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August 03, 2011


Great lens, good performance

The lens provides excellent clarity at high zoom. It is slow and can take some time to hunt for auto-focus as described by other reviews. I often find myself shooting at higher than typical ISO settings to compensate, but the lens can still deliver very nicely. I've included some photos all of which are shot at the maximum 300mm range. I've specifically included two bird photos in a partial response to the review that speaks to birders: the pelican is tracked in-flight. Even with the lens's slower auto focus, it's still capable of focusing on birds in mid-flight and delivering a sharp photo.

July 10, 2011

Forest photos

Using on a PEN micro 4/3

I wanted this lens instead of the micro 4/3 mount lens because it is faster. I do a lot of photography in the woods, under a canopy of leaves, and need all the speed I can get. This lens fit the bill.

Combined with the micro four thirds adapter it dwarfs my E-PL2, but it is still light enough to make the whole thing a low weight package. However handling is a little awkward especially when twisting the zoom.

As stated by others, the auto focus is slow. Programming the function button to quickly switch to manual helps.

Hand held bird photography has always been tough. Getting good images is always a challenge without a tripod, but you are not likely to be climbing a mountain with that sort of gear, so just realize this takes work to get framing and focus right. For less fast moving subjects and landscapes the lens is really nice. If you have the time to set up your shot this is a great lens.

June 13, 2011


great price....unequal performance

great light weight all around pictures,uncompromising of the 'gonna have it' toy in your list.

June 08, 2011


untouchable lens compared to competitor

this is sharper than the kit lens 12-42 and 40-150.
much like the 40-150 I consider this as an outdoor lens, this lens would work really great with a lot of light. on low light, its gonna hunt and hunt.

but then for the price and the reach, this lens is untouchable. sweet spot at f8 this is where this lens shines, f8 70-300 reach wow! weights around 1lb perfect balance on my e620. Long live 4/3!

bottome line, I love the weight,size,reach, price, and the bokeh it gives.

May 20, 2011


Great for NOVICE

I have used several telephoto lens with several cameras in my collection of photo equipment. I use this lens on my Olympus E-520 DSLR. Great camera makes amazing photos. This lens came without much in the area of instructions which would have been nice. Much of your learning comes from trail and error. Mostly it is an exceptional lens for the price. Lots of bang for the buck. However I have found that in some cases it lack's total crispness and clarity. Once you have learned how to use this lens with your camera it is very easy to use. Easy adjustments. Novice will find it great to learn with. However Amatures and above will NOT enjoy this lens and will find it does not meet their expectations. GOOD lens for the money... Some of the exterior are made of plastic which coming from Olympus suprises me but on this lens I suppose that is one way of keeping the cost down.

May 06, 2011


Excellent lens.

It is a lens designed for the purpose of providing a good focal length combined with a very light weight and small size, also offers very good possibilities in macro photography.
If one accepts the limitations of luminosity that these purposes require then you have an excellent tool to achieve magnificent photographs.
If you want a brighter lens then remember to be heavier and longer and therefore less versatile.
Optical design there is no possibility of achieving all the benefits on the same target, it is always a matter of priorities, mobility, low weight and small or very light but heavy and big.

March 25, 2011


Excellent value, Impressive results

I use this lens with my E-520 and get excellent results. It is very sharp at 200mm and gets softer towards 300. However even at 300 the results are very impressive. Yes... the focusing is slower than the higher-end optics. YOU'RE NOT PAYING $2000 so keep it in perspective.

You simply can't get a 600mm f5.6 stabilized lens (depending on body) on any other platform for this kind of money.

I have had excellent results in macro, wildlife, and even sports. Like any lens you have to learn it's strong points and exploit them.

A point and shoot photographer probably will have trouble. Anybody else will appreciate the amazing value in this lens given a short time to work with it. Read the pro reviews on the web. This lens is well liked.

Check out my sample shot. The little grasshoppers are less than a half inch long. How's that for sharp focus and thin DOF!

January 08, 2011


Not bad for the money

I think this lens is pretty good in the 70-200 mm range, and not so great at 300 mm. It does take practice and technique to get the most out of an extreme telephoto such as this. Focusing is loud and slow, and overall the lens performs much better in good light. But overall, a lot of photographic fun for the money.

December 30, 2010


Great product

When I first used this lens it was love at first sight. The clarity was great and of course each lens does have a sweet spot. This can be learned if you shoot a lot of pictures.

I am a grandmother of 9 and let me tell you, I captured lots of candid shots without them knowing.

December 11, 2010


It sounded good, did not perform as I expected.

Found it almost impossible to focus, either in auto or manual mode. It could just be me, I've lost a number of good shots trying and waiting for this lens to focus. My other lenses seem to work just fine.

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