January 30, 2015


300mm F-2.8

The Lens is very crisp and I have been able to take some very nice images with it. I do suggest using a Mono Pod with it for assistance. The drop in filter system makes it work easy. Using with the EM-1...it is very fast focusing and handles well.

April 02, 2012

Frozen Feather Images

Best Glass I've Ever Owned

I'm a nature photographer, primarily photographing birds. I need a lot of power, razor-sharp quality and good performance in low light. This lens delivers. It is without question the best lens I've owned.

It performs well with a 1.4 and 2.0 teleconverter, at the cost of one and two f-stops, respectively. I've lugged it (and it is a beast) from Barrow, Alaska to Antarctica. It's performed well in the steamy Amazon basin and at -40 F in mid-winter in the boreal forest.

I've owned the lens for more than five years. I've had exactly one problem with it, which Olympus fixed at its expense, AND gave me a loaner lens while mine was being repaired. I've fallen in it, cracking two ribs, without damage to the lens.

Solidly built, dependable and stupendous performance. My unqualified endorsement.

June 13, 2011


Great Lens

I rented this beauty for this year's Canadian Grand Prix in Montreal. This lens is simply amazing. build quality is almost tank like, although I was more careful with it than a newborn baby. The focus range selector is great and performs very well. The focus itself is responsive although it has a tendency to be a bit touchy. When coupled with my E-30 it produced stunning pictures. Pictures came out sharp with great detail and color, even when shooting handheld (yes I managed to last 3 days without a tripod/support). The drop in filters are amazing and are very easy to swap out. There are only two drawbacks to this lens: first and foremost the price, although I understand why it's still a lot of money, second is the weight this thing nearly broke my neck. It is a very hefty piece of kit. If you have the money to invest then it is definitely a must have, if you only shoot at 300mm on special occasions then it is a great rental and I would recommed it to anyone who is part of the Olympus family. Thank you Olympus for a piece of art. 9/10 (the price made you loose the perfect mark).