April 22, 2013 by Don
Sweet Little Lens
I have taken a number of really NICE shots with this little bugger ... some should be in the Gallery if you want to check them out. Or go to 500px.com/Kawhona to check out a variety of shots done with my E5. Complaints hey yes for a lens of this price you should get a hood and a little bag. Olympus brass are being cheapsakes but, hey they are selling them so why take the margin hit. I do refuse to buy Oly hoods for the lens though and buy the third party stuff out of principal you have to draw the line somewhere or they won't change their evil ways. There aren't a lot of wide angle options and no long range primes available and that is all I shoot with. I am very pleased with the results I get with this one .... Oly how about a nice 150mm prime ...
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February 24, 2013 by Daniel
An strong answer for a long waited focal length asked in small format!
The others (re: Canon, Nikon) never delivers it in their APS-C and DX formats. Olympus does it right from the start. The M.12mmF2.0 is the 35mm format equivalent of the famous 24mm which is a must lens for any serious photographer. It is not an easy lens to use for many because you cannot anticipate it as a M.17mm or M.45mm. It has to be experimented first but it can deliver results not possible with the more classical focal length lenses. It is a true urban lens and a real contextual contender. It works perfectly for interior uses. And results are in fact sharper than any zoom lenses but not as a star level of the M.75mmF1.8 which is a very exceptional lens of its own. The M.12mmF2.0 has a first class design and quality of built. I use it most of the time without the lens hood which is too large to simply put the lens in my pocket.... Price-point for the M.12mmF2.0 is positioned at a level you can expect for an exception lens.
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December 13, 2012 by Blindmanshooting
the M.Zuiko comes as a shockingly sharp lens. It is quick, silent, and the resolution is dead. I like the lens in low light street and for documentaries. his lens captures what you dream after you've shot.
June 19, 2012 by f311
Excellent Premium Wide Angle Lens
Finally a high quality 24mm equivalent. This lens compliments the new 16MP sensor brilliantly. Ignore those who only read lens reports and deem the performance of this lens to be anything less than outstanding. The sharpness across the field is excellent and contrast superb. It's not inexpensive but then quality design and construction comes at a price. My only complaint involves the lens hood.. it should be included. All in all this is one lens I never want to leave at home.
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March 19, 2012 by acampm
Mechanically lovely, optically good.
Metal construction, fast maximum aperture, snap ring for manual focus, great focus feel, zone focusing, and my favourite focal length. Not surprisingly I use this lens a lot. Optically it is not quite the star that the 45 is, with some vignetting, and a trace of soft corners wide open, quite high levels of distortion, and only very good, as opposed to stellar, resolution. However, all these need to be taken in context: it is still very good indeed. Only the very, very fussy will ever find it less than perfect. I'm very much enjoying it - a pleasure to use, and good results.
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