January 14, 2013 by koolbrz
small wonder
small but powerful .... lots of great featured in a small light weight accessory.and the sticker price is priceless.
November 28, 2011 by enormous
Love it for macro and portrait!
I use this prime along with the standard 14-45mm and 40-150mm and I have to say I love this creature! The image quality, sharpness and depth of field is very good. Its an affordable genuine piece of lens-mastery. I use it for macro and for portrait photography. Highly recommended!
October 16, 2011 by NewJerseyBoi
The best Lens i ever Buy
This i will sure recommend to my olympus DLSR users ..I got this Macro Lens for my Birthday along with the 70-300mm Lens and i fine myself useing the Macro more then ever and i forgot sometime i have the 70-300mm which i got also with teh macro,thats to sure you am happy i got the macro.... So i do recommend the Macro Lens.
January 29, 2011 by drob1
50mm's little brother is a delight, too.
Other than speed, the 35 is as perfect a prime E-lens as the class leading Zuiko 50mm f2.0. A 70mm film equivalent length, it is both light and sturdy, small and sharp, and portrait and macro capable. More macro? It takes the unshakable Olympus macro extender -- or it covers a good-sized room. I have published 3 photos of my Premier and members of the Legislature, and, with my beloved FL50 flash, I caught a winter night's candle lighting in pitch darkness. Travelling? This sweet lens should be your "Constant Companion".: it is mine on every plane trip and at every party. I could not live without this lens, my best ally in tight spots.
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