January 11, 2012 by MikeFl
Still learning
I upgraded from an E-500 which is a good camera and good base (with quite an investment in lenses!) but I wanted something with a little more capability. I took my E-5 on vacation and used it as an opportunity to experiment and have not been disappointed. Wouldn't pretend to have become a master yet - another vacation is on the horizon... Some clear differences - pictures in low light are so much better, while have not used much the video is impressive, picture stabilization, white balance and speed are much improved. Much still to learn but very impressed so far and I can now take photos I simply couldn't before.
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December 29, 2011 by fivekatz
Great IQ and Solid Build
While there is much debate these days about future of Olympus and the commitment to DLSR, I took the leap to E-5 and do not regret it. The camera does give a jump in IQ over E-30. It is a plus for those of us who are already committed to 4/3 that Olympus has not made radical changes to user interface or how accessories will match up with E-5. The camera has a great feel in your hands and is built like a tank. It does fall short on video but that isn't why I purchased this DSLR. The JPEGs are very nicely rendered though I personally prefer RAW. The addition of an SD slot was a welcome addition. While noise at higher ISO is much improved, it is still there but at low ISO this camera will stand toe to toe and then some with any APS-C sensor offering. Most of all when coupled with Olympus glass, the E-5 is a stunner and a worthy flagship camera. The price is starting to come down now to a point where the Olympus 4/3 system system dollar-for-dollar can't be beat IMHO. Oly please don't stop making great cameras like the E-5!!!
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December 25, 2011 by Jim
Best digital SLR so far
This is my 4th Olympus DSLR. I began with the evolt 500, then an evolt 510, moved up to the E30 and now the E5. Each was an improvement on the last, and loved all of them. The E5 seems to be the pinnacle, love that it is faster focusing, faster in setting variables and yet still follows the same general format that previous models used. It is built like a tank and with my array of Olympus Zuiko lens it is used all the time. Cannot believe the picture quality and ease of use. Fantastic overall.
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December 15, 2011 by UltraPaul
Love it!!
I bought my E-5 about nine months ago and I love it. Well built, dust proof and splash proof are important to me. Plus all the functions that are available blows my mind. Image quality is great and noise is not an issue at all.
December 12, 2011 by franco patruno
Finally I got it!
I started with an E-520, upgraded to E-30. Finally I got an E-5. My pictures totally changed.
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