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November 07, 2011


Average camera for the price

Stabilization doesn't work as well as I thought it would.

October 15, 2011


Overall a great camera

Overall a great camera. HD video is easy to use. Some pictures come out grainy. I enjoy this camera an even bought one for my mother.

September 24, 2011


Excellent Camera

Went to London this summer and the pictures I got were amazing! The zoom on this camera is insane - I had a few of my family comment that they'd never guessed we were allowed so close to the Queens house :-) The camera looks bulky but it fit nicely inside my purse. The the best of both - small and durable enough for travel but with all the features of a bigger camera!

September 04, 2011


Great camera

I love my new camera.Having lots of fun taking pictures.

August 08, 2011

The Doctor

Lacks one indispensable feature

The lack of viewfinder makes macro photography virtually impossible (completely impossible in sunlight).

Note: this is true of all Olympus cameras except the full SLR's. Sorry guys, have to go elsewhere

July 09, 2011


I always thought that only DSLR cameras had great zoom and great macro modes. Well, this camera has made me realize that this could not be farther from the truth. The 22x optical zoom really lets you get in on the action even if you are a considerable distance away, however the pictures can be slightly blurry when you reach the extreme of the optical zoom. The super macro mode works amazingly well. The different scene modes give plenty of options to chose from to optimize picture quality, especially the sports mode. One disappointment is that when using the scene modes, the shutter speed does not appear on the screen, although it appears when using Program Auto mode. The automatic panorama mode does not work well when the area being photographed is very homogenous because the camera has trouble picking out a spot to focus on, and the quality of each picture cannot be set to 14mp. However, setting the camera to manual or PC panoramic mode greatly increases the quality of the panoramic pictures while still making it easy to take stunning panoramics. The hi-speed burst modes are incredible and fun to use. Movie recording has never been easier to toggle on and off.

June 27, 2011



I have been waiting to get this camera fro about 4 months now, and I finally got it. I would have to say it is super lit to me, and it takes GREAT pictures. I could have never captured a family moment with any other camera but this one. I'm so glad I got it.

June 23, 2011


Great for the price

I got this camera for my birthday and I love it! It's quick, comfortable, and takes pictures that look pretty professional. Although some time they may turn out blurry if you take the picture and move just the slightest bit, and this camera say's it has 14M but some picture really don't look like they are. Overall it's a great camera for the price and I would definitely recommend it for people who love photography as a hobbie.

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