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September 12, 2011


Great camera body

I upgraded my 420 to an E-5 and wish I would have dobne it earlier. This body is great, it pairs wonderfully with my Zuiko lenses. The AF is super quick even in low light conditions.

August 29, 2011


The Best Available Zuiko Lens Attachment

As a very experienced photographer I chose a system not a camera. There are better bodies available, but when you add Zuiko SWD lenses to the equation Olympus was my choice.

August 14, 2011


Olympus did Not disapoint me.

Outstanding camera. I am self made professional photographer. I "grew up" with OM - 1 and added OM - 2 and OM - 4. I expect quality built cameras and high reliability. It was reading the reviews on these pages that helped me to decide to buy E - 5
body and ED 12 - 60 mm SWD lens. To say I am not disaponted would be understatement. Very hapy how the camera performs. True to life colors and razor sharp images. This is very important to me. Great camera, Olympus.

August 11, 2011


Excellent results with this camera

I upgraded from my E3 to the E5. It is a wonderful camera. The pictures are coming out tack sharp.

July 11, 2011


Very Satisfied with Olympus E-5

I've been shooting with the E-5 since Jan 2011 and have been very pleased with the image quality. I'm frequently surprised at the amount of cropping (enlargement) that can be done while maintaining clear images. I've also been impressed with the quality of photos when using higher ISO. Now I'm the limiting factor not the equipment.

May 27, 2011


E5 versus the Evolt500

I was committed to Olympus when I bought the Ev500 in 2006.The E5's autofocus is what attracted me.In low light conditions the Ev500 had trouble with focusing to the point I carried a portable light source for it to lock onto. The image stabilisation is a wonder as I am not as steady as I once was when shooting photos on the fly.My 1-2.8 to 3.5, 14 to 54mm lens that I bought separately from the Ev500 package is perfect with the camera. Also the battery well every good photographer carries backup batteries. But I went through 600 photos at a recent wedding on one charge.The Art Filters allow me to make a good subject with a bad backgound into a great photo that in the past I would have deleted. IB is big step uo over Master 2.

May 21, 2011


Huge improvements ...

Working with the E-5 over the past few months has me loving the upgrades from my E-510.

The bright, clear articulated LCD allows for camera positions otherwise difficult or impossible. It's extra size is a big improvement.

Combined with the Zuiko High and Super-High Grade lenses, the 12MP sensor captures clear, well-balanced images. Highlights seem better controlled with the E-5 and the in-body stabilization is one of my favorite features, as I tend to have a shaky hand.

Olympus color is spot-on. The built-in white balance sensor reduces the need for WB adjustments except in certain circumstances. This makes stime-to-shoot faster and easier.

Movies are solid in 720p, but not the main strength of this DSLR compared to other options on the market.

Battery life seems very good.
Controls and menus are well-placed and easy to navigate once I became familiar with them.

The camera is larger and heavier than the E-510; expected, and actually easier for me as it fits my hand better. The dust and splash sealing keeps me shooting even when conditions deteriorate.

This is a workhorse of a camera for someone that appreciates Olympus lenses, color rendering, and build quality.

May 17, 2011


Olympus E-5 is an excellent camera!

The E-5 definitely has hit the mark, and finally offers significant improvements that place it in the top tier of cameras, taking full advantage of the best Olympus lenses. I particularly appreciate the low-light performance and the incredible synch speeds, as well as the ergonomic controls and intelligent design. I love having the primary controls at my fingertips and not buried in deep menus. I have been shooting theater and sports and, even in murky conditions, I have been able to create images that are saturated and low-noise.

April 26, 2011


Professional Results and has Rugged Durability

I am enjoying my E-5... the color and clarity of the photos is amazing. Two pluses are the in-camera stabilazation and the larger screen. The 4/3rds format also appeals to me. Coupled with my SWD lenses my shots can be taken rapidly and are tack sharp...perfect for nature photography. I have always liked the colors my Olympus camera produces and have owned several Olympus cameras... camedia, E-510, E-3 and now the E-5. My only wish would be a greater selection of long lenses at affordable prices. I do love my E-5!

April 24, 2011


I Was Made For You.....

This camera was designed with me in mind. I have been an Olympus owner and user from the first film camera I bought all the way to my E-5.

The E-5 sturdy, rugged, and absolutely a joy to use. All of the most important functions are there for you to access at your fingertips. Switching aperture or exposure on the fly is a breeze. The menus are logical and well thought out and the image quality is superb. If you are looking for the ultimate Four Thirds camera, this is it.

I already had a few lenses that I'd acquired over my ownership of an E-300 and then an E-520 so it was a logical decision to move up to an E-5.

This camera does 720p video recording so that is a nice feature to have too in case you want to take some video. I wish that there would be a software update so that the camera could record 1080i or 1080p video. I could be wrong here but I do believe the hardware is capable of it and that a software update could enable it.

One annoyance was that Super Fine Mode is not the default setting and it requires activation by the user. Had I actually read the manual, it might have been apparent to me. The reason I did not read the manual was a very simple one. For most of the functions, I didn't need to.

Anyone who has owned an E-520, E-620 or similar camera will feel instantly at home with this one. The transition was extremely painless.....with the added bonus of extra functionality and even easier to use major controls.

The software that came with this camera is wonderful for the most part. Some functions require a bit of consultation with the help section. I used to use Olympus Master with my older camera but now use Olympus Viewer 2 with my E-5. While I'm getting accustomed to this software, there is a learning curve and that is to be expected.

A new service which allows you to print your images and store them online called ib has been added to the mix. While this is a nice addition, the full range of services may not be available to you depending on where you reside.

The bottom line for me is that this camera offers me the ability to produce a high quality image and lets me be creative too.

The art filters are a nice touch and can create some very nice effects. This combination of both hardware and software is awesome. Olympus fans and owners won't be disappointed and any new converts will quickly see why this is a fantastic camera.

Lastly, Olympus lenses are top notch and produce amazing images. When considering a camera purchase, it is important to check out the lenses first because they will make or break your image more so than any other component. The spectrum of lenses one can choose from is broad. You can't go wrong with any of them. Their ability to render a subject is quite impressive and on some models, the speed of the autofocus is either class leading or simply the best there is.

As you can tell, I'm impressed with this camera and am quite pleased with my purchase. I'd recommend this camera to anyone who is either an advanced hobbyist or a professional.

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