January 21, 2016


Solid Performer

Something special about the images I get out of this lens. I adapted it to an EM-5. Autofocus can be a little slow but focus assist works great when you can use manual focus. 100-400mm is a great range, very useful when you carry a wide zoom or prime but 100mm works well I a lot of situations and getting out to 400 is really useful. Not the smallest or lightest lens but I can hand hold it, just not all day. Worth the effort for image quality, sharpness, color it produces. f/2.8 - f/3.5 bright for equivalent focal length. Very happy with this lens.

June 28, 2015



I added this lens to my OMD-EM5 with the MMF-3 adapter ring about a year ago. It's a hefty lens, but can still be used hand held to shot wildlife. I used it on a trip to Mt Rushmore and the closeups of the presidents faces are crystal sharp even when using the Olympus 2x extender and a tripod. The autofocus works great and is very fast as long as there is good subject contrast. I recommend highly adding this this to your OMD suite of lenses.

October 19, 2013


Excellent Quality

I have owned this lens for about a year now and it far surpasses the crispness of my 70 - 300 Zuiko lens, even when using it with the Olympus EC-14 1.4 Teleconverter.
The lens is very well built. It's my favorite lens for wildlife photography. The SWD focus is super fast when used with my E-3.
I shopped around for quite awhile before I finally found it on sale for a couple bucks under a grand.
The best thing about this lens is that it will work just fine with the OMD-EM1 when I finally decide to upgrade.
If you want a very high quality lens then this lens is certainly a very good one to own.

March 12, 2013



I have had this lens for just under a month, and am totally pleased with the lens. I started by mounting it to my E-500, then the OM-D E-M5, then finally to the awesome E-5. This is the sharpest telephoto zoom I have ever used.

To be certain, this lens is not a light weight, and one should consider they may want to use a good tripod when using it. If out walking or hiking in the woodlands, a monopod would be a great accessory to use. But, I shot with it Hand Held, and got great results. Focus was generally quick and precise. I haven’t had a problem with the focus having to “hunt” for the correct setting, except when the focus point happens to be in shadow, or a dark color (where there is little reflected light). The E-500 had more of the problem than the E-5 or E-M5. The logic of that situation should be apparent!

This lens is super sharp, produces rich color… there is nothing bad to say about this lens. I shot a particular scene using the 50-200 at about 150 mm, on the EM-5, hand held with a freight train going by, and an Oil Tanker on a siding. The camera gave me f6.3 at 1/160 sec. and the image was perfect.

This lens is truly worth investing in, due to the faster f 2.8 aperture speed, and the super sharp optics.

Highly recommended to All Pen-OMD and E-Series Owners !

February 08, 2013


Works well with OM-D EM-5

While focusing is slow (under 3 sec) with AF-S/MF on an EM-5 or GH2, the resulting images are excellent. The TC 1.4X doesn't slow focusing and the images are plenty sharp @ F/5. The (removable) lens support ring is excellent and much needed when using this lens with an m43 camera body.
I also own the 90-250mm F/2.8 lens, and while it is optically superior to the 50-200mm lens, the significantly lighter and smaller 50-200mm lens gets a lot more use because it is so portable/pack able.
Please Olympus, produce your promised new hybrid focusing m43/43 camera to make your big zooms focus fast and continuously!

November 26, 2011


Autofocus doesn't work well

I have had this lens for over six months and am disappointed. I was looking for a zoom lens with a wide aperture that I could use in low light situations, like indoor school events and such. In those situations I have been able to get better pictures. But my standards are fairly low given the conditions. In daylight situations outdoors the lens doesn't autofocus well. With the small depth of field a little bit out of focus is a big deal. I just came back from a day at a lake and took over 200 shots. Fewer than 30 came out with the correct focus. I have not spent a lot of time testing the manual focus, but that is what I will have to do next.

November 23, 2011


Very good lens !

I bought this lens a few months ago.
From the first shot I saw the qualities of the lens,
And I'm sorry that I didn't bought it several years ago when I purchased the E-3.
This is a superb lens, very sharp and not to heavy.
A wonderful combination with the E-5

June 28, 2011


Excellent 'Human' eye.

My super lens. An unique class in the photo world. Great color reproduction, sharpness & usage. Had been using for all sorts of events, every impressed with the images.

June 21, 2011


My workhorse Lens

I shoot this lens 90% of the time with the EC 14 teleconverter and the lens is light, fast to focus and sharp as a tack, edge to edge, bright, crystal clear sharp colors...it is by far my favorite lens and I have a fairly big stable of Oly glass...soon I will have the 150 and I also just purchased an EC20 and can't wait to try it on my 50-200!!

This lens always seems to be on the camera, I shoot an E-30 and the balance is perfect...

February 19, 2011


Excellent Lens, Great Value

I shoot wildlife and zoo photography. I use this as my primary lens and love it. The picture quality is amazing even with the 2x teleconverter. I was able to take pictures in Denali of animals that were barely visible on the viewfinder but turned out clear and detailed on my computer. It's also a tremendous value when you start comparing it to 400mm f/2.8-3.5 equivalent lenses of other brands.