have their purpose. If you like light, yet do not want to compromise on the corner to corner capture of a solid wide angle lens, this one will fit the bill. I have used mine on the E-1, E-620 and E-5, and find it to deliver when it is called into duty. I think it appreciates that, and works to excel to show off to the 11-22 and 7-14 lenses, both of which excel in their own right. If you seek out wide vistas, or close ups with a new edge, consider this lens. It will not disappoint you.
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January 28, 2012 by Lacunapratum
One of the best lenses of the system
This is your standard super wide angle lens for the E-system. Mine is sharper than the 11-22mm and the 7-14mm and has less distortion than the 7-14mm. It fits very nicely into your pocket. A superb lens. I also wish the 11-22 would go a little bit wider - thus the 9-18mm fits the bill. Only disadvantage is its slow speed, which perhaps has been the key for its quality and moderate price. It's actually a great match for the E-5 as you can shoot at higher ISO and the speed does not matter as much. Often I wish Oly had a fast 10mm fixed lens with little distortion. Alas...
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August 19, 2011 by Tom26
Super Light, Super Performer.
Photography is all about control & expression. Use this super lens to its advantage & it'll deliver.
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