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January 07, 2012


I've only been using my new camera for less than a month but so far found easy to use. great zoom. love the panoramic easy! Haven't figured the 3D usage yet.

January 03, 2012


every other photo a blur

Love the Camera loved the price even though it was a gift. huge upgrade from my last camera love all the features however. the slightest movement even with image stabilization ON I get blurry pics in normal P (photo) mode... still have not figured this one out yet, and its not every picture its like every other one....

January 02, 2012


I just love this camera it is the easiest thing to use. and the pictures come out beautiful already 3 of my friends have bought one they too love it

December 30, 2011

confused but loved

where is the timer

i love this camera but i dont know where the timer is and it would be really hard to take group photo's. On the other hand The picture are amazing , the sound on the video's are out of this world i Love this camera and i will never put it down . <3

December 27, 2011



I love this camera..i would only change a few things...i would make the options a little easier to work withand the image stabilization a little better. but other than that...GREAT

December 25, 2011

Rocco's buddy


I am still learning, but the camera takes great pictures and is relatively easy for a beginner.
I can't rate all the features, because I haven't used them all yet.

Soon I will.

December 24, 2011


Great quality, modest price.

High quality build, many options, and usable in virtually any light conditions. This camera will only get you the results that you put into it. If you know what you are doing, results are every bit as good as a DSLR, but if you are too quick to just take a pic, it is as good as a $50 camera. I have used this camera since this past June, and I love it. Videos are nice quality, pictures are crisp and clear, even in dark scenes, given you have a tripod or something steady to set it on. Have to play with the settings and scene modes to get the best results, so be sure to do so before taking any pics, and all will be great. Zoom is the best feature to me as I can be far away and get up close in the action without getting in the way. Many excellent photos and videos later, still finding ways to use this camera more often. Battery life is more than I could imagine with rechargeable batteries, only recharged twice since getting the camera. Overall the best camera at a good price I ever had.

December 11, 2011


easy to hold and shoot.

Really like the way it has so many options and they are easy to understand. it is user friendly.

December 05, 2011

emy t. vier

I'm truly happy with this camera because its so easy to operate but i think I should be using rechargeable batteries for this. I used this in my Sacramento Grand HIgh School Reunion and am happy with the results.

November 11, 2011

Ogre 53

I've only owned my camera for a couple of days and I'm having a blast. It took a little while to figure out how to set it up but I am very impressed with all of the differant features.

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