May 12, 2013 by Robert
Great image quality and a return to yesterday
Have been playing with my new 25mm partnered with an OM-D E-M5 for a few weeks now. Enjoying the camera much more this way than with the kit 12-50mm originally purchased. That's a good lens but its a bit obtrusive. With the adapter and 25mm I have to think on my feet to frame each shot but people hardly notice so, consequently, I'm having the kind of fun I remember having with my first SLR waaay back in 1978. Image quality is great. Now when are we going to see a micro 4/3 25mm. That would be AWESOME.
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November 16, 2011 by badbdawg
Great Compact Lens
Great overall lens, really compact, odors and crispness outstanding. I would not be with out it.
July 27, 2011 by Ruslan
A good lens
The lens is good. It is presice and very sharp at middle distances, it is prone to some CA at harsh transitions, it has superb color reproduction, it looks nice, making clients get surprised at its small size. I wish it had less distortion and were a little faster. I wish it were sharper at infinity? though the sgarpness is still OK. It has a retro rendition when shooting macro. Yes, it is capable!
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May 16, 2011 by jufegom
Classic lens
The Zuiko lens 25mm 2.8 is a small piece of very good workmanship and high quality optics. The small 25mm 2.8 attached to an Olympus body becomes a fine instrument designed within the purpose of Olympus to combine best-engineered, refined aesthetics and excellent performance. Those who appreciate the design of Olympus consider this a classic design, both for its focal length equivalent to 50mm and for its luminosity 2.8.
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