June 3, 2015 by Craig
Fast, Bright, Sharp, but Slow to Focus.
There is a lot to like or even love about this lens. In low light situations this lens is simply stellar. Its capacity to gather light is amazing. It is very sharp. The build is superb. My only complaint about this lens is that it is slow to focus when compared to the Zuiko 35-100mm lens, even on the E-5. It is a great lens, but one step short the perfect lens. 4-stars. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
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November 26, 2014 by Tim
Great with the E-M1
I work with both the newer MFT 12-40mm f2.8 PRO and this lens. This is still my go to lens for my important work. For the client, the smaller E-M1 looks much bigger than it really is once you throw in the 14-35 and the HLD-7. That doesn't change the pictures but unfortunately appearance is still important in the photography world. But for me, it's fast, bright, and sharp with a stop more wiggle room than the newer MFT lens. Well worth investing in and using on the E-M1.
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August 24, 2013 by Carl
I have owned this lens for 6 months or so and use it professionally in a portrait studio with an E-5. I just cannot say anything bad about it. While it is somewhat large, it is an f2 lens with outstanding sharpness, contrast and color. Superior to anything in this focal range I have ever seen and I have worked with most makes and have seen their best too. My only wish is that it would be 12mm at f2. But perhaps the lens would be even larger. If needed I use my 12-60 instead. Well worth the money spent. No regrets.
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October 28, 2011 by BOFO
I recently rented this lens and shoot a baptism in a very large church with very poor lighting with my E-5. Before the ceremony the priest wished me good luck since flash was not allowed and said" your going to need a good camera to shot in here." I own a 12-60 and a 50mm macro and I speculated the 12-60 was just not up to the task in the low light and the 50 mm didn't have the range I wanted. I shoot around 600 raw pictures with aperture mostly 2.0 almost all at 1600 Iso. When I put them in my computer and only corrected for white balance I was truly amazed! SHOOTING IN LOW LIGHT WITH THE OLYMPUS EQUIPMENT WAS NO PROBLEM AT ALL. 98% of the pictures were tac sharp and the colors and creamy backgrounds were some how magical. The blues, greens, reds, yellows and all colors in between of the churches icons truly had a mystical quality. I am not a professional but for a very enthusiastic photographer like myself this lens does give you those photo goose bumps!! I highly recommend this lens and hopefully will buy one soon.
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September 6, 2011 by PhotosByTank
Amazing glass!!
There is nothing quite like this lens... it makes images which simply pop off the page or screen! I rented this lens a few times and it is on my short list of lenses you MUST own. If you are a professional, this lens will make you money every day of the month... flawless optics especially wide open. Other manufacturers don't even come close in this respect.
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