May 6, 2012 by Anonymous
Very Expensive, great lenses, inuitive(for me) op
Feels great in the hands, great build quality. Seems to be much easier to use than my e-620 which was pretty easy :) Olympus lenses bang for buck are amazing, the cameras much less so. A little bulky maybe but i wouldnt complain about that considering how it handles.
May 5, 2012 by Larslok
I've owned four Olympus digital cameras prior to purchasing the E-5 so I have found Olympus to provide an excellent quality product and the E-5 is no exception. I am an amateur so I am still experimenting with all of the unique features built into the camera. I am also very pleased with the workmanship of the camera. The E-5 has all the features I think I would ever need and the menu and feature selection process is very straight forward. So far the image quality has been exceptional.
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April 21, 2012 by ScottyH
Best of the 4/3rds to date
Love the camera. Still wish for the weatherproof body in a smaller (non m4/3) size. I've been amazed at the image quality diff in all my lenses. Comparing shots side by side the E-3 or E-510 is night and day. Yes, it's as big as any other prosumer/pro camera out there. But it's tough (been shooting in sub zero weather, as well as rain and snowstorms with no ill effect) and reliable. Controls are easy to master, and offer lots of customization. When paired with Oly lenses, the system is a steal compared to other brands.
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April 19, 2012 by Don
Only Olympus
I own or have owned the E-500, 510, 520, 620 and now the E-5. There is no comparison. The only words I have for the E-5 is that it rocks. I just received it and took it to a photo field trip I was leading. As I was the instructor I just took the E-5 and the 50-200 SWD (I shoot almost everything from a tripod). My thoughts were that I'd freehand a few shots while teaching and see how good it was without a tripod. Results are below. I backed sharpening down to -1 and it was still tack sharp freehand with auto focus. Never seen an auto focus this fast before. All photos handheld - auto focus, full 200 mm zoom, varying metering settings, f/4 (I was teaching depth of field). The closeup is of a goat's eye. Levels adjustments only and cropping. The eagles are about a 300% crop (need to beg the wife for a longer lens). Photos resized to medium quality for uploading
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April 5, 2012 by Ichabod Crane
The E 5 is incredibly rugged
The E 5 is a worthy successor to the E-1 and E-3. I used both cameras and while the E 5 has evolved from those cameras ( and I loved those cameras)it is a joy to use with an amazing array of features. I just hope that Olympus continues the E series. I should also note that the Olympus tech support staff is ready to a fault to provide assistance when I call with an inquiry.
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