June 03, 2015


Ideal Lens for Landscape Photography

Yeah, the 43 system is defunct but the 11-22mm was and remains one of the stars of the system. This lens covers a small range but it does so with very little distortion. It is faster than the 7-14 and much less prone to lens flare. It is reasonably sized and takes a standard 72mm filter. It is weather and dust sealed for those trips into the great out-of-doors.

This is nice lens for the landscape photographer.

March 04, 2013



I have had this lens for over three years now, and Love It !! I have been using it on an E-500, and it gives truely great images. Now I have started using it on an EM-5, and the results with it are even better.

I really like shooting Black and White with the E-500, and the 11-22 gives me the results I am looking for. The lens shows great contrast, so I get a full range of tones in my images.

Ultra wides (wider than 12 mm, or 24 mm on a 35 mm system) are great for landscapes, scenery, and skyscraper views, and interiors of homes. And if you are in a large crowd or at a sporting event, like a basketball game or a little league baseball or softball game, this lens is a great choice (as would the 7-14 or 9-18 be) This lens is the fastest of the three, and in the middle of the price range. Plus the 22 mm range is right up to “normal lens”, or normal perspective, so your shooting range is from “normal” to Ultra wide”… that takes in a lot of photo situations.

The results obtained with this lens makes it well worth the cost. Colors come out rich and pure, the lens is sharp and contrasty. The lens feels balanced well with the E-500, as well with the OMD EM-5 (plus adapter), and easy to use.

I would recommend it to Anyone using the E-Series or OM-D EM-5 Cameras.

June 23, 2011


Overall Awesome Versatility

The 11 - 22mm F/2.8-3.5 it can either give off a great wide angle shot for that wave crashing on the beach or that up close shot of a beautiful flower in the summer, this lens does have a tiny bit of distortion, not so much of the sides when in the widest focal mm but more in the stretching of the subject. I love the great glass that is built into this lens because not only is it awesome in the weather even if it is raining, but also the fact that it isn't that expensive, you are definitely getting your moneys worth on this lens.